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Sunday, May 13, 2018

AQUA INTELLIGENCE - Trusted And Trusted Data Platform Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Salam community, here I will explain a little about Aqua intelligence that can be taken into consideration in observing the latest projects have a unique and good concept, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

AQUA is a decentralized universal consume profile, AQUA Intel is a trusted and trusted data platform for blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to improve efficiency and efficiency efficiency in the hospitality industry. This is power by a token utility, AQX which requires rs to monetizeir data and more.


Hospitality industry vendors rely on frequent data
incomplete and inaccurate when offering products and services to consumers. With Intel AQUA, consumers will be able to provide data input and validate existing data - and can obtain AQX tokens as gifts and payments. With accurate and validated data, vendors can offer more meaningful and personalized offerings to their customers.


AQUA Intel consists of 3 components:
AQUA Mobile: Consumers get tokens to provide feedback, validate existing data and participate in other activities, such as surveys and dinning / hotel reviews. They can also use AQUA to manage their loyalty points across various providers and travel & dinner arrangements. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, consumers can get real-time answers to all UI-related travel conversation questions. They can also share experiences and develop relationships with other members.

AQUA Intel: Profiles will be created based on consumer input from AQUA Mobile and other sources. Loyalty and travel arrangement programs will be facilitated.AI will provide actionable feedback, analysis and suggestions for consumers and vendors. AI can also generate marketable data to meet vendor-specific needs.

AQUA RMS (Revenue Management Service): Using consumer profiles created at Intel and other inputs, such as seasons and events, AQUA helps vendors to provide personalized products and service offerings, and targeted communications. The platform will also help vendors to optimize loyalty programs them via AQX conversion.

The founder of AQUA Intel has decades of experience hotel management and has developed an innovative PMS (Property Management Platform that has been proven to significantly improve the efficiency of hotel operations.) It is currently being implemented in major hotel chains.

The token obtained by the consumer can be used for conversion to a point of loyalty and pay for the par tner s hospitality AQUA service. Al so, AQUA customer friendliness and customers can use AQX and loyalty points to pay for the services offered by AQUA.

  • More about our Token Sales: aquaintel.io
  • For general support t: suppor t@aquaintel.io
  • Question about AQUA PMS: info@aquapms.com
  • This token sales event allows participants to take action
  • to AQUA and receive the AQX token. AQX token will be
  • red requi to utilize AQUA. AQX token is not equity
  • company representation.
  • Pre-sale t star s: Apr il 15, 2018
  • Pre-sale expires: June 1, 2018
  • Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 AQX Token
  • One AQX = USD $ 0.25
Allocation of Token

Use of Funds

Once implemented, AQUA INTELLIGENCE will be the first comprehensive consumer profile system for the hospitality industry. By leveraging the latest blockchain technology, we facilitate consumers to monetize their data through a complete token ecosystem model.

Roadmap Development Platform
Below is a summary of the roadmap we mean. This is subject to change, without notice, and is based on many factors, including current industry climate, competitive landscape shift, market conditions, user demand, and regulatory feedback. This roadmap is meant to illustrate our current plan to apply the technology we stated, as we move to solve problems in the hospitality industry.

Progress to Date 2Q15 - 2Q17:
  • Launched the web and mobile based PMS platform for the hotel industry
  • Currently on trial property in Las Vegas, USA
  • IOS mobile app and web: Refined to V1.1
  • Partnership and integration with major hotel chains
  • Prototype platform based on machine learning PMS
1Q18 & 2Q18:
  • Token White paper release
  • AQX Token Sales
  • Create a working group of internal blockchain developers and ETH community developers
  • Complete our personal blockchain design
  • Begin migrating legacy hotel data into our private blockchain
  • Develop MVP for AQUA Mobile Application
  • Build a management team for AQUA
  • Begin development of AQUA RMS platform
  • Launch the AQUA RMS alpha platform
  • The complete architecture of the data platform by collecting data feeds across web platforms, mobile apps, and other third parties
  • Begin to integrate tokens as monetization mechanisms through blockchain ETH and Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Begin development of data feeds, built on keywords and topics generated from our machine learning algorithms
1Q19 & 2Q19:

  • Token-based platform beta test
  • Partnership and integration of alternative data
  • Network Node Architecture, AI, Machine Learning, and Prediction Model
  • Private Blockchain Beta - Single Shared
  • Private Blockchain Beta - Multi State
2Q19 & 3Q19:

  • Begin development of AI Based Intelligent Assistant
  • Develop an expansion plan for Europe-Asia-Pacific
  • Establish relationships with hospitality and retail partners
  • Launch AQUA Mobile App
  • Build AQUA data center
2020 & More:

  • Expand the AI-based insights and analysis tools, using historical user activity data collected from our client base as a training tool
  • Begin developing AI-based Intelligent Assistant to help identify, store, retrieve, rate, and analyze public information relevant to users
  • Develop a complete range of AQUA Solutions for the hospitality industry
Meet the Aqua Intelligence Team

For more information:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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