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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

SOUNDEON - Decentralized Music Ecosystem Developed Using Blockchain Technology

Hello everyone here I will tell you about the Soundeon that can be taken into consideration in observing the latest projects that have a unique and interesting concept, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Soundeon is the first vertically decentralized and vertically integrated platform covering all aspects of the industry, from product creation and licensing, to markets for reselling rights to existing and future music assets, and concerts.

The achievement of blockchain technology allows the Soundeon platform to create CreativeSmartContract (CSC) ™ - a copyright agreement, which is the basis of that platform. The information on CSC ™'s symmetry, conservation and flexibility enhances the fairness, transparency, credibility and ease of application, which is not present in the industry today.

The music industry is complicated, which makes it closed to most musicians. To achieve recognition, it is necessary to contact various music industry participants (producers and music managers, labels, concert institutes), who only indicate the needs of musicians. In a world that changes faster and faster, the old approach loses its relevance, the music industry needs new solutions that can ensure equal opportunities for all.

Soundeon ecosystem is an architectural protocol for modern media. The Soundeon platform has brought together blockbuster experts, software developers, intellectual property specialists and media executives, as well as artists known in the media industry.

Soundeon provides distribution, financing, royalty, and ticket distribution solutions using CreativeSmartContractTM, which provides transparency to track music ownership, monetize and sell tickets. By using block-based technology, artists have the right to take control of their work and even sell future royalties in micro payments to their dedicated fans.

Soundeon uses a comprehensive approach to eliminating inefficient and outdated commercial practices that are bad for both players and fans, both online and offline.

Mission Soundeon
See great talent and allow creators to gain more control over their work. The implementation of Soundeon's mission is possible in relation to the development of new copyright management solutions under smart contracts, which ensure fairness, transparency, and invariance of all operations undertaken and provide opportunities for closer communication between artists and enthusiasts.

Soundeon Vision
Combine the entire experience of the music industry into a complete cycle solution that provides transparency and innovation into the music industry. The creation of ecosystems where success depends on the effort and talent of the creator, in which each artist can fully focus on creativity.

Soundeon expresses the principle of equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, religion or family background. Our social responsibility is to promote art in communities that do not have good development conditions. Soundeon distributes 10% of its revenue for charitable purposes.

Through the application of original technology - CSC, creative intelligent contract (CreativeSmartContract) - the Soundeon protocol solves the problems presented earlier by developing the following levels of native applications:

MusicTokenSale- Ability to run your own TokenSale and raise funds from platform users. Musicians have the opportunity to perform their own TokenSale and seek funds to implement all their creative plans (recording new music albums, filming video clips, etc.).

Music lovers can try themselves in producer roles and support talented musicians, in the future become co-owners of music work and receive royalties from all possible sources (concert events, public listening, streaming services, etc.).

Soundeon Exchange - A decentralized intellectual property transfer and exchange tool, where anyone can buy and sell rights to music assets. Opportunity to create a diversified music portfolio and receive royalties from it.

With the help of Soundeon Exchange, musicians can sell rights to music pieces to expand the ability to monetize existing music projects, and fans can form their music portfolios that are less vulnerable to market declines than traditional financial instruments and diversify from the market. cheerfulness.

Soundeon Tix - Smart ticket sales platform integrated into the Soundeon ecosystem. This system is based on CreativeSmartContracts and uses dynamic QR code. This technology eliminates scalping, fraud and introducing systems in which the organizers have more control over ticket sales.

Soundeon Tix provides the opportunity to organize concerts independently and to control ticket sales using the Soundeon protocol, which uses smart contracts on blockchain etherium.

The use of blockchain technology ensures fair and rapid ticket distribution, protects the event organizers from uncontrolled purchases and sales, and fans from fraud and inflated prices when buying tickets in the secondary market. Musicians can take advantage of direct ticket sales on the platform, and from secondary resale, possibilities for legalization, provided in the Soundeon protocol.

Soundeon Monitor - The main idea of ​​RoyaltyMonitor is to combine data aggregation and data analysis. Artists and fans will be able to transparently track all streams of royalties and other revenue, including from ticket sales.

Musicians can register rights to music work. Aggregation in one place of all royalties is accepted both on the platform and in third-party services, with integrated in-depth data analytics technology, bringing together all aspects of the artist's creativity (copyright and related rights, royalty collection, ticket revenue).

Music lovers can track the performance of the music portfolio (aggregate royalties) and get the most reliable data that will help make the decision to buy the most interesting music assets. The data analysis mechanism will allow for analyzing fan behavior, predicting future trends, and possibly expanding the monetization channel.

Soundeon Player - Music player using blocking technology to share royalties in a transparent manner. A streaming player that uses blocking technology to collect data in a transparent manner about the number of music playbacks. Information is included in direct decentralized registers, which ensures its reliability. It helps to achieve a fair distribution of royalties for the benefit of all participants in the platform, and to provide the most accurate analysis.

Thanks to a smart credit contract, each new work of the player receives a timestamp and can be submitted to the copyright registration authority (ie the US Copyright Office) for additional third party guarantees. In addition, creative creative contracts, at the time of their creation, can be broken into sections based on agreement between the creators. This solves a common problem of legal disputes related to the non-fulfillment of support by players in the form of fair revenue sharing in a particular work.

The simple process of creating contracts for rights issuance enables independent executives to avoid the high costs of paying for lawyers or wasting time on self-acceptance of appropriate actions that are not legally competent.

The elegant platform architecture and API interface contribute to further environmental growth at the expense of third parties.

Perpetrators can receive funds and implement their creative ideas on the platform (recording new albums or songs, making music videos, etc.), Arranging the sales of their own music tokens.

Music fans can try themselves as music producers, invest in talented musicians and become copyright owners, and earn future income from future royalties and other revenue channels (services for streaming music, concerts, other public appearances, etc.). Sales of Soundeon music token is a function based on Soundeon Exchange.

Soundeon Token
The Token Soundeon-Sounden protocol marker is a vital tool used for economic incentive of platform participants. Specifically, Soundeon tokens are used to encourage and reward initial supporters who increase the value of the platform.

The technical and economic characteristics of the Soundeon token provide a very fluid and inexpensive exchange form on the platform. Here are the main scenarios for using the Soundeon token:

Soundeon Tokens are an additional payment mechanism for services provided within the platform (Sale of music tokens, Soundeon Exchange, Soundeon Player, Soundeon Ticket), as well as through partner channels integrated with the Soundeon environment.

Soundeon tokens ensure no difference in vortexing
Soundeon tokens enable micropayments with low transaction costs for more accurate fragmentation, deliver higher value to the listener, and build a liquidity support mechanism for players (who can then use tokens at other levels of the platform, as well as work with platform partners).

In addition to the Soundeon token on the Soundeon platform, the use of an alternative form of payment is available, that is, the leading crypto currency and fiat currency.

Sales of Soundeon music token
The sale of music tokens is available to registered artists who have passed the KYC procedure and are willing to finance their work, inviting fans and the general public to participate in the creative process.

Token Distribution:

  • 65% token will be used for product development.
  • 14% token will be given to the founders of the project.
  • 4% token will be given to initial support.
  • 6% token will be given to the board members.
  • 3% will be devoted to swimming pool prizes.
  • 2% reserve fund.
  • 6% of tokens will be allocated to charity programs.
Performers use the Soundeon platform to create a roadmap Sales music tokens based on one of the existing templates and standard blocks. The visual designer allows you to define the term, goals and procedures for financing for each stage of production, as well as the conditions for opening the next stage. All road maps are published as a set of smart contracts.

Soundeon tickets allow artists to issue tickets and control their distribution using smart contracts.

The visual designer helps to create the program, adding the song that will be done.

The concert organizers provide separate wallets for different costs, facilitate payment of all necessary equipment, etc.

Soundeon reduces the risks associated with ticket sales, and will ensure that the artist or rightsholder will maximize revenue, allowing viewers to buy and sell tickets on the Exchange Soundeon.

Soundeon Team

To find relevant details about Soundeon at this time, please follow some important Links below:

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717
ETH Address :0x8d51bce79f5023617C1B55653d1838a5cf75Bd86

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