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Friday, July 6, 2018

BITCOIN ORIGIN - The World's First Multi-Fork Meets With Blockchain Without Server

Hello everyone, If you are interested to join the Bitcoin origin project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

The world's first Multi-Fork encounters Blockchain without a server

Innovative, 5-way multi-fork Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash

Eco Coin Production through our unique Proof-of-Ambassador consensus.

The stunning return is comparable to the PoW mining. Returns are highly valued for original Bitcoin Origin users.


Ever heard of side chains? In Origin, the side chain is basically part of the infrastructure to allow for scale considerations.

We want our users to be able to use their original token for a fee and block the prize. Each country has its own namespace, its own VM, and its own ecosystem, supporting the Bitcoin Origin network.

Bitcoin Origin has developed the Ethereum token bridge, allowing the Ethereum token to be converted to the original token in a multi-state machine.

Proof of the Ambassador
The Origin Bitcoin community lurking the ORI token will be able to vote. The Ambassadors were asked to campaign for the vote and in turn rewarded generously for their campaign efforts.

Serverless Blockchain
Through Bitcoin Origin's network and technology, each community member has the ability to introduce a fully-fledged blockchain without a server. This blockchain is supported by Bitcoin Origin's Network Validators (Ambassadors).

Bitcoin Origin is an EVM-based Proof-of-Ambassador blockchain.

The Bitcoin Origin team has modified the underlying architecture to allow for concurrent state blockchain to exist.
  • Ethereum to Bitcoin Origin, cross-chain bridge.
  • Transactional namespaces and blocks by.
  • Native Blockchain is supported by the Bitcoin Origin network.
Blockchain and Environmentally Friendly Coin Production

PoW to Proof-of-Ambassador
The unique Proof-of-Ambassador consensus mechanism requires far less power to validate transactions and coin-printing processes than the current Proof-of-Work (PoW) methods that require large quantities of energy consumption.


Tranched Release and Whitelisting
Bitcoin Origin will be released in daily tranche, in a structured manner, to ensure organic growth and prevent whales or large organizations from ORI tokens that are not loaded on the partner exchanges. To claim your Bitcoin Origin Tokens, holders of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash must use a whitelist using our easy-to-use claim tool.

The Origin of Bitcoin is Self-Funded
The experienced founder team of Bitcoin Origin really believes in the project and thus has put their own capital as a bet. Bitcoin Origin has been fully funded at home so far and no ICO is planned for this project.

This document explains the various economic aspects of Bitcoin Origin Network

This document contains forward-looking statements and is subject to risk and
the uncertainty that can cause actual results to be experienced, is very different. This calculation, and projection, is not a prospectus of any kind, or a solicitation for investment. Nor is it, in any way, equal to the offer, or the solicitation to purchase any securities in any jurisdiction. Therefore, it is not prepared in accordance with, and is not subject to, laws or regulations designed to protect investors in any jurisdiction.

This document serves to describe the economic strategy used in the Bitcoin Origin release to drive positive price performance over time. The basic objective is simple, create a basic support layer for launch prices and thereafter provide incentives to the community to provide supply. This process will narrow down supply, increase prices and create additional market limits over time. The decline in supply and marketing efforts will increase demand, thus positively impacting the price point.


The economic model consists of two main components. Start Token Release Strategy, and Supply Control Strategy

These strategies will allow the Bitcoin Origin foundation to establish basic price support on most exchanges. Open value will be maintained by limiting the available supply, and creating additional demand through our program ambassadors, the profitability of our initial support program, various marketing efforts, community development programs, and support. By allowing only small coin holders the option to claim early in tranches, we can spread very thin liquidity on the exchange. Thus, we support the economic model, as we have provided a thin layer of liquidity that must be positively influenced by the large purchasing power of the exchange. It also prevents large holders from creating large dumps, and negatively affects token prices. The Bitcoin Origin Foundation will hold the majority of all coins in the first few tranches. The foundation will trade conservatively, and therefore protect the public from volatility or major abuse, as far as possible.

Through the token economic model, Bitcoin Origin Foundation will be able to create sustained release programs spread over the first 2 years. The total allocation of coins for tokens token and Foundation is distributed on an average every day basis. Token release gradually prevents any party from removing the token and negatively affect the spot price of the token. The Foundation's investment strategy is based on a stable launch over a 2-year period. The remaining 11 billion coins will go in turn giving profitability to validator and Bitcoin Origin Ambassador program participants. The profitability of this program greatly benefits the early users due to the daily fixed returns and the ever-increasing growth.

After the total allocation of coins has been distributed, the validator will then continue to benefit from the rewards of the multistate chain and transaction costs of the genesis chain. The Bitcoin Origin Foundation will promote and invest in several projects to build on our network, thus ensuring long-term profitability.

Long-term locking is a powerful way to provide strong incentives for original Bitcoin Origin Network participants to increase the value of Bitcoin Origin tokens over time. This lurking incentive is achieved through profitability. The trust of Bitcoin Origin Foundation resonates in their long-term strategy. Exchanges that partner with Bitcoin Origin will also be beneficial, since a large client base is associated with a Bitcoin Origin multi-fork strategy

The Foundation believes there will be 4 major events that are part of the launch strategy. The events that will affect the price are; Testnet launches, Mainnet launches, code releases and strategic partnerships. The strategy is to enter the market as the ERC20 token, register in most major exchanges, and launch Testnet and Mainnet at a later stage. In the launch on the stock as an ERC20 token, we can take advantage of these 4 events that should positively affect the Bitcoin Origin token price over time.

The Origin Bitcoin Foundation will, at all times, provide full metrics for the flow
network. This metric will include total token supplies, current circulation supplies (how many tokens have been released) and current live statistics of available inventory (how many tokens are available in the market and not being watched). By publicly announcing these figures we can provide our community with a transparent indication of the current token economy. The interaction of these numbers will affect the spot price.

Vesting and Returns
Bitcoin Origin team strongly believes that the project has a major blockchain technological improvements to offer the community. The release schedule is planned according to the Foundation's investment strategy. The Founder Token will only be released at the end of the initial 2 year period. The Foundation also understands that it can be difficult to bet on volatile market conditions, and therefore the Foundation has acquired a unique reward system that allows for very lucrative stakeouts that will limit supply.

Less than 0.14% of Total Supply of Bitcoin Origin Coins is released every day,

leaving the remainder on unclaimed coins held unavailable. Means after the launch of more than 99% * of the coins will be available until released, with 50% being released in year 2.

Origin's Ambassador Bitcoin program provides incentives to communities to lock in available coin supplies by offering gifts that are comparable to those found in the early PoW mining period. Ambassador Bitcoin Origin's program offers Stakers the opportunity to increase their token quantity, without experiencing regulatory fees, huge electricity bills and other hazards associated with traditional PoW mining activities.

Bitcoin Origin is applying the Ambassador award system that will allow anyone (provided they meet the minimum requirements) opportunity to benefit from locking their coins. 11 Billion Coin Bitcoin Origin of Coins will be given to the Ambassador for 2 years, allocated daily, to Staker's wallet.

Designing will affect rewards in two ways. The prize will be proportional to the actual bet weight and the prize will also increase if Stakers adds an additional Bitcoin Origin coin to their lockup amount.

Daily distribution is always constant over a 2 year period. This allows us to deliver significant results from our community prize pool for early users and Stakers from Bitcoin Origin Token. Anyone who claims or buys tokens in the first few months of release will see a substantial return on Bitcoin Origin for staking their token. The monthly ROI figure below is the assumption that 80% of tokens are locked, excluding the growth of coin capital. This community gift token will be locked for 6 months. As you see early adopters and Stakers are greatly rewarded for claiming their coins and risking them, with returns declining over time as more coins are claimed and in turn increasingly diluting the daily amount.

In addition to the already profitable ambassadorial ecosystem, the Bitcoin Origin Foundation includes several other benefits to the Validator after the Mainnet launch. We will introduce Bitcoin Origin Golden Easter Egg. A small portion of each gift block will be locked into a smart contract that will, over time, be built into significant pots of coins. Easter Egg coins will then be given to any Staker randomly throughout the process. Each Staker will have the same opportunity to open the Golden Easter Egg with every block unsolved. There will also be a leaderboard for Golden Easter Eggs, and the pool that is responsible for the most opening during the 12 month period, will be given a further annual prize at the end of the first 12 month period.

The Bitcoin Origin Foundation will publicly release this document to provide our community with full transparency regarding our intentions regarding the price point. Our full-scale marketing efforts will be used to greatly benefit this economic model. We are very confident that we will be able to add significant investment value by following this economic model closely. Because we have our own funds, we provide free coins to our community (coins that branch off), this will greatly help the community development effort. The Bitcoin Origin Foundation will allocate significant budgets to Bitcoin Origin tokens and related community development programs. Its main marketing strategies are as follows:

Ambassador Program
Ambassadors are Members of the previously approved Authoritative Community who helped build the Bitcoin Origin Community. To comply with this requirement, the Ambassador shall obtain the approval of an active Public Bitcoin notary.

  • Ambassadors are required to provide proof of identity.
  • Eligibility for Ambassadors should be difficult to obtain: so the right to become ambassador becomes acceptable, appreciated, and unpleasant to lose publically
  • The procedure for establishing authority should be the same for all Ambassadors and made available to the public, to ensure that networks and communities understand the process and can trust its integrity.
The public display of Ambassadors will be displayed on the leaderboard directly. An Ambassador needs to be a campaigner for the voice of the community through the submission of content to their networks. The Bitcoin Origin Foundation understands that this will require efforts to secure sound and create content, so that it will reward ambassadors with 5% of daily prize payments for their contributions to Bitcoin Origin Community.

Revenues from Community Rewards Pool are as follows:

Since most miners are aware, the majority of PoW coins have experienced great growth in difficulties as manufacturers' hardware flooded the market with new mining units. Exponential growth in difficulty has greatly reduced the profitability of PoW mining. Due to the fact that the launch of these units is not managed transparently, many newcomers in the mining sector are now facing a big decline in profitability, and some will not undermine their mining unit purchase prices.

Increased SHA256 mining difficulties currently have more than tripled hashrates since December 6, 2017. The massive release of D3 units (x11) towards the end of last year resulted in heavy losses for everyone who bought the unit. We began to see similar reactions in the Litecoin Market with the release of many new ASICs. The Ethereum community is also now faced with the possibility of adding new ASICs to their mining pool.

These key indicators allow us to predict how the market will respond. At the current rate in 3-6 months most miners entering the market with previous generation units are likely to be faced with shutting down their units because revenues will no longer be

can support the unit's operational costs. The same applies to all cloud mining clients. This will create a large and unsatisfied consumer base with negative experiences with PoW coins. The Foundation will provide each of these miners with Bitcoin Origin proportionally for free, and thus can provide comfort to this part of the community during this difficult time.

The Bitcoin Origin Foundation will partner with one of the world's largest exchanges through an exclusive agreement for the first 6 months. We will also offer the ability to purchase tokens on our own platform. However, the only way to liquidate this token will be through our exchange partners

Bitcoin Origin allows Stakers to make profits like mining without cost, huge power consumption and other hazards associated with traditional Proof-of-Work mining activities.

Bitcoin Origin is implementing Tier MasterStake which will provide an opportunity to benefit from participating in the Home Network.

11 Billion coins are offered for 2 years for gift beams.

In addition to the already profitable MasterStake ecosystem, the Bitcoin Origin Foundation includes several other benefits to the Validator.

A small portion of each gift block will be locked into a smart contract that will, over time, be built into significant pots of coins.

All participants will have the same opportunity to open the Golden Easter Egg with every completed block, including the annual prize pool.


Jan - Jun 2017
Mining problems arise due to the use of "dirty" power, centralization of mining resources, and reduced profitability in the PoW Mining Industry - the idea of ​​Bitcoin Origin was born.

Jul - Sep 2017
Collecting Bitcoin Origin Team - Developer, Designer, General Manager, Project Manager, Public Relations Staff, Support Staff, and Call Center Agent.

October - December 2017
Outstanding Paper Completed

Jan - Mar 2018
Proof of concept for POA infrastructure
Proof of concept for Multichain Applications
Website Completed

Apr - Jun 2018
Whitepaper finished
Guaranteed Partnership for Full Security Audit
Community Development
Customer Support Team Setup
Infrastructure Completed and upgraded for Bitcoin Origin Launch
Bounty Campaign Settings
Get ready for ERC20 token launches to multiple exchanges
Multiple full code audit on Bitcoin Origin completed (Independent and in-house)

Jul - Sep 2018
Testnet Launch
Full node
The wallet is full
Lite Wallet
Mobile Wallet
Claim Tool
Bitcoin Origin Fund started working on Crypto Based Projects

October - December 2018
Mainnet Launch
Bitcoin Origin Conference
Increased scalability
Bitcoin Origin nonprofit started assessing the project
Bitcoin Origin Education Fund started working on the education platform

Jan - Mar 2019
Community Development Funding Platform - Allows communities to submit and fund an improvement protocol
ICO Community Funding Platform

FOUNDER Bitcoin Origin




To find relevant details about social media Bitcoin origin today, please follow some resources for the following References:

Website :https://bitcoinorigin.io/
Whitepaper :https://www.bitcoinorigin.io/pdf/BitcoinOrigin-PositionPaper.pdf
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/BitcoinOriginHQ/
Twitter :https://www.twitter.com/BitcoinOriginHQ
Telegram :https://t.me/BitcoinOriginHQ
Reddit :https://www.reddit.com/user/bitcoin_origin
Linkedin :https://www.linkedin.com/company/bitcoinoriginfork/
Ann thread :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3716485.0

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717

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