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Thursday, June 28, 2018

INS ECOSYSTEM - Global Project Launched By Instamart Founder

Hello every friend in this blog I will review about INS project, and here is the discussion:

About the INS Ecosystem:

INS Ecosystem, a global project launched by Instamart founder, a leading food delivery service in Russia, promises a real revolution in the consumer goods market.

INS Ecosystem is a blockchain-based decentralization platform that directly connects producers, buyers, and logistics operators. In fact, it represents a complete ecosystem of commerce, in which consumers and suppliers manage supply and demand themselves using smart contracts. This system has no place for expensive intermediaries, so buyers do not have to pay the retailers fees from their own pockets.

The INS ecosystem is a fairly ambitious project, trying to revolutionize a sizable portion of the growing wholesale market by changing the current dominant scheme on it from Producers - Consumer - Retailers, to Consumers - INS - Consumer Companies, basically connecting them directly with minimum transactional cost with the best terms for both parties!

The Consumer Direct Platform
  • Connect directly to wholesale and consumer manufacturers
  • Overcome the dominance of retailers
  • Offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate operations
  • Use the INS token as a consumer loyalty program reward tool
INS is developing a platform to enable direct interaction between brands and consumers. Reach the next generation of audiences through data-driven mass personalization. The team consists of a large group of global professionals with solid industry experience.

Smart contracts and blockchain technology enable participants in the process to reduce costs and lower potential risks. Excluding retailers from the chain allows consumers to save up to 30% on daily purchases. They do not have to waste time on the way to the mall and stand with a tiring line - the INS ecosystem allows them to quickly and easily order the products they need from any supplier. Orders are sent to the supplier, who prepares the goods and immediately hand them over to the logistics operator, who, in turn, sends the order to the buyer. All parties have access to order information and can track the location and order status.

The founders of the INS Ecosystem have significant experience in e-commerce and retail. Project advisors include experts in retail sales, blockchain, and technology. To date, INS Ecosystem has signed a memorandum of understanding with leading international manufacturers, including Mars, FrieslandCampina, Valio, and Reckitt Benckiser. Other major producers, such as Kraft Heinz, Hellogg, and Johnson & Johnson, have sought the possibility of cooperation with the project. The company intends to complete the launch of the platform in the second half of 2018, then enter the market in the largest cities of the world.

The ICO project, which will be launched on November 27, is expected to raise 200,000 ETH. Company tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, ether, altcoin, or bank transfer. The token holder will also be able to use it for payment in the platform


INS is developing a Direct-to-Consumer data-based platform for the consumer sector. Supported by blockchain and smart contract.

Q2 2017
The INS concept is created

Q3 2017
INS is supported by world-renowned manufacturers - Unilever, Mars, FrieslandCampina, Valio, Reckitt Benckiser

Q4 2017
Token sales complete

Q3 2018
Development of supplier SDK

Q2 2018
Application development and consumer configuration & INS compliance

Q1 2018
Development of INS Platform

Launch Q4 2018

Geographical expansion and ecosystem growth


Peter Fedchenkov (Founder)
Bring a wealth of retail and technology experience. Previously with Goldman Sachs and IBM. Teach classes about shopping at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Harvard Business School MBA

Dmitry Zhulin (Founder)
Experienced and professional business capital with a focus on retail and e-commerce. 5 years experience investing in bitcoin and crypto-assets. Previously with VTB Capital Private Equity, Rothschild and PwC. University of London, PgD in Finance

Pavel Scherbinin (chief technology officer)
Architects and engineers with a passion for cryptography and 10+ years of experience in developing large-scale highload systems. Likes to overcome problems that are hard to miss and turn them into practical applications. The first is Chief Technology Officer at Mail.Ru Group

Dmitry Khovratovich (Lead Development Blockchain)
4 years experience in blockchain and smart contract. Experts are approved in cryptography and social (12 years, 2,000+ citations). Argon2 Designer (winner of Password Hashing Comptition) and Equihash

Ted Lisitsyn (Business Development Manager (USA))
An experienced business strategy with significant experience in FMCG sector. Previously with McKinsey & Company focusing on operational projects. Candidate MBA at Harvard Business School

Frank van der Tol (Business Development Manager (Europe))
Experienced in professional FMCG & Retail (food and non-food). Over 15 years experience in FMCG / Retail, eCommerce, and online marketplace. Previously with Accenture. Erasmus University Rotterdam MSc in Economics, School of ITAS for Business & Society MBA.

Natalia Zhoykina (Director of Human Resources)
The HR leader with over 10 years of experience in the driving team, enables employees and embarks on IT startups in terms of bringing new talent from a competitive market. Previously with Trucker Path, Deutsche bank, HeadHunter Group, Ubank

Max Krugov (Marketing Manager)
Manufacturer with experience of more than 8 years. Work as chief executive of Top-5 ad agency for top-tier clients (JD.com, Quelle, Kayak, Qatar Airways, etc.)

Dmitry Gladkov (Attorney)
Partner at Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners (corporate legal award # 1 VC 2015). Over 20 years in law and finance. Former Public Student at UBS (Moscow). LLM from the University of Georgia School of Law

For more research on current INS, please follow some of the important Links below for the following References:

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https: //bitcointalk.org/index.php? Action = profile; u = 1546717
ETH Address :0x8d51bce79f5023617C1B55653d1838a5cf75Bd86

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