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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

TERNION - Explore Exchange of Cryptocurrency with Ternion

Salam community, this time I want to elaborate on the very good and interesting Ternion project and the following discussion:

Explore cryptocurrency exchanges with Ternion
What is cryptocurrency exchange? And what's the difference with traditional exchanges? Cryptocurrency currency exchange allows traders to convert cryptocurrency to fiat and other cryptocurrency. There is a centralized exchange that relies on central authority and gives users a sense of protection, and there is a decentralized exchange that allows users to manage their own wallets, increase their privacy and enjoy reduced costs associated with deleting transactions through third parties. Decentralized exchange also allows their clients to transfer their coins or fiat directly using smart contracts.

However, decentralized exchange has two main limitations. There are fewer functions and features available, such as margin trading. Furthermore, clients must have knowledge and navigate in the sea full of smart contracts and they are fully responsible for remembering their personal keys. In other words, decentralized exchange is only a meeting point for buyers and sellers, transactions that are actually left in the hands of traders.

IDEX is a decentralized exchange that focuses on Ethereum trading based on ERC-20 tokens; he claims to combine the speed of centralized exchange and the level of security of blockchain completion. It's user friendly and customers can get used to the latest crypto exchange trends and buy or sell assets.

EtherDelta is built to trade Ethereum ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum pairs. It operates on an Ethereum-based smart contract that stores, attracts and manages the user's electronic wallet content.

Kyber Network is an instant, liquid, Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that works on peer-to-peer protocols. The Kyber network also has a significant amount of reserves.

Bisq supports fiat currencies and other alternative cryptocurrency, does not require extensive registration process or approval from the central authority. This is also peer-to-peer and free from a single point of failure; although it supports 126 cryptocurrency, it suffers from low trading volume.

Radar Relay is a platform that allows you to exchange Ethereum tokens directly from your wallet without a third person.

Bancor Network has a stable network based on smart contracts that solve liquidity problems and provide stability in terms of prices and protect against market volatility.

A decentralized exchange is basically a peer-to-peer platform that offers security, privacy, but does not offer any guidance or guarantees. It might be interesting to watch the sunset in the forest, but it's not wise to stay there alone at night. Ternion can help you on your journey and guide you in the right direction. The Ternion Exchange is a product that addresses all the concerns that arise in the scope of cryptocurrency exchange.

The Ternion Exchange operates on Ethereum based wallets, has open source transparency, supports compatibility between all ERC20 compliant tokens and offers crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading. This is governed by Estonian law which also regulates NASDAQ, and Ternion is AML and KYC compliant. Ternion Exchange will hold an Estonian crypto trading license before the start of the main ICO stage. Demo versions of exchanges will be accessible before Pre-ICO and will have the same general trading experience as real time trading when finally launched during the ICO.

Although Ternion uses smart contracts, we know their limitations and offer an additional layer of security for our users. Our knowledgeable Ternion team is supported by experienced and trusted advisors and partners who together aim to provide constant support and assistance to smooth trading activities on the Ternion Exchange.

The Ternion Exchange is not just a middle ground, it is the center of a new future from a convenient, reliable and safe way to trade crypto and fiat currencies in the comfort of your home and mind. Learn more at Ternion.

for more information :

Bitcointalk user name :Icaica22
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