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Saturday, July 21, 2018

TEDCHAIN - Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Game Platform Utilizing TED Utility Token As Currency In Game

Hello everyone here I will explain about the latest post project Tedchain very interesting for us to see, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Everyone likes to play games and according to eMarketer, the average adult in the US spends 23 minutes a day playing games with their phones. Because the blockchain technology buzz continues to spread, the effect it generates is felt by everyone, the decentralized mechanism is to increase sectors and industries as opposed to conventional methods of operation. This technology has entered into the game ecosystem to deliver a long awaited gaming experience and rewards for their passion.

Tedchain is a cryptocurrency peer-to-peer game platform that utilizes TED utility tokens as an in-game currency. Tedchain superiority over competitors can not be underestimated. They are different from other blockchain based game providers because they are not specific in their audience selection, casual gamers of all age groups can pick it up to be enjoyed anytime. Tedchain provides games that are easy to understand especially for beginners in the crypto world.


The ecosystem consists of the following:
Game and community portals - This is a major part of the ecosystem where players can play individually or interact with other players through game forums and also play in tournaments.

The mobile app store - Tedchain offers all in one game platform called Ted Dapp store where users or subscribers will be able to play different games across all types of devices both online and offline.

Game publishing - As tedchain develops its own game, third-party developers can also develop it for publication on the tedchain platform.

Reward and Immutable voting system- With this system, gamers will be entertained and at the same time will get token.

Trade- Tedchain tokens called TEDs are used for tradable payments on platforms or used to acquire unique game content.

This decentralized platform is a win-win situation where everyone benefits. First, users will be able to obtain tokens, use them inside and outside the platform without any restrictions. With smart contracts, quality gaming experience is assured. This blockchain based platform uses gamechain technology to offer different services. Ted blockchain provides complete control over the speed of network consensus, coin mining algorithms and smart contracts.

The platform also offers an app store that can be equated with goggle playstore but it is decentralized and contains all decentralized apps (DAPs) that every user in the world can access. Unlike the centralized playstore, the Ted Dapp store offers a dynamic interface for consumers and developers in an easier way with every Dapp supported by secure blockchain Ted.

By utilizing gamification technology, gamers are rewarded for their passion and time. When a video game is played, the recording of the player's performance is securely stored and adequately rewarded. Some virtual weapons such as swords acquired during the game can be traded on the Ted market and exchanged for other crypto currencies.

In addition, the payment system is upgraded and gamers regardless of their location can participate in the desired game which they are fully confident of rewarding afterwards.

TED Token is the universal currency for the Tedchain platform used for all types of gift payments that can be redeemed with TED coins and vice versa. Token sales start from 17 July to 8 October 2018 with different bonus rates per week. 50% of unsold tokens will be burned which will increase the market value of the remaining tokens. TED tokens can be purchased by players with fiat payment methods, cryptocurrency, or app store and are stored alternatively in their account called Tedchain Wallet.


This team consists of intellectuals with so much experience in various fields related to the ecosystem. The project leader is Kevin Maney assisted by Herman Seward (Marketing manager), Harry Newton (Business Analyst), Roy Laberge (Game programmer and level designer), Howard Larrison (CTO and blockchain developer) and Yong Doner (Game developer)

For more information :

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717

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