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Monday, July 30, 2018

METAHASH - Decentralized Networks For Digital Asset Exchange And Platforms For Creating Decentralized Real-Time Applications

Hello everyone on this Blog I will review about the latest Metahash posts that can be taken into consideration in observing the latest projects that have a unique and interesting concept, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

MetaHash is the next generation network based on Blockchain 4.0 technology for digital asset exchange, and a platform for creating and managing decentralized applications and services that operate in real time.

Crypto currency themes are more interested in more modern people every day. If older generations used to live "in the old way," were not interested and understood the modern trends (with rare exceptions), then the young man understood everything "quickly." Now even the schoolchildren know what mining, bitkoyn, altkoins and other concepts. It is not excluded that their generation should make a revolution in the daily use of crypto currency.

The popularity of the crypto currency last year has led to thousands of block operations of various scales. Hypes have reached an unprecedented scale. However, do not forget that the growth of most of these projects is limited to the technical capabilities of the existing block / operator / network space.

It is easy to guess that the low speed, closed nature of the block chain and their inability to interact with each other is a real problem of slowing the development of this technology as a whole.

The solution is offered by MetaHash project developers. The company is registered in Switzerland. This project creates a single solution that allows the locking system to be integrated into one network that will be able to register every transaction. Such a network of self-regulation can create a basis for a new decentralized Internet, which, in turn, will free the world from the pressures of big companies. The management of various projects will belong to the user.

In other words, the MetaHash project is a decentralized network for exchange of digital assets and platforms to create a decentralized real-time application. This platform allows each project to be decentralized. This will contribute to the emergence of hundreds and thousands of new projects, which now require decentralization. Each user gets access to open source code and can use it to create their own app or upgrade the current one.

With MetaHash, you can create various decentralized apps (# MetaApps) yourself, which will work in real-time and can quickly implement events in blocking network and Internet users. In addition, the subnet protected by the core network will operate based on the #TraceChain protocol, which will work effectively without burdening the core network. According to the developer, the constituent part of the project - #TraceChain - will allow to make more than five billion transactions per day. With a simple calculation, we get the note number in the second half of the second to confirm the transaction.

What's amazing, the token on the #MetaHash network can be used or converted to tokens from other networks.

This platform supports the interoperability concept of blockrooms. And this is the right approach, ungone.

The third component of the platform is #MetaGate- a decentralized app catalog and wallet exchange.

Finally, #MetaHashCoin is a token that will be used to ensure network reliability, exchange services and manage its own financing and development.


  • Name -
  • MHC price - $ 0.0391 per token
  • Currency received - ETH, BTC
For large buyers there will be limitations and quotas, but there is no minimum purchase price. With the help of coins, you can earn additional coins in the Forging process on the basis of PoS principles: both from the Foraging stimulus pool and the commission for payment of network services.

Each of us with you build your own life, we all want to improve it. And blocking technology is also expanding and accelerating. Not far away is the time when the exchange commissions will be canceled, and all transactions will be done in a minute and not to worry and wait long (I personally believe in it). The MetaHash platform offers solutions aimed at speeding up transactions, creating decentralized applications and convenient crypto currency exchanges. While studying the project, I see that the site is available in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. As stated on the site, the # MetaHash project developers from day one set the goal to become one of the market leaders and to start using #MetaGatedan apps from a large number of people who are now away from the crypto currency topic.

For more research on Metahash today, please visit some of the important Links below for the following References:

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