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Thursday, July 26, 2018

BRONIX - Hybrid Cryptocurrency Trade Exchanges and Easiest and Fastest Payment Solutions

If friends are interested in joining the Bronix project or you are interested in joining the Bronix project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision during the Bronix project Here's the review:

With more and more blockchain projects emerging and developing their own cryptocurrency with predetermined usage and also allowing ownership transfers, there is an increase in trading volume occurring in the popular crypto exchange. While most exchange and trading platforms not only prove to be vulnerable to fraud and security breaches, they are also lacking in their capacity to support flawless and high volume transactions without sacrificing security. The hidden costs and costs involved in the process are also of concern because it makes it more expensive, therefore, less profitable for traders.

The Bronix platform was developed as a complete ecosystem that handles major issues facing Crypto today. Their in-depth research in identifying problems coupled with powerful technical and innovative solutions makes the Bronix a platform of premature exchange. This is what drives attention and so here's our detailed ICO Bronix review and analysis where we explore Bronix exchange features and functions, ICO details, and talk about everything you need to know before participating in Bronix ICO.

Bronix - Sophisticated and sophisticated trading platform

Developing a decentralized crypto trading platform Bronix aims to eliminate challenges and solve related problems facing traders when trading their digital currencies on crypto exchange.

"BRONIX is a new generation cryptocurrency hybrid trading platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency as multiple financial products such as the world's first margin and derivative trading with cryptocurrency."

The Bronix ecosystem offers a decentralized exchange and centralized exchange that allows traders the total flexibility to choose depending on their needs. In addition, the platform offers a variety of features including Bronx derivatives trading, Option trading, social commerce, and more to promote and facilitate crypto trading.

Offers a Decentralized and Centralized Solution
Bronix will support cryptocurrency trading by offering decentralized solutions where users can exchange currencies in Bronx BRNX token denominations. While users will be charged a small transaction fee they can make transactions on an anonymous stay and regardless of their geographic location. This means a decentralized exchange will allow users to perform transactions even from countries where the status of cryptocurrency is uncertain or bleak.

Centralized solutions will have more features and functionality but remain exclusive to countries that have a lucrative approach to cryptocurrency. On their decentralized exchange - "the user can take a position on any crypto currency traded via the BRNX token up to 2.5 times the funds available on BRONIX's user wallet. This position has a built-in stop-loss with a 20% loss to prevent a complete fund erosion and user pressure. "In addition, identifying one of the biggest problems that could be a nightmare for any crypto trader, the Bronix platform has an efficient solution to the problem of causing an acute liquidity crisis. They have overcome this problem by applying atomic exchange and API integration of all major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Facilitating Derivative Trade: Bronix's exclusive feature
Bronix offers some exclusive user-friendly features for both future-based / future market specs that allow users to trade on the future price prospects of desired cryptocurrency and Options Trading that allow users to pay premiums to get 'options' to buy or sell cryptocurrency at the strike price of the derived formula. Details of their forward / future trade Bronx whitepaper explains: "BRONIX allows users to purchase cryptocurrency in much of the price determined by the market.

A novelty of the BRONIX platform is that Future / Future will not be limited by the 1 month rollover limit. Instead, traders will be able to maintain their position for as long as they want or when their position value decreases by 20%.

BRONIX allows traders to access 0.8-2 times the deposit value above and above the deposit to trade on futures / forward. "Furthermore, with their Options Trading feature, they allow users to purchase the option to buy (call option), which allows them to buy cryptocurrency at strike prices or cancel it by paying a premium as a fee.

On the BRONIX platform, users can enter either by call options or with the put option (option to sell). It provides users with increased flexibility when trading and also protects them against Market Volatility.

Innovative Bronix Social Trading: Benefit from the trading path "Genius Trade"
At the Bronix Platform, members will also be able to follow the trade genius trade. Also, open to all features where anyone can register with Bronix exchange as a trading genius. "Trading registered users on the BRONIX trading platform will be caught and ranked on the leaderboards to be updated in real-time.

This leaderboard will allow other users to view trade genius trades and choose one of them based on the preferences and the cryptocurrency options they sell. "While to automatically link their trades with registered geniuses and trades, the user has to pay a premium and it will be shared to give incentives to registered merchants. While average and new merchants can benefit by following experienced traders, this feature brings great opportunities to trade geniuses.

Fast and Safe: Instant trading with enhanced security
While the platform offers a variety of features to take advantage of it also allows for smooth and fast transaction processing. Currencies can be traded and transferred to any location within seconds. Transactions are also protected against fraud with a decentralized and public database that allows users to verify legitimate transactions. In addition, transactions conducted on the platform will be highly confidential and users can enjoy anonymity without having to share their identities. Also, there are no hidden costs because the Bronix removes the role or intermediate interruption.

Tim Bronix

what do we know about them?
The Bronix Team is a mix of balanced experience and expertise. Ceo them, Alexander Bayov has a vast collection of experience with Project origination & Project management, including financial analysis, preparation and advisory (arrangement) of financial and credit operations. Alexander is Chief of Strategy at the Wealthman group and a prominent specialist Trade Representative of the Russian Government in Lithuania, where he oversees various mergers and acquisitions of banks located in different geographies. He is a veteran player in the banking sector and advises global banks as consultants at Ernst & Young.

The founder of Bronix, Ranjit, is a crypto-investor ace derived from the background of real estate financing. As an MBA from Flinders, Australia, he has designed the Business Model for BRONIX and made it a profitable venture.

Chief Technical Officer, Navdeep Garg, is the leader of thought and practitioners in Financial Services and FinTech. He is a fintech serial entrepreneur with a strong background in programming and coding. He founded Revinfotech 11 years ago to provide trade & investment advice to finance assisted firms and consulting firms like KPMG giving shape to competitors and their transaction analysis. Being spearheading their marketing strategy is their CMO, Lalit Bansal that brings marketing acumen to the team and enhances the value of the skills of the other team members and lets them utilize their skills as best they can. As CEO of Revinfotech, he has built several business units and delivery teams that provide strategic consulting in the blockchain space, web development domains, and capital markets.

ICO Bronix Details

The total number of Bronix BRNX tokens to be created is set at 250 million tokens. The number of tokens that will be available for public sale is limited to 175 million which represent 70% of total token to be created. 30% of the remaining tokens are provided for Counselor, Marketing, Bronix Team and their bounty program:

The entire Bronx Token sales process is a two-month event because the sales of their pre-ICo tokens are up and running. The ongoing pre-ICO will continue until July 22nd. While tokens during pre-sale are available at a discounted price of $ 0.35 per token, prices will be incrementally incremented during the sale of the main ICO tokens. In addition, participants in pre-ICO token sales get discounts of up to 35%.

Primary General Sales will be made in 6 stages. The token price for public sale is set at $ 0.35 but starting with the lower effective price, the price will increase gradually with each phase.

Bronix ICO public sales will open from 26 July to 26 August. The users will get Bonuses with effective tokens in each phase which means there are many benefits for the initial investor.

Bronix Advantages
Tailored to user preferences - Offers centralized and decentralized platform solutions offering a one-step solution for users from all geographic locations regardless of government attitudes toward currency and trade in their respective countries. Centralized solutions offer advanced features that facilitate crypto trading.

No hidden costs - Bronix really sucks intermediaries or third party roles or involvement and makes it an exchange that can promise its members a no-cost hidden policy.

A number of features for a better user experience - As a sophisticated crypto trading platform, Bronix has some exclusive and innovative features as discussed above. This makes them stand out from the crown and has all the potential to attract a strong and growing user base.

Benefits for early investors - Bronix offers a number of benefits to initial investors ranging from ongoing ICO Pre-sales to the final phase of their public sales. Initial investors can earn up to 35% and that makes it a lucrative choice because BRNX tokens have robust and undefined usage on the platform and can be traded seamlessly.

Manage the volume of transactions - While cryptocurrency more and more will be circulating. The increased volume and increase in the number of cryptocurrencies will have an impact on the exchange functionality and while the platform features that support them should also be technologically upgraded.

Reaching out to the community - This project is interesting and has something to offer to the crypto community to benefit. However, their reach to the user base has been sluggish and it has to be taken care of.

The increasing number of cryptocurrencies is not hidden and new blockchain projects make headlines around the world. As the number of token holders increases, it also means an increase in alternative currency trading. The current infrastructure supporting cryptocurrency trading is certainly not enough and hence, growing. This means more and more demand and need for innovative and secure exchanges that make crypto trade a seamless experience for all experienced and new traders.

With undefined functions, enhanced security, cost-effective solutions, eliminating intermediaries, and offering a number of opportunities and features Bronix platform is a pioneer in hybrid crypto exchange. Participating in Bronix ICO can help if you trade crypto or you are looking for more fluid or exchangeable currency that can offer quick refunds. Because in the long run we all die, says John Keynes, one of the most famous economists of the 20th century.

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