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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

PAYERA - The Most Successful And Most Famous E-commerce Company In Asia

Hello every friend, on this blog I will describe about Payera project, and here is the discussion:

Vision Vision

we are the world's largest crypto user, a place where crypto owners can shop online without worry. We also strive to become a leading global and global crypto platform.


we are, to be our customer's first choice. The place, where you have to buy with crypto. We are committed to doing all our actions economically and environmentally friendly.


PAYERA is based on the concept of the most successful and most famous e-commerce company in Asia, but much easier to handle. Combined with SHOP- & CARDERA, we offer multifunctional solutions that do not yet exist in the crypto market.

The market today offers a diverse payment system, but this is not sufficient for the continents of Asia and other continents and styles.

In an out-of-date fashion, we make transactions through cash payments, bank and remittances that are too time consuming. Imagine you have to be physically in place and leave your assignments at home or at your workplace unattended.

But what if, you can just sit, browse and click on sites on the internet and when you find something interesting and nice to buy, you will only pay it online? Is not that amazing? and really innovative?

This is a major problem why Paymer's platform is considered a realization. Teams with equal ability collect ideas and collaborate to answer the needs of the community when it comes to payment systems.

PAYERA is a store and purse in one, what gives the outstanding prominence among the market payment systems on offer is that it uses the most secure and advanced payment systems technology currently blockchain.

The payera platform will offer an online store that will be called "SHOPERA", where you can find many of your favorite items from upscale gadgets to personal collections, and almost everything the market offers, will likely outweigh the "Lazada". In order to pay you will need cryptocurrency- "PERA" which literally means money in the Philippines, other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and bitcoin may be offered to.

Another advantage offered by Payera is the use of cards that will be named "CARDERA" in this embedded security card platform can be used to pay and melt cryptocurrency-PERA, in a platform that translates to a very safe and very convenient place to shop. experience for everyone.

I'm sure everyone is very excited about the upcoming advertising project. With this innovation can bring the payment system to a new level.



For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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