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Saturday, July 28, 2018

KONIOS - Developing And Programming Platforms For All Crypto Fans Worldwide

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining Konios project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

What is Konios?
Konios was created by a duo composed by Patrik Krasnic (CEO) and Mikel Krasniqi (CTO). This duo combines e-commerce capabilities with Krasnic and Krasniqi's development capabilities. With a team of about 10 other professionals and four counselors.

As stated earlier, Konios's goal is to create an easy solution for people who want to invest in crypto currency. The platform will offer an easy way to buy and sell crypto and cash whenever you want. The company believes that restrictions and regulations are bad for the blockchain market because they will keep the industry from growing, so the solution is deregulation.

The company also offers a place to post services on the platform and get paid with a digital currency or fiat currency, which will make it more of an exchange. You can also offer products if you want. You just need to take their picture and then you will be able to sell it whenever you want.

Technology integration Blocking the Etherium ecosystem into business processes and even - into everyday life - calls to ensure the maximum availability of cryptographic currencies for all entrants. Compared to the classical banking system of world capital turns, Bloechein's innovative system is free from many intermediaries, bureaucratic schemes, additional commissions, duties and other payments. The Konios ICO project provides the right conditions.

ICO Konios Project
The development team initiated the ICO Konios project in 2017. The idea of ​​this project is to simplify the exchange of crypto currencies within the ecosystem to the fullest. The exchange will be conducted between the participants directly, excluding almost all mediation, using the available technical means and providing a high level of security.

To perform the exchange, only smartphones with appropriate applications are required, exchange operations have five degrees of protection. The exchange process is quite simple and only includes four clicks. Protection will be provided by the information block, which is the basis of cryptographic currency. Working with Intelligent Contracts in the system will also contribute to the security and legitimacy of exchange transactions.

The Konios platform has been working since 2017 to strengthen the concept of the Efirium and Blochane technology ecosystem. The platform provides:
  • operation for cryptographic currency exchange of each pair (Exchange),
  • Face-to-Face technology is safe to transfer cash into digital currency (F2F),
  • Affordable, convenient and simple in the sale and purchase of goods, services, etc., done with the participation of cash and digital currency (Marketplace),
  • Provide trending operations with the help of system tools for analysis, forecasting, trending and notification tracking (Trade),
  • the platform keeps records of the anonymity conditions of statistical data, behavior and geolocation,
  • access to data for free platform participants,
  • within the system all residential operations will be checked, but the condition of anonymity will be maintained,
  • Implementation of settlement conducted by Smart Contracts on condition of decentralization,
  • Wallets can be used not only in the system, but also external connections or mobile applications.
Advantages of Konios platform
  1. Provide safe, simple, fast, reliable and anonymous Face-to-Face exchange process.
  2. No expensive commissions for each transaction.
  3. Providing up-to-date information in a timely manner to manage your account to save money or receive income from them.
  4. Availability of information required for each participant on the platform.
Crypto currency is increasingly integrated into the business sphere and into our daily lives. The process of decentralizing financial flows helps improve the quality of services in these areas, reducing the cost of commission fees to banks and other financial institutions.

The cryptographic currency market is open. Especially for those who use this system for the first time. The expansion of the circle of participants in the crypto currency market helps to increase the reliability and strength of the digital money in the settlement system. Therefore, the team of specialists working on the Konios project development takes all the necessary steps to involve new participants in the ecosystem.

Despite the obvious advantages of the cryptographic currency market ecosystem, the percentage of world capital involvement is still very small. Therefore, the task of the ICO project for the near future is to maximize repost and attract new people to the ranks of participants in the eco-platform.

User action algorithm by Konios mobile app
If there is a need to exchange any digital currency pairs, the user must first clearly specify exchange details (number of exchanges, currency pairs, desired rate, etc.). When you download an app, using filters with this information will help speed up the digital currency search process as needed.

The entered parameters allow you to filter sellers based on geolocation and display a list of available participants ready for the necessary exchange transactions. Buyers have the option to select Sellers from the list offered or - by displaying available sellers using the card.
  • The buyer sends a request for a purchase to the seller selected.
  • This is the first step in finalizing the deal on Konios app.
The second stage of the deal - a confirmation by the Seller's request for a purchase in case if it satisfies Buyer conditions. Confirmation made on smartphone. At the same time, this amount is blocked, Smart Contract is activated until the moment the parties will not make F2F agreement and confirmation in the system.

The third stage of the transaction. - F2F. Both sides met. By using QR-code, it is possible to identify both sides of a transaction. The buyer withdraws cash from the account, hands it over to the Seller (the parties must take care of the fund authenticity check). Then the bilateral confirmation of the transaction appears.

After that, Smart Contract automatically completes the transaction. The buyer's wallet includes Crypto currency.

After completing the transaction, each participant will receive a mark on the evaluation of the action. The presence of such marks in the future will increase the level of confidence of participants in the transaction.

This is just one example of a transaction on ICO Konios. Ecosystems provide a comprehensive control system to exclude the possibility of committing a crime (money laundering, illicit trade, etc.)

How to use Konios?
Currently, you can not use Konios because the platform is still not operational, but it will be during 2018 (in Alpha and Beta phases). The company token, KON token, will be required for you to access the service. You can get it on sale or on airdrops.

ICOS Konios will start on May 1st and will last 60 days. 1 KON token will be equivalent to $ 0.01 USD. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, CHF, GBP, EUR, RMB and KRW to pay via wallet transfer or bank transfer.

4% of total KON tokens will be given to initial supporters who may receive airdrop by registering with the company.

The Konios Timeline
The Konios platform is planned for most of 2017 and finally begins its development by the end of the year. Sales will occur during 2018 and also the first test of the Alpha version of the Konios platform. If everything goes according to company plans, the Beta version will be launched in November and the platform will eventually be released in 2019.

The company calendar runs until January 2020, when the KON token will be assigned to the development team.

Konios ICO (KON Tokens) Verdict
Konios may have a discourse that speaks of revolution, but it is a fairly normal company, actually. It can serve as an exchange, a financial platform, and even a market, but nothing is very revolutionary or new, so be aware that before you invest in Konios.


ICO details and conditions:

  • His name is Konios Token.
  • The appointment is KON.
  • The cost is 0.01 US dollars.
  • The maximum volume is 5 000 000
On sale:

  1. Lot - 2 billion tokens.
  2. Lot - 600 million tokens.
  3. Lot - 300 million tokens.
Cryptographic fayuta - military technical cooperation, ETN,


  1. Lot - 35% of 700 million tokens.
  2. Lot - 20% token 120 million.
  3. Lot - 10% token 30 million.
Starts on 01/05/2018.
Duration - 2 months.

The total number of tokens is 3 billion 750 million tokens

Token distribution
Token is distributed in accordance with the principle of decentralization 88% - for sale (initial sales - 2%, Airdrop - 4%, loyalty system - 7%, main stage public sale - 75%).



To find relevant details about Konios' current smart contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717

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