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Thursday, May 10, 2018

FLUZCOIN - Smart Retail Currency That Meets The Needs Of Traders And Consumers

Salam community, in this Blog I will review about the project Fluzcoin, the latest posts are very interesting and good, and the following discussion:
  • The crypto currency supply is flexible with a deep-rooted appreciation path
  • Hundreds of retail locations already signed up in Latin America to start projected in Q1 2019
  • Novel & patent filed EUNOMIA coin governance system built on last generation JPchgan Quorum blockchain
  • Free-charge transactions for participating retailers generate price benefits for consumers
  • Built by renowned business leaders and developers with long track record in fintech, retail, blockchain, e-commerce, payment and banking
  • Potential coin platform for retailers to build their own loyalty ecosystem
Fluzcoin, as an independent and participative retail coin with foundation-based governance, simultaneously solves four problems cryptocurrency can not solve now: speed, cost, compliance, and excess volatility, thus creating a smart digital currency ready for mass adoption .

Avoiding the downsides of this cryptocurrency and at the same time the lack of currency value increases based on currency, Fluzcoin prevents excessive volatility by creating a self-correction system (US Patent Office pending: 62 / 648.206) where central AI-based rules and algorithms continue- constantly directing Fluzcoin's supply and demand so that the price stated in Fluzcoin is set to take a somewhat stable path.

Given that money demand does not grow simply and linearly, Fluzcoin introduces a steering mechanism that makes and removes coins. These mechanisms in the traditional world of fiat currencies will be directed by the central bank's board of directors; in Fluzcoin they are in the hands of an algorithm, EUNOMIA. It comes with three major advantages: Full Transparency, Price Demand Stabilization, and Dynamic Learning.

The value generated by printing fresh Fluzcoin is given to the Fluzcoin holders; this means that as Fluzcoin's flexible inventory of cryptocurrencies allows holders of Fluzcoin's reward points by collecting more coins without excessive volatility inherent. This is the first coin that effectively allows ordinary consumers to "mine" new coins simply by holding Fluzcoins without the need to engage in hardware infrastructure and technical expertise for mining operations (eg Bitcoin).

Fluzcoin is not tied to certain circumstances of the blockchain technology landscape, therefore the underlying infrastructure does not run the risk of becoming technically obsolete (as in the first generation cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin) over time.

Instead, Fluzcoin is set to evolve and develops its strength and ability to essentially line up with blockchain as a technology. JP Morgan's Quorum Blockchain is Fluzcoin's first choice to achieve its goal while allowing data privacy for retail customers.

Fluzcoin will initially be available through a coin token and on an ongoing basis through issuance to Fluzcoin holders.

In essence, Fluzcoin is a smart retail coin that meets the needs of traders and consumers.

For merchants:
  • No transaction fees
  • Clear Know-your-customer (KYC)
  • With built in conservation the Fluzocin blockchain system is
  • free default risk
  • Merchants can build their own loyal coins on top
  • Fluzcoin system utilizing its mechanism and technology
  • Market Intelligence becomes consumer behavior
  • Immediate availability of funds collected and inward convertibility
  • FIAT currency
For consumers:
  • Prices in Fluzcoin tend to be less than their FIAT counterparts
  • because traders can keep some of it
  • saving their transaction costs on consumers
  • In line with global trends toward mobile payments with no cash
  • Fluzcoin offers consumers the opportunity to build wealth with
  • holding Fluzcoin steadily
  • In stark contrast to the reward program of credit card companies
  • or airlines whose rewards often expire after a certain amount of time,
  • the rewards issued in Fluzcoin are rewarded according to that mechanism
  • described above
In the early stages, Fluzcoin has been attracted from hundreds
the location of the retail store and continue to expand its initial partner offerings.

Another unique advantage to early mass adoption for Fluzcoin is that it increases demand from the first day of the Fluz Fluz cash-back network that gives the name, a rapidly growing online business, which brings not only the demand that stabilizes the initial ascent of Fluzcoin's total marketcap for Fluzcoin but also retailer integration.

With the critical mass of retailers and consumers on the platform, the exciting Fluz Ecosystem will gather its own momentum for the benefit of Fluzcoin holders.

Based on the previous launch experience, the team was comfortable with the following time schedule

Fluzcoin's executive team

Commercial Director

Director of Corporate Development

Director of IT | CEO of Scandiweb

Marketing Director

Product Coordinator

Asian Regional Manager

Manager delivery

Chief of Operations

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The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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