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Saturday, May 12, 2018

QUADRANT - Contributing To Using AI For Better Business Decisions

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Quadrant is a blockchain based protocol that enables the access, creation and distribution of data products and services with originality and originality at the core. The data economy is similar to outer space: uncharted and chaotic. Quadrants serve as blueprints that provide an organized system for decentralized data utilization.

In a few words, the Quadrant Protocol aims to create a stream of data that is transparent, reliable, and flowing. Considering that the real value of the data depends on the procedures associated with its collection, organization, and accuracy, the creation of mechanisms that ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data is essential to improve the data economy.

To fix the data authenticity issue, our team introduced a simple yet powerful process called Data Stamping. Stamping Data is a system used to authenticate data at the origin. Through this process, Quadrant creates methods of originality and origin, enabling data verification. The result is simple, secure, mutually beneficial for data creators & data users, independent, and proof of portable data integrity.

To make the Quadrant presentation and data stamping features simpler and more comprehensive, we need to deconstruct key participants and their roles on the platform:

Nurseries - Entities that create data

Pioneers - Entities that use smart contracts to convert data into data products called Constellation

Elons - Visionaries who create innovative data using cases and build data within the system

These three entities empower the system, create new data available and drive innovation that will impact on the way we work and live. But to encourage this innovation, we must first start with trust.

Stamping Data

Client Producer

Data stamping starts with Nurseries. As soon as data is produced, hashes, along with metadata, are branded into Quadrant. This ensures that when data is consumed, either today or ten years from now, Consumer Data believes that the data is in the right state when the data is produced.

For example, data manufacturers have data streaming from millions of devices to their storage every hour. Quadrant's Data Producer Client will be programmed to read from this storage and start the stamping process. It will read the file or file directory, create a hash, and then stamp the metadata of its DNA data into the Quadrant. The DNA of this data will be used to identify the data and its origin in the network. At this point, the producer client has fulfilled its function from the data stamping to the chain.

Consumer Clients

When data is purchased through smart contracts in the Quadrant, our Customer Clients will kick in. This will read the data sent and include it for verification. After hashing this data, the generated hash will be used to identify the data authenticity compared to the original file. In turn, the Quadrant Consumer Client will generate the stamp and verify it against the Quadrant Procurer Client. The match indicates the successful completion of the verification.

The stamping and verification process is all run programmatically, with each user can set the time period and make a warning to notify them of the hash data mismatch.

Sophistication in Simplicity

With Stamping Data from Quadrant Protocol, problems related to data origin and authenticity are greatly reduced.

Authenticity from the origin with anticipated hashes on the chain proves both the origin and the volume of data generated. The uniqueness of digital fingerprints is calculated from the file contents, creating a design where computing is impossible to find two different messages that generate the same number.

Buyers' involvement in verification is reduced, as the evaluation of data by qualified expert teams is reduced to a minimum. Less expert contributions mean more agility in business procedures and less unnecessary fees and commissions.

The machines do honesty work, limit errors and costs as well as improve privacy in this process, since no third party may edit or forward data will not be able to do so.

Evidence of undisputed public ownership and provenance trace for compliance is achieved. This feature is pioneering and catalytic in the world of new data, which includes legal aspects of obtaining external data in an appropriate, fast, and cost-effective way.

Blockchain data blockchain Quadrant mechanism establishes the foundation for trading data in a transparent and reliable way. Applications from this process are endless, from data rights to false news; we can see stamping has wide application in various industries. With this foundation of authentication in the protocol, Quadrant will work to create a reliable and sustainable data economy. Quadrant will establish itself as a leading platform that will build and host innovations related to data, AI, and data driven applications that drive human ingenuity.

The question surrounding this article is how AI can help improve the company's overall performance management and business decision making in particular?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence of machines, or the ability of machines to replicate human cognitive function. Simply put, it is the machine's ability to learn and solve problems. In computer science, these machines are appropriately called "intelligent agents," or bots.

Apprehension Using AI

Despite recent revolutions in both the content and methodology of work at AI, managers have not yet embraced large data and AI to support strategic and operational decision making. However, this attitude is understandable:

1. First, executive knowledge of AI is inadequate, and technological capabilities in strategic business decision-making processes have not been well publicized.

2. Second, although most EPM systems and Business Intelligence tools provide powerful data analytics and visualization capabilities supported by intensive computing processes, they fail to combine Al in a user-friendly way, designed for executives.

3. Thirdly, since many algorithms suffer from black box problems, where there is no explanation as to how the algorithm gets the answer, accountability issues arise for some C-leaders.

4. Fourth, the existence of bias in AI products can not be avoided, because they are human creations.

Advantages of AI

Too often, executives must operate with information that is uncertain, incomplete, and inconsistent. Now, advances in Artificial Intelligence have made the construction of real-world reality-based models and simulations come true. According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, "Basically, there is no institution in the world that can not be improved by machine learning."

In fact, the benefits of using AI in the business decision making process are as follows:
  • A faster decision-making process. The business world is becoming more and faster, showing no signs of slowing down. As a result, the company's ability to speed up the decision-making process is crucial. The main examples of AI use in business are the oil companies and their AI pricing models, which increase their margins by about 5% by changing the price of gas on demand.
  • The machine processes many inputs better than humans. It can not be denied, the machine is better at handling many different factors simultaneously when making complex decisions. They can also process more data at once and use the probability to propose or implement the best decisions.
  • Less fatigue decision. According to some psychological research, when individuals are forced to make some decisions in a short time, the quality of their decisions worsens over time. On the other hand, the algorithm does not suffer from this weakness, helping managers avoid making bad decisions because of fatigue. The reverse is true, in fact - the more the algorithm works, the better it becomes.
  • More original thinking and non-intuitive predictions. Some patterns can not be recognized by humans. This unique insight can have a direct impact on business.
While there are manager concerns about the process and implementation of AI, the technological advantages identified are greater than they are, providing a safer, faster, more complete, and easier decision-making process.

Quadrant and AI Protocols

Quadrant is a Blockchain-based protocol that allows access, creation and distribution of data products and services with originality and originality at the core. This is a blueprint for mapping decentralized data, making it an innovative new data product that has the potential to help businesses and organizations meet their data needs.

The scary and depleting data ecosystem of managers during the decision-making process can be simplified through Quadrant and Smart Data Contract implementation that is simple, predetermined, and secure. These contracts ensure that the data they need and the data they receive for their models are authentic, and delivered on time, with audit trail for proven sources. This will remove major issues for companies in the following ways:
  • Simplify obtaining authentic data from multiple sources
  • Increase the volume and speed of data needed for the model
  • Provide data verification tools for data auditing, protecting companies from fraudulent data
  • Give companies the ability to build the data they receive and make it something better for themselves, or for the entire data economy
In short, according to Accenture's Technology Vision 2017 report,

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting old, overcoming big and small problems by making simple and intelligent interactions. AI will be the company's digital spokesperson. AI becomes a new user interface (UI), which supports how we transact and interact with the system. Seventy-nine percent of business leaders agree that AI will revolutionize the way they obtain information from and interact with customers. "- Accenture Technology Vision 2017

Quadrant envisions itself creating a promising future for the quality, transparency, and authenticity of data received by AI companies, helping them create broad-minded insights and services.

You can expect more updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, join our Telegram channel to receive the latest notice about our project. https://t.me/quadrantprotocol

To find relevant details about the current Quadrant smart contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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