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Sunday, August 12, 2018

GIDCOIN - To Create International Currencies

Welcome to my dear readers. And here comes the long-awaited vacation and now I'm ready to introduce you to an interesting project. To do this, I will publish the most promising project in my opinion. And you read, think, and make decisions for yourself. . The world market for rough diamonds in the world is more than 150 million carats, the total value exceeds 180 billion US dollars per year and continues to grow.

The gold market is inherently global, and gold is traded continuously in all time zones. The most traditional way to invest in gold is to buy gold bars.

Gold and diamond features
  • Natural wealth
  • Limited
  • mined
  • Owner of a large company
  • Very expensive
The purpose of GID

The GID aims to create an international currency that:
  1. Includes two of the world's most valuable valuables (gold and diamonds).
  2. Blockchain powered and safe.
Ways of working

There are two ways to work for a company:
  • Purchase of final products (from manufacturers and manufacturers)
  • Manage all processes (start the process from the beginning)
  • The economy between the purchase of the final product and the full flow of raw materials for all products is very large 5-10 times.
  • The main difference is time.
  • Purchasing the final product takes 1-14 days.
The service life of raw products (coarse diamonds and gold dust) from mine to safe as certified products takes 60-90 days.

GID plans to use funds as:
  • 30% is used to purchase final products.
  • 70% goes into production.
This company has sufficient experience and connections in African countries to start buying and mining without risk.

Use Blockchain
Blockchain is safe from unauthorized access to encrypted, cryptographically protected databases, which function as Ledger digital asset tracking accounting. Instead of supporting a single server as a traditional database, blockchains are decentralized and supported by distributed computer networks throughout the world.

GID, like all blockchain technology uses a security incentive model. Consensus is based on the selection of blocks with the highest overall complexity. Miners generate blocks that other people check their validity. Among other environmental criteria, the block is only valid if it contains proof of work (PoW) from difficulties.

The miner receives the GID Commission from each block that is processed. During processing the block is not discarded.

All gas consumed by making all transactions in the block represented by the winner is paid by the sender of each transaction.

You can use the Central processing unit (CPU) of your computer for my GID or to develop a graphics processor.

Budget allocation

Most of the costs will be the following:
  • General purchases of raw or final assets
  • Marketing and PR
  • Business development
  • Legal fees and taxes
  • Exhibition
  • Safe for storage costs
  • Important costs at the initial stage
The GID team is a professional with 8 years of experience in the diamond business and 5 years in the gold business. They have extensive connections in Africa, Russia and Canada. Working very closely with coarse gold and diamond miners (government and private), linked to diamonds from Belgium and Israel, and having links with gold mines in Austria, UAE and Andorra.

To find relevant details regarding the current Gidcoin smart contract, please follow some sources for the following References:

Bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Link Profile :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717

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