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Thursday, June 28, 2018

IAGON - Block Platform Decentralized With Transactional Flow

Greetings of the community, in this blog I will describe the IAGON project, and here is the discussion:

It is a decentralized block platform with a transactional stream, which, no doubt, will be safer and transparent compared to other platforms. IAGON, we're special for you who still have trouble saving large files, as well as repositories, and of course it's just as easy when you save a small file. Our storage system will also be encrypted and more secure, as it integrates blockchain, cryptographic, and ai technologies in a user-friendly way. The files you want to store will be encrypted on our servers. The encryption / decryption protocol is used for internal data. All data stored on the IAGON platform is encrypted to some extent to protect the data in case of violation. LAGOON has many options for storing data on its platform,


The Smart Grid Iagon platform provides secure storage of large data repositories and large databases, as well as for the treatment of artificial intelligence problems (AI), which require large computing CPUs and GPUs (including machine learning, in-depth training and operations with neural networks).

IAGON's development is based on the vision and reality that the demand for more memory and processing power will increase dramatically due to the commissioning of large data and the Internet of Things in all areas of industry, economy, health and almost in many aspects of our lives. In parallel, more and more companies and organizations use artificial intelligence techniques for pattern recognition, voice recognition, marketing analysis, advisory systems and decision support systems (in healthcare, agriculture, defense and marketing, etc.), robotics and autonomous vehicles. The introduction of artificial intelligence technology in all aspects of modern professional and personal life will require greater computing power.

The goal of IAGON is to connect data centers and computers to use unused capacity on time in a single power storage and data processing system, and to compensate owners for providing this resource to users. Regardless of whether the owner of a small data center that wants to allocate the remaining 700 GB on his drive, or the owner of the laptop that keeps it open all night, the user can keep up with them because it uses their computing power in a truly safe environment. Everyone can get strong AI and Big Data capabilities by purchasing IAGON tokens and paying for services they use on the network. Everyone can be a "miner",


Iagon storage and processing is completely safe for users to upload their files and processing tasks, and to miners, who process and store them, each file is encrypted in the safest hash256 military-grade encryption algorithm, which actually masks the content . It then cuts the files into small pieces and is transferred anonymously to various storage and backup for disk miners who like DAT files without revealing their origin, links to original files or to users who download them.

Encrypting and trimming files and converting them to multiple DAT files ensures that any potentially harmful software will be destroyed before it is distributed to miners. Finally, the location of the encrypted parts of the file is stored in the block space so that no one except the downloading user can retrieve it or in some way connect it to the source file or with the author or successfully decrypt any part of them. When the process is complete, the IAGON token will be transferred from the user's wallet to the miners' wallet where the parts of the encrypted file are located. IAGON is inspired by the AI ​​and Hadoop framework: the distribution of encrypted file sections will be optimized by the AI ​​engine, which "learns" patterns of free computing power and is available from miners, fully supporting their anonymity.

By integrating these advanced features into the Smart Grid, we will be able to provide the best access to saved files, the most efficient use of processing power and to identify unfamiliar nodes.


Iagon will launch a pre-ico on March 15th and soon after the launch of ICO. Iagon has 12 groups, 5 designers and marketing department 5. Leading company Dr. Dhaliwal Navjit as CEO, and Dr. Elad Harijs like cooing. They are based in Norway, but with developers living in India first. In addition, it seems that the whole team is distributed worldwide, if they have offices in Norway or not, not disclosed. leadership backgrounds come in the form of Denitizma degrees and entrepreneurial experience as founders and CEOs of relevant Navjit technology companies, as well as machine learning and A. i Elad.

Links to every LinkedIn member page are available, without any sign of ill will. One comment can be made about the fact that some members of the listed group do not include Iagon as their primary workplace. The entire development team works at Winjit INC or Winjit Technologies, so the fair assumption is that Iagon does not have its own development team, but instead of building outsourcing to this New York company. Nevertheless, we can say that from the LinkedIn Link study the founders of this block and crypto currency were born from the Winjit team in collaboration with management and that they are 100% consistent with the project and its success. In technical documents, the Navjit and Elad reference lists are the main participants without explicit copy / paste, which is common to many ICOs.

IAGON's initial sales start on April 2, at 12 noon in the west and end on 30 April. Pre-sale will be done exclusively through Dragonchain, in which only the owner of the Dragon token can participate. Please visit the Dragonchain Website for more information - dragonchain.com.

Pre-sale offers 20% token with the price:
  • 0.07 USD for IAG tokens for 50mln tokens (for users with DSS 1 000 000+);
  • 0.06 USD per μg, a marker of 25 million tokens (for users with DSS 5.000.000+);
  • 0.08 USD for IAG tokens for 50mln tokens (for users with 500,000+ DSS);
  • 0.09 USD per IAG token for 75mln tokens (for users with DSS 1+);
Purchases can be made at ETH

Crowdsale Iagon (Sales Token) begins on May 10th. Token sales last from 30 to 60 days, depending on sales. In addition to selling, crowdsale offers 50% of IAGON tokens to the public (offering a total of 500,000,000 tokens) at the following rates:
  • 0.12 USD per IAG token for all 500 million tokens
  • Total for two stages: token 700 million.
  • The remaining 30% token (Max 300,000,000 tokens) will be dedicated to: 10% for the IAGON team, 10% for advisors and prize hunters, 10% for development. Our Soft Soft is 30 million USD and Hard Cover is 77 million USD.

For more research please visit some important links below:

Website :https://www.iagon.com/
Ann thread :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2945888.0
Whitepaper :https://www.iagon.com/pdf/Iagon%20Whitepaper%20v3.0.pdf
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/IagonOfficial/
Twitter :https://twitter.com/IagonOfficial
Telegram :https://t.me/Iagon_official
Medium :https://medium.com/@official.iagon
Github :https://github.com/iagonorg
Reddit :https://www.reddit.com/user/iagon_official/
Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/iagon.official/
Youtube :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpIUqQSMK5cE4QncanEUpKg

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22
Profile Link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717
ETH Address :0x8d51bce79f5023617C1B55653d1838a5cf75Bd86

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