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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

MAGNUS - Creating a Global Marketplace for Knowledge, Skills, and Computing Power


Magnus is designed to define the universe of robotics and AI automation for organizations. It is also the first Dual Token Robotics and AI ICO in the world, built on two platforms - Ethereum and NEO. Magnus is the first truly decentralized network of AI agents, robots, sensors, equipment, and people to create a global marketplace for computing knowledge, skills and computing.

Magnus launched a new era of business, technology, and thought. The Magnus Era brings with it fundamental changes in how intelligent systems are built and interacted with each other. Magnus's main goal is to make people smarter, better machines, cheaper and faster robots, and better AI by collaborating with other agents on the Magnus Collective network.

In addition, Magnus will have its own independent bot agent ("Sentry Bots"), which ensures the absence of a foreign agent in Magnus's network. Sentry Bots will use whitelist and blacklist to maintain the reputation and effectiveness of the network.

Magnus Collective is a complex structure that tries to simultaneously solve four complex and important tasks:

the creation of a very useful robotics center, AI, IOT, Human and cloud systems.

accelerate the development and use of robotics, leading to a service economy in which individuals and organizations can hire robot services using Magnus Token.

creating and conducting open exchanges between the various organizations that developed rapidly in the last decade in BlockChain, Ai, robotics, and cloud computing.

create a network effect of goodwill and progress in teams that will lead to accelerated technological advances and economic developments when Magnus Collective reaches its milestone achievement.

Official site
ANN BitcoinTalk
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Details of ICO
General information

Platform MGS: Ethereum
Standart: ERC20
Amount: 118,200,000 MGS
Price: 1 MGS = 0.66 USD
Payment: ETH, NEO, GAS
Soft cap: 1,000 ETH
Hard cap: 30.000 ETH

Amount: after sale
Start date: 05/02/2018
Settlement: 28/02/2018
Bonus: up to 3,000 ETH 40%

Quantity: 59.100.000 MGS
Start date: 30/04/2018
Completion: 06/30/2018
Bonus: Up to 3,000 ETH 40%

Arshad Hisham
Founder / CEO
Eric Egnet
Executive Advisors and Investors
Mark Koops,
Executive Advisors and Investors
Michael Messele,
ICO Advisor,
Rajeev Krishnan
Anant Patil

December 2017
Blocking / architecture: ERC smart contract 20, Alpha Magnus prototype, IPFS adapter
Prototype: Ingen SDK linked to block.
Robotics and AI: Prototype mechanisms for recognizing objects have been created. Stanford ROS is partially integrated with Magnus Collective. Project
and partners: The pilots are conducted with corporate partners, including Nokia, Siemens, Ascension, Pfizer, Sanofi

July 2018
Block / Architecture: Management Model, Ranking and Reputation System, Aragon Protocol and IPFS Protocol alpha
: The full version of the concept evidence that was realized during the Vulcan release.
Robotics and AI: A full version of the proof of concept System implemented during launch
Vulcan projects and partners: Corporate partnerships must strengthen their attractiveness and gain momentum

December 2018
Block / architecture: Beta interaction system
Prototype: The full version of the conceptual evidence realized by the participants during the Vulcan release.
Robotics and AI: Third party robot platforms and SDKs must integrate with the platform
Projects and partners: Third party robot platforms to be purchased together

December 2019
Blokcheyn / architecture: Portal, which will be designed for the most popular platform
Prototype: the beginning of ecosystem participation
Robotics and AI: All versions of Magnus Robotics and AI platforms in the final version of
Projects and Partners: Healthcare Platform, retail and hospitality.

December 2020
Blokcheyn / architecture: Unity to enter the final state
Prototype: Repeated deployment of prototypes deployed within the working ecosystem
Robotics and AI: trade skills Autonomy and third-party behavior in groups must go live
projects and partners: Production and use case of system life

December 2021
Blokcheyn / architecture: Operation portal
Prototype: All prototypes in final form and commercialization to start
Robotics and AI: Full integration of the portal, including all platforms in the market
Projects and partners: Clarification partnerships and turn them into profitable franchises

December 2022
Blokcheyn / architecture: Portal to the final form of unity
Prototype: All prototypes are in final form
Robotics and AI: All platforms in form and end platform.

Campaign bounty
Implementation period: 11/06/2018 -
12/08/2018 Bounty pool: 2,511,750 MGS
Token price: 1 MGS = 0.66 USD

Bitcointalk Signature - 24% - Joined - Member Table
Twitter - 20% - Joining - Member Desk
Facebook - 20% - Joining - Member Desk
YouTube - 16% - Joining - Member Desk
Blog - 20% - Joined - Member Desk

For more information :

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717

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