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Monday, May 7, 2018

ZAN COIN - Pay Their Freelance Software Developer For Services Provided On Each Project

Greetings community,

Zan coin They are a Consultant Company that employs Free Software Developers to work on certain projects that exist for them. Instead, ZAN Coin pays their Freelance Software Developer for the services provided on each project. With various "Freelancers" abroad, located / residing in different countries, it places obstacles on the way for ZAN Coin to make timely affordable payments to their many "Freelancers".

So they agree, unite their minds to create solutions to the problems they face with their existing models, structures, and business procedures. As we know, for any company to remain successful, they must adapt to an ever-changing environment, create solutions to existing problems, and always reduce expenses to own / run a business. To solve this problem, they come together and create solutions to the problems they face. So, create a ZAN Coin.

With the creation of ZAN Coin, they will not only solve problems with timely payments, but they will also target the other three main points.
  1. Motivation "Freelancer" to provide the best in developing software for important ZAN Coin projects.
  2. Buy-Back Options. They will buy back ZAN to keep the coins in circulation for cash flow and price growth.
  3. Dividends from each product sale. They will take 50% of product sales, pay developers and coin holders in ZAN Coin. All holders of ZAN Coin will receive dividends, payable in ZAN, only to hold the coins. They will be paid "Pro-rata" in ZAN, on ZAN's current investor holdings, when dividends are paid.
ZAN Coin is a real project that solves real problems every day with a mature solution. With the use of Ethereum Blockchain and ERC20 technology, ZAN Coin will put an end to the problems they are currently experiencing and create a timely payment system.

I have some concerns with ZAN Coin and have some serious questions for themselves. They invite anyone to come ask questions on their BitcoinTalk Thread, so I take the challenge. I will place a link to the thread here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3255486.0

I asked some very serious questions and got a very startling reply from ZAN Coin's CEO, Henrik Madsen. This is the question I asked him:

"I really like your plans for ZAN, this project has a very high potential because your idea is not quite fit in today's market. I have some questions for you and your team. How knowledgeable are you and your team for the high volatility of Cryptocurrency? Are you aware of the dangers you may encounter if you maintain BTC, ETH, or other Crypto? I have seen many projects fail, because it holds too much BTC after the market slumped a few months ago. BTC is at its all-time high of around $ 20k and falls far below the $ 6k mark in a very short period of time. Are you ready for such a situation and what plan do you have to avoid the possibility of huge losses due to high volatility? "CEO, Henrik replied with:

The purpose behind ZAN Coin:
The main objective is to grow and develop as a Consultant Firm that is legal and highly successful. They not only want growth for their business, but they want all their Freelance Developers and Freelance investors to be prosperous as well. With this important goal, ZAN's life cycle will get everyone involved successfully. Investors will create more capital to improve project development. Developers will work more efficiently, harder, and faster to create excellent products to increase sales. Thus, creating higher sales volumes and creating more profits for all holders of ZAN Coin.

ZAN Coin Specs:

  • Ticker- Contract Address ZAN- 0xbef51888af40d73db76a7716c98bdfe979040f8d
  • Decimal- 18
  • Platform-Ethereum Type-ERC20
How to buy ZAN Coin?
Currently, the only way to buy ZAN Coin is through their ICO. ICO begins May 15, 2018.

  • Presale: 1 ETH = 1500 ZAN, Presale ends May 22, 2018
  • Round 1: 1 ETH = 1200 ZAN, end time, TBD
  • Round 2: 1 ETH = 900 ZAN, end time, TBD
  • 5% Referrals: Users can view referral links on the user's profile page.
  • ZAN Coin Supply: 17.148.385
ZAN Coin Distribution:

  • Investor-allocation 70%: 12,003,870
  • Coin Affiliates and Bounty-allocation 10%: 1,714,838
  • Coin Founder-15% allocation: 2,572,257 Reserve-
  • 5% allocation: 857,419
Sales Token
How to Buy Zan coin token

Structure Token
How Token ZAN will be shared

Roadmap as stated on the main web page:
February 2017: Start the first project. We launched our initial project and our first product was created. We sell the full rights to the company who bought it with the intent to sell it.

August 2017: Initiation of Our Second Project. This time we started working on our own products that we considered to sell ourselves. This is when we are faced with the problem of payment of freelancers.

November 2017: Registration of ZANFAU Ltd. We registered our new company with the idea of ​​gathering teams and handling problems. At this point in time, we also started completing our first sale.

January 2018: Design of ICO Tokens and Plans. We designed tokens and put forward new payment system ideas for our developers. In the process, the idea for dividends is cut as well.

April 2018: Dear Community, We have received several reports that one of our admins raised a red flag about our project. We do not want to be associated with ponzi schemes or attempts to take advantage of our investors. It says we want you to know that we have removed this person from our admin list.

May 2018: First payment to DEVS. In early May, we plan to make the first payment to our developers at ZAN Coins.

July 2018: Sales and Dividends. We have another product in the pipeline and are scheduled to be released in July. Our goal is to turn sales into ZAN Coins and start distributing the appropriate profits.

December 2018: Buyback Initiation. At the end of the year, we will begin buying back tokens to have enough payment for future projects. Buying back to pay to developers will close the circle and help increase the value of ZAN Coin.

Meet our Brilliant Thoughts

Zan coin-patterned teams

For more research on Zan coin at the moment, please visit some important Links below:

The bitcointalk name :Icaica22

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