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Saturday, May 12, 2018

BEYOND SEEN SCREEN - New Digital Platform That Allows Video Content Viewers To Obtain Additional Information And Fun

Hello every here I will describe the project Beyond seen screen latest posts very interesting and good, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Beyond Screen (BSS) is a new digital platform that allows viewers of video content to get additional information and entertainment related to the video content they watch in an easy way, without the need to manually search for the information.

It also allows video content owners and marketing agencies to engage viewers of their video content (or their clients) in an innovative new way and provide a personalized viewing experience to users. This allows TV to be a two-way street. This brings new evolutionary steps into the marketing industry - where the video becomes the next generation billboard with additional information hidden beyond what is visible on the screen.

In the summer of 2016 the co-founder of Beyond Seen Screen discusses technologies that will make watching television interactive. The idea stems from the desire for additional information related to the content of the video being watched. Often we want to know more about the actors, producers or stories we watch on TV and to get the information we need to search online manually.

To simplify this process and make watching television more interesting, Beyond Sees Screen has developed a new technology that bridges the gap between the offline nature of television viewing and online desire to get more information related to the content.

How it works

Using the Beyond Screen web app, content providers, such as video production companies, marketing agencies, etc., Can link additional information to their video content and make the additional information layer accessible to content viewers. Content viewers can use the Beyond Seen Screen mobile app to scan videos where they recognize videos and provide information to viewers who have their content providers set up for them.

The Beyond Seen Screen platform infrastructure has been developed and deployed to the cloud. Android mobile apps and administrator / customer portals are also developed and working. Extensive testing has been done in different environments. These tests have proven this technology works for users in the real world. Testing has allowed Beyond Seen Screen to reach the level of technical readiness 7 (TRL 7) in April 2017.

New digital platform
Initially, technology was developed to solve problems for viewers who wanted to get information that was fast and accessible. Through that process Beyond Seen Screen is aware of how the platform can be used to solve the challenges facing broadcasters and marketers.

Broadcasters lose viewers and their revenue due to the increasing use of the second screen and the lack of interactivity between the TV screen and the second screen. Using the Beyond Seen Screen platform, broadcasters can make their programs more immersive, interactive, and engaging to viewers. Providing additional interactivity such as bloopers, interviews, sweepstakes, quizzes, etc., broadcasters can link their programs with the use of a second screen, further attracting users to engage into their channels that will generate additional revenue.

Marketers look for technologies that will enable better permissions marketing and user address capabilities through geolocation and personalization. The Beyond Seen Screen Platform provides that. Additionally, Beyond Seen Screen plans to change the "pay-by-use" payment model by utilizing blockchain technology to help build confidence in platform usage data platforms. Storing data about the use of platforms in blockchain will result in trust in marketers and their clients that the "clicks" and "impressions" provided by the platform are actually happening.

Today's society prefers to use digital technology to shop online. Research shows that viewers of video content search for and purchase products placed on the content they watch. The Beyond Seen Screen Platform is a direct shopping tool that gives viewers direct access to products and services in the content they watch.

Team Beyond Seen Screen
The Beyond Seen Screen team is made up of creative professionals, fans and explorers who take the big step to dream about new inventions and technologies that will improve our lives. The Beyond Seen Screen maps the world's new territory of video content, interactivity and marketing.

Founder of Beyond Seen Screen:

Mario Drevenšek, CEO

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-drevensek/
Mario is an experienced general manager with a strong background in broadcasting industry. He obtained his bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Department of radio communication and electronic professional. Mario also successfully completed the Executive MBA program.

Miroslav Zarić, COO

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miroslavzaric/
Miroslav is a highly motivated professional with extensive skills. His creative leadership and work experience drive the business he works in and show concern for the growth and development of sound business processes. Miroslav encourages quality in supporting clients and keeping their peace of mind.

Krešimir Puljić, CTO

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kresimir-puljic/
Krešimir is an experienced software development leader with a strong background in software development. He has degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science. Krešimir has been providing high performance and scalable software for over 15 years. He has successfully led the team of quality control and software development.

What's next step?
The Beyond Seen Screen team is in the process of preparing for its ICO campaign in order to raise funds that will allow the platform to be fully developed, promote the platform and build a complete business model.

To get more information about our platforms, please visit the following link:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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