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Monday, May 14, 2018

THE DEAL COIN - The First Online Market And Automated Administration Platform For Financing That Connectes Borrowers And Investors

Hello everyone here I will describe about The deal coin project, and here is the discussion:

What is The Deal Coin?
The Deal Coin is the first online market and automated administration platform for Financing that connects borrowers and investors, enabling them to configure and automatically create each contract of the borrower in real-time.

Our platform allows borrowers to create smart, fully customized and simplified contracts in the Unmarked Ethereal Block for each contract We create unambiguous financing for borrowers and investors.

Our technology platform supports this innovative market / administration model for effective connection and processing and capital provision. Our platform also eliminates the need for ease of delivery of complete physical infrastructure and automation, increased efficiency, reduced manual processing, and improved overall borrower and investor experience.

Deal Coin for all users, it is primarily a decentralized project that operates in real time. It is based on blocking technology, which ensures transparent and reliable project operations. In the corporate ecosystem, user identification and verification, as well as monitoring of credit risk position of the company, will be conducted. Compared to traditional banking services, this decentralized project opens up new opportunities for its participants. First of all, this is a significant time savings.

While the bank decided to lend for three months, the Coin Deal project investors provided the necessary tools to start within one to two days. Compared with traditional banking structures, project participants no longer need to use intermediary services. As an incentive, project participants will be able to receive the In Co-System Token from Deal Coin for their active platform activities. Buy coins can be from March 26, 2018, then the token price will be 0.10 US dollars. Initial investors will be able to get 20% bonus, then the value of crypto currency will increase gradually.

Benefits for investors
Every project participant who sees the potential and success of a project can independently invest it. Thus, you can not only support the idea, but also gain financial benefits. Any investor who wants to give his financial money to the borrower on the platform can receive bonuses, or take advantage of preferential rates. Also, when the project intrasystem coins with DLSD markers continue to be used, the investor can make transactions within the framework of The Deal Coin

The main requirement for the borrower is, first of all, the acquisition of a small number of project tokens, which will allow payment of internal costs associated with the community service providers in the project. Thus, requests for DLSD tokens will be stimulated.

Customer service
Developers pay special attention to the security of each user. Therefore, in the project there is a Contract Contract contract, which fully provides the force of law, guarantee all investments and fix the loan issued. Such a solution makes it possible to avoid participants of future financial misunderstandings and make the platform work as transparent and reliable as possible. Also, this smart contract plays an arbitrage role for debt collection.

A decentralized register is also an integral component of security on The Deal Coin platform. The overall concept of the project is based on applying balanced and correct blocking technology. Due to the fact that platforms use blocking exclusively for primary data, the opportunity to introduce fraudsters is significantly minimized.

Allocation of Token Allocation Fund
  • 20% Legal Compliance
  • Operational Cost 25% (incl. GDCP)
  • 20% Marketing
  • 35% Platform Development
Global Coin Deal Partner (GDCP)
We have higher operating costs associated with domestic development for each jurisdiction.

We are actively seeking a global community of people who think to be Deal Coin's ambassadors and lead their domestic operations under and with the full support of The Deal Limited.

Coin Transaction Allocation

For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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