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Friday, June 8, 2018

SEELE - Supported by the Up-Scalable Neural Consensus Protocol

If you are interested in joining the Seele project or you are interested in joining Seele, it's worth reading reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision during Seele. project Here's the review !!

Seele is supported by the up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for high throughput throughput among large-scale heterogeneous nodes and is able to form a unique multi-chain heterogeneous forest ecosystem.

That is a long list of great keywords. To see what lies behind all those fancy words, I take a thick dive into their white paper. Since this project has produced crazy hype in the last few weeks after Ian Balina reviewed it, I think it might be worth it.

This is the first of two parts and focuses on the technical aspects of Seele and its basic idea. I will examine potential use cases and examples in the second section.

If you want one TL line; DR just scroll right down.

Seele's soul

Seele wants to advance the blockchain space in the following areas:
Communication protocol
  • Network infrastructure 
  • Communication cross-chain
  • Consensus algorithm
  • Application ecosystem
This means the team not only talks about better blockchain, but wants to build a better overall blockchain ecosystem. If you are not yet aware of you - this is great!

They are building an internet blockchain!
Let's take a walk here and discuss why I think Seele can be a big deal.

The Internet as We Know
The Internet as you know works with multiple protocols on different layers. At the most important network layer protocol is Internet Protocol (IP). Every online server has an IP address to achieve it. Domain Name System (DNS) maps IP addresses to human readable names, such as seele.pro.

The transport layer is dominated by two protocols: TCP and UDP. TCP is the responsible and growing brother who always makes sure the recipient receives all the data. UDP does not care at all. After data is sent, for UDP the work is completed. You experience that when your Netflix flow gets worse - some packets are lost in the road, but there's no point in resubmitting them because Mr. The robot is ready for the next morphine ride. That's UDP.

Above this layer is where the app is built. So from the OSI blockchain is an application that uses UDP and IP to send their data around.

Who makes big money with the internet is not the creator. Most of its value is captured by resource monopolies like your ISP and in other service providers like facebook. Smaller fish and users rely on bigger players and the value created by networks and community effects is absorbed by a few people.

The Blockchain Internet
The idea of ​​Seele is to change everything. If their vision is successful, the Seele protocol becomes the new Internet backbone - Internet Value in their words, supported by a new generation of blockchain.

Cross-Chain Communication
The goal is Internet Value and their solution is the Blockchain Structure of the Forest. In simple terms this is a meta-blockchain as a layer above all other blockchain, building a forest. Each tree is its own blockchain but they are connected through a meta chain.

Just like mushrooms that spread through the soil and make every part of the tree from one large living organism. If you can not see where this happens, you will find many innovative and important use cases in my follow-up article. This forest is somewhat similar to the sidechains of Plasma, except that each sub-chain can become its own completely blockchain - hence heterogeneous in name.

With their new protocols and heterogeneous forest architecture they plan to build a simple and efficient way to communicate and share values ​​across various blockchains.

Communication Protocol
Seele aims to create a new protocol to connect blockchain to the internet and foster communication between different blockchains. This protocol was designed from the beginning to be more suitable for blockchains compared to existing protocols.

What I call mushrooms above, Seele calls Value Transport Protocol. Instead of IP and DNS, the meta chain handles the registration and location of resources within the forest (blockchain network).

In lower level blockchain it does not have to rely on UDP or TCP anymore and can instead use the Quick Value Internet Connection (QVIC) protocol. QVIC is optimized for blockchain, so for example packet size is not random but matches the size of the given chain block.

Although this sounds interesting, we have one big elephant, the smell in the room: The Internet as we know it will not just disappear and will continue to have its own use case of course. To solve this Seele proposes another protocol: VHTTP. This protocol allows top-level applications to interact with blockchain. VHTTP integrates seamlessly with HTTP, creating a gateway to the old world. Boom, solved!

Network infrastructure
Seele's new network infrastructure is built from the ground up for enhanced scalability and security. They plan to have efficient resource consumption through isolating them. Because their protocols are based on a defined protocol there should be no problem for low-level network hardware.

We have to wait for the Seele team for details to find out exactly how they want to innovate in this field. In their whitepaper, they refer to a test group of 1,000 nodes indicating that they are ready to not only talk but also walk.

Consensus Algorithm
Seele claims to have evolved the Byzantine agreement, making it stronger without sacrificing performance.

The new algorithm works asynchronously, so it can be very parallel because nodes do not have to approve every direct block. Instead of finding consensus after each block there is a sliding window where consensus is gradually established over time.

Seele's meta chain does not depend on work evidence, or on proof of ownership. Conversely the block builder will be randomly selected. It also makes sibyl attacks harder to run and nodes easier to operate.

Application Ecosystem
If the above points can be achieved, this will generate many new ways on how the blockchain ecosystem can evolve and thrive. Seele aims to build a bridge between blockchains as well as the "old world".

Mechanics Token
Although I have not found much detail about the mechanics of their tokens in white books, this is well known: Token is a gift for a node and serves as a governance feature. This means the protocol can be upgraded without a hard fork.

Just as the value of token-captured projects can be captured by each token owner and network participant, a great incentive for anyone to switch their business from the old Internet to the Internet The new value.

Here is the TL; DR:
Seele wants to build a new protocol that is optimized for internet blockchain, connected to the outside world and wrapped with meta-blockchain.

I hope this lights up the Seele project and helps you understand what they are trying to do. In the follow-up article I will examine some cases of forest network use, so just follow me to keep abreast of the progress of this project.

Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing the Seele project currently being run by their team, if there is any lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information. and of course you will be able to talk directly to their founder or team, at the link.

For more information and join Seele social media today, please follow the following resources:

Official Email Address :contact@seele.pro
Official Website Link :https://seele.pro
Official Announcement Channel :https://t.me/SeeleAnn
Official Telegram Group :https://t.me/seeletech
Official Telegram Asia :https://t.me/SeeleCN
Official Twitter :https://twitter.com/SeeleTech
Official Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/seeletech
Official GitHub :https://github.com/seeleteam

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https: //bitcointalk.org/index.php? Action = profile; u = 1546717
ETH Address :0xd5189d9BA473C2a7e1022b40181Fdf05a6E88Afc

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