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Thursday, April 12, 2018

ZPER - Providing Innovative Capital That Flows Between Investors And Lenders All Over The World

Hello every friend on this Blog I want to review a bit my latest post is very interesting about Zper, a very ambitious future project and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

With technological developments, digital money demand continues to increase day by day. Especially with the rapid growth of Bitcoin, investors are giving more weight to digital money. control of assets in the digital currency trading if necessary to provide brief information on safety and security and say resources are one of the last decades, thanks to a technological movement that contains secure feature cryptography that provides a form of exchange.

There are dozens of crypto money projects every day. This includes high quality projects that have been built by a strong team. I would like to provide you with information about the ZPER platform, a project different from the others I have selected for you today and is a promising project for the future.

This is a decentralized P2P financial credit and investment platform based on chain block technology. The driving force behind the rapid growth of the P2P credit market is a technology that helps to connect directly with investors and borrowers. ZPER countries have the opportunity to achieve high returns by linking borrowers and lenders, regardless of their currency, offering the possibility of borrowing at low interest rates.

This is a blockchain-based decentralization system, in which individuals and companies around the world can participate freely. P2P lenders and robot consultants come together to provide a financial system for the convenience of financing transactions between borrowers and lenders in the globalized world. The goal of the ZPER platform is to provide innovative capital that flows between investors and lenders around the world, using active collaboration from leading consulting firms P2P Finance and Robo.

Zper Platform; investors, borrowers, P2P financiers, robotics advisers, buyers of maturing loans, data providers around the world.

Build a global investment portfolio by taking the support of world-renowned robo consultants around the world. also provides support to investors to provide security by using diversification to reduce the latest ZP technology software platform equipped with algorithms and investment risks. The intelligent ZP platform under contract to prevent the emergence of disputes enables the creation of a fair and transparent investment environment. smart contracts, the role of each participant in the platform, determining the obligations and rights of the investment agreement and enter into force when completed.

ZPER is a ZPR token that complies with the ERC-20 to be used by all participants on the platform. ZPR tacken is used as the currency for investments in P2P credits, for exceptional credit exchanges, for rewards for data providers, for credit repayments and for all other transactions on the platform. At the same time, the ZPR token is used in cash for all stock exchanges, including commissions for NPL buyers.

  • Token Name: ZPR
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total number of tokens: 2,200,000,000 ZPR Leg to
  • number of toe: ZPR
  • Currency received: ETH
  • Hardcap: 48000 ETH
  • Softcap: 5000 ETH
Of tokens, 50 percent are sold for token sales, 22.3 percent for ecosystems, 12 percent for projects and consultants, and 10.7 percent for reserves.

The ZPER team consists of experts with considerable experience, software engineers, research and development specialists, marketing, finance and designers. Team members are listed below.

JB Kim, Jake Lee, Sean Park, George Hahn, SJ Min, Leo Moon, SH Baek, SH Lee, SK Im, JY Min, KS Shin, DY Shin, JH Shin,DY Shin, JH Kim, Melissa Lee, Christine Yoon

I am sharing general information about the ZPER platform with you. As for your own idea, we expect you to participate in promising projects for the future, especially as it consolidates borrowers and lenders by facilitating the financial sector.

For more research on Zper's current smart contracts, please visit some of the important Links below:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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