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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Hello everyone here I will explain about the Skyf chain project, which can be taken into consideration in observing the latest projects that have a unique and good concept, for more details let us go directly to the following discussion:

SKYFCHAIN IS THE FIRST BLOCKCHAIN B2R BYR (BUSINESS-TO-ROBOT) BASED ON SKYFT-SOLICED PLATFORM according to the US SKYFchain SEC IC which has been highly rated by the most prominent ICO trackers including ICOBench, TrackICO, ICObazaar and many others

On 1 March, the pre-ICO of the SKYFchain operating platform has started. It is the first B2R (Business-to-Robot) operating platform for unmanned cargo logistics of its kind, based on blockchain technology from smart contracts. This system is available to all market participants and enables the application of logistic schemes and financial calculations of any complexity in the SKYFT token. 1.2 billion SKYFT tokens will be released at a price of 3.9 cents. The purpose of pre-ICO campaign is US $ 1 million. Pre-ICO will continue until 31 March. As long as the SKYFT pre-ICO token can be purchased at a 40% discount.

SKYFchain is an open blockchain platform for keeping track of all the important events that occur with cargo robots and their interactions in the supply chain. Every transaction is recorded on the platform. Each note has its own cost depending on the type, frequency and complexity of transactions and in traditional currency. All calculations in SKYFchain will be processed in the SKYFT token, as required by smart contract logic.

As the number of participants and number of transactions in the platform will continue to increase, while the number of tokens is set, the cost of the SKYFT token will increase as well. The SKYFT Token will be freely quoted on the main crypto currency exchange. In addition, SKYFT token holders will receive their share of any transaction fees made within the SKYFchain platform.

Traditional cargo logistics is one of the most complex industries. It depends on the human factor; much manual labor is used in the transportation process. To continue their expansion, companies have to change the shipping industry itself. Further optimization of the traditional logistics market is not possible. Most of the proposed iterations allow to reduce only a tenth, and sometimes even one hundredth of a percentage of the cost, or barely reduce the time spent on delivery.

The future of the industry is unmanned cargo logistics. Market giants like Google and Amazon have started testing using UAVs for small package shipments, and UGV for warehouse complex services. The actual system is not transparent enough. This includes dozens of mediators, and the number of their interactions with each other in delivery can sometimes exceed hundreds or even several hundred. Blockchain can help solve this problem. This technology will naturally enter the logistics market and will make it more efficient in the near future. Furthermore, blockchain is required for full implementation of unmanned shipments, whether it should be done by drones or car cars.

"This is SKYFchain that can unite all market participants based on the same distribution system. This will remove many problems, beginning with the approval of the shipping route for robots and ending with the calculation of insurance fees and payment transfers. Not only this approach will reduce transaction costs, increase transparency of logistics schemes and calculations, but will also improve the speed and quality of cargo shipments. The logistics transition to unmanned systems (better than flights) is a matter of a very short time. SKYFchain is the only solution that can satisfy all market participants. With the help of SKYFchain, we will support the transition of the logistics industry to an unmanned system, which will result in significant reductions in transportation costs. All consumers will benefit from this,

The first cargo robots to transfer transaction history to SKYFchain are SKYF, autonomous drone (payload up to 400 kg, flight time up to 8 hours, range up to 350 km) developed by ARDN Technology. SKYF will use SKYFchain exclusively to operate hundreds of freighter planes that have been ordered by the largest oil / gas and logistics companies around the world. SKYFchain is open to other unmanned drone manufacturers, including cars and cargo ships. It is also open to logistics providers and financial organizations and has every opportunity to become a universal, standard tool for unmanned logistics markets. In 5 years, ARDN Technology plans to send over US $ 50 million to purchase SKYFT tokens from the market and use them to invest in further SKYFchain development.


SKYFchain is the first blockchain based B2R (Business-to-Robot) Operational Platform SKYFT is the internal currency of the SKYFchain Operating System

SKYBe sure business model

We issue a number of SKYFT tokens, which will be required for each transaction within SKYFchain.A user requests transactions at SKYFchain and pays safely in fiat money through his smart contract SKYFchain obtains SKYFT tokens in exchange for crypto to execute transactions


Fixed amount of 1,200,000,000 tokens
The final price of ICO will be 0.065 USD per 1 SKYFT token

SKYFT in accordance with US SEC

A SKYFT Token will be required for each transaction within SKYFchain.

A user requests transactions on SKYFchain and pays securely in banknotes through his smart contract. SKYFchain acquired a SKYFT token on a crypto exchange to execute a transaction

Transactions will grow exponentially because ROBOTS NEEDS SPEAKS with clients

Value SKYFT ($)

We launched token sales to distribute SKYFchain nodes and raise funds for the development and marketing of the SKYFchain Operating Platform worldwide

SKYFT Token Details

SKYFT-token is an internal SKYFchain currency

Sales of SKYFT Token


2014 - 2017
design and manufacture of SKYF drill cargo attracting $ 5 million; successful aerodynamic tests; fully autonomous flights in Q4 2017

2018 - 2019
development of personal blockchain; the creation of an international legal structure; sales of the first SKYF drones and expansion of partner networks into areas without strict regulation of cargo aircraft flights (CIS, Asia, Africa)

2020 - 2022
rapid growth of SKYF drone sales; inclusion of third party drone data into SKYFchain; lobbying for new regulations in developed markets

2023 - 2025
connection of land and sea charge robots into the system; drone passengers to follow


SKYFchain advisor

To find relevant details about the current intelligent Skyf chain contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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