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Sunday, August 5, 2018

ARIZN - Developed as a payment system that uses the level of functionality that makes you an intelligent contract

Greetings from the community, in this blog I will review the Arizn project, and here is the discussion:

Arizn uses personal contracts to provide various products that offer stock, digital, or credit through digital property as a campaign for digital campaigns on our platform.

This allows founders, new companies and existing companies to label their projects and make affordable, liquid and transparent proposals for prospective sponsors.

This token is called the ALT token, representation, liquidity and transparency, which is the basic principle of Arizn.

The founder will use the wizard to create a compatible crowdfunding campaign, referred to as a contract with ECR20, which will be included in the Ethereum block.

He will manage all functions related to capital receipts, distribution of funds and dividend distribution or automatic profit. For us, global is very unbalanced, a problem that has affected every country, community and nation in this land, as far as we can remember.

Recently, we have noticed that the "status quo" is challenged, new technology and better chosen for their destructive quality.

A very good example is the birth of blockchain, the book distributed for payment system payments. One blockchain and ethereum network, there are many improvements. The block network was developed as a payment system that uses a level of functionality that makes you a smart contract.

Just like DAPP, this decentralized application is part of computer code created by developers. They are designed to implement independently in a predetermined environment, they work impartially.

Arizn Prize of $ 2.2 million
Our generosity is valid until 09/26/2018, every week you can do assignments and get free AALT tokens.

We work with CryptoWingz to create and manage a multimillion-dollar Arizn campaign. We hope to distribute a total of 15% of AALT's total supply to our community. We have welcomed 12,000 members thanks to the success of our airdrops.

The solution
Simple reverse solutions require smart blocks and smart contracts.

Our intellectual contracts offer a variety of products which mean stocks, assets, or loans to create compatible digital assets rather than Arizn campaign funding.

This means that founders, new companies and companies can design reverse processes and make attractive and liquid offers for potential supporters.

These tokens are called ALT tokens, they report, liquidity and transparency, which are the main principles of Arizn.

The founder will use our intuitive wizard to make compatible campaigns for reverse bookkeeping based on smart contracts.

The contract was then transferred to the Ethereum block and distributed to millions of computers worldwide, making it immune to corruption and human interference.

This unique smart contract will generate ECR20 tokens, not funds. This new token is automatically printed and sent to the wallet with protection.

The ALT attribute is immediately available for trading and can be used as a form of payment or directly exchanged with an appropriate value.

Token Structure

Budget allocation:


Team leader

To research further and find relevant details about Arizn's current smart contract, please visit several sources for the following References:

Bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Link Profile :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717
ETH address :0x8d51bce79f5023617C1B55653d1838a5cf75Bd86

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