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Saturday, August 4, 2018

ALIGATOCOIN - To Win A Strong And Stable Position In The Global E-commerce Market

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Aligatocoin project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission:

Have you ever felt tired when you ordered goods online and took 7 days to receive the goods? Isn't that a waste of time?

How about receiving a package in a house that you didn't order at all? Could your neighbor make fun of you or does your child take your information?

This is a common problem for online shopping and e-commerce. In this article, I will share with you how AligatoCoin solves this common problem for you.

Want to miss all this? You can jump directly to the official AligatoCoin Website:

Our Solution:
Adrian Dymarczyk, CEO, developer, and Co-founder of AligatoCoin, and his team found a solution to this common problem of online shopping. They come with the AligatoCoin project which will provide convenience for shopping, security (no more mysterious orders) and faster delivery of orders.

1 - Shopping Online Convenient
With AligatoCoin, all you need is an account to get various access to various items around the world. With a simple tool using the search bar, Aligato will show the results of all the related items you are looking for. And these items all come from verified sellers! Which means no scammers will sell on AligatoCoin. Phew!

You can also choose various payment options from fiat, wire transfer, and digital currency! How comfortable is that? The following is a brief illustration of making transactions to make payments:

As you can see, AligatoCoin will work on all transactions carried out by each user.

2 - Security
With AligatoCoin, it will embrace the latest technology. There are no more leftovers like other Online Shopping Sites that have never evolved. AligatoCoin will also have homemade intelligence that monitors your activities and helps everyone in AligatoCoin who need support.

AligatoCoin also comes with high-tech system payments, using your iris! That's right, only you can make transactions as needed by AligatoCoin to scan your iris before the transaction becomes authentic.

Following is the illustration of SYSTEM PAY VIA EYE:

3 -Drone Faster Delivery
We've been in an era of fast-phase technology and drones are part of this era. With AligatoCoin, Drones will become your item operator and AligatoCoin aims to send everyone's orders within a few hours. You can only take a nap and after a few mintues ** or hours you hear the buzzing sound behind your house! And Ta-dah! Goods finally sent!

depending on your location
You will eventually be able to use items that you just saw a few hours ago online, no more sleepless nights because of excitement!

With these 3 aspects of AligatoCoin, your online shopping experience will definitely make you shop more at AligatoCoin! Say goodbye to your Online Shopping site right now because Aligato warmly welcomes you! There are even more features not discussed here. Search on the whitepaper page!

AligatoCoin will run under the Ethereum Blockchain and will have their own tokens called ALC or AligatoCoin which will be the original digital currency of AligatoCoin. The best thing I see with AligatoCoin is that artificial intelligence bots will help those who are new. This will provide steps and guidelines and will match your preferences.

We need you:
If you think Aligato is the best for you and you want to show your support, you can help fund the project by registering early at https://aligatocoin.io/ You will be given the opportunity to contribute and invest with AligatoCoin and make money from it because AligatoCoin will definitely continue to grow in price. The initial investor gets the highest bonus, so you better hurry!

(NOTE: KYC is required for investors as a rule for some countries that affect others.)
About the CEO, Developer, and Co-Founder, Adrian Dymarczyk from AligatoCoin.


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