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Monday, August 13, 2018

TEDCHAIN - Special Cryptocurrency Is Decentralized Cross Platform To Improve Game Playing Experience By Applying Blockchain Technology To Users

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Tedchain project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

Tedchain is a special cryptocurrency that has been decentralized across platforms to enhance the gaming experience by applying blockchain technology to users.

Tedchain is a gaming platform that uses Tedcoin as a currency in it. We use a peer-to-peer system to maximize blockchain technology in the game. The technology gained with this system is that we can fully control network quality, coin mining algorithms and intelligent contract syntax. Considering the nature of the distribution of this project, we do the P2P system to make it easier for players to manage the game

Many well-known cryptocurencies experience difficulties or problems with the government. Tedchain tried to solve this problem by implementing a voting system that could be accessed by all active players. The proposal is made based on the problems faced by the players and entered into the blockchain system for voting.

Game Market and Economic Tokens
We offer a different approach. We try to create a safe space for trading, drive the economy in games and extra games by using tokens that we named TED as payment media in the game for trading between players to players and with this system we expect a unique transaction. In this way all players can buy items in the game including exclusive items that can only be purchased using crypto currencies.

Using Tokens in the Game Market
TED is one of the currencies in the TEDMORNING game. TED is a universal payment instrument TED tokens can be exchanged into TED coins, and vice versa. TED coins are currencies in the game that can be used by players to transact on all games published by our platform.

Gamers Want to Play Games
All games on our platform are free, meaning we can play games without having to pay but we can have a great opportunity to make money in the form of TED tokens or TED coins.

Buy TED Tokens During Sales
By purchasing TED tokens during the sale period, the players will get discounted items in the game and not only that, the token buyers can exchange the tokens into real money.


March 2017
Build cloud game portals, TED market demos, Build gamchain platforms, Demo P2P networks and Tedcoin hashes

November 2017
Develop consensus protocols and build tedchain technology, develop various types of games using ethereum smart contracts

January 2018
Build a voting system (testnet), publish energy-saving systems, develop tedchain-JS and tedchain-secure

March 2018
Beta online wallet and communication security, Develop a decentralized App store, the tedcoin stratum demo protocol

July 2018
Launches crowdsale with special bonuses, develops electronic money system, publishes alpha version of tedcoin wallet

August 2018
Launch blockchain explorer, Testing P2P tedchain mining pool using the Stratum protocol, Launching the game ecosystem

October 2018
Collaboration with enjincoin, Development of the API platform, Machine learning and AI for advanced technical analysis

December 2018
The Alpha version of the Tedcoin wallet was launched, Applying reward engine (Testnet), API for bots, games and third party applications

February 2019
Reward engine is launched (mainnet), Tedchain opens API, Launches gamification technology, Develops game store in smartphone

I am sure, using the blockchain system in a game will be a special attraction for game lovers. And does not rule out the possibility that Tedchain could develop the system to be more famous in the online game world. If laresawoo buddy is still unclear with the description above, please just open the official website below.

For more information :

Bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717
ETH address :0x8d51bce79f5023617C1B55653d1838a5cf75Bd86

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