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Thursday, April 12, 2018

ZPER - Decentralized Ecosystems For P2P Finance

Hello everyone here I will introduce about Zper project, the latest post that can be made into consideration in observing the latest projects that have a unique and interesting concept, for more details let's just direct us to the following discussion:

What is ZPER?

ZPER is a 'decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem using intelligent contract technology. P2P lender companies and leading robo advisers have united to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders around the world.

P2P Financial Alliance

Verified global P2P loan companies, information providers, and robo advisers are part of the ZPER Alliance. The Alliance, which allows participants to freely interact and exchange values, provides a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and lenders.

Cross-border transactions

ZPER connects borrowers and lenders regardless of their country's currency. Lenders reap higher yields, while borrowers receive loans at low interest rates.

Risk Management by Robo-advisor

The internationally recognized Robo-advisor algorithm is a global investment portfolio. The algorithm is then used to reduce investment risk and provide security through investment diversification.


Midrate (CEO of Seung-Hang Jake Lee) is a comprehensive P2P company and president of P2P Korea. The company is involved in areas such as real estate investments and bonds as well as boasts of the industry's best crisis management and technology. The default rate of Midrate (partial or complete redemption delays committed over 30 days or more and less than 90 days) is zero percent indicating that it stays firm in the tone of 'Healthy Heart to Heart Relationships'. The cumulative loan amount is about 10.8 billion won. Midrate will participate in the ZPER ecosystem as a board to facilitate the distribution of funds.

FUNDA (CEO Sean Park) is a P2P company that targets small business owners and self-employed people. Utilizing an Automatically Distributed Safe and Investment plan, it reaches 0% of the investor's loss ratio (investor payments are overdue for more than 90 days from the normal redemption date). The cumulative loan amounts to approximately 31.2 billion won and is considered a leader in the private P2P loan sector. In addition, it has attracted an investment of 2.8 billion won from BC Card, becoming the first domestic P2P finance company to receive investment from major credit card companies. FUNDA will contribute to the development of a stable ecosystem as a council in ZPER.

Olley Funding (CEO JB Kim) is a P2P company that aims to provide practical assistance under the belief that "Together, Valuable Financing". It is possible to secure rationality and efficiency by suggesting the best type of funding for each user through customization technology. We expect Olley to play an important role as a council in ZPER because it has worked with domestic companies that have the best Big Data and Machine Learning technology.

Dana Bersama (CEO of Hang-Joo Kim) is currently the largest and NO.1 company in the mortgage-backed real estate P2P sector (based on data from the Korea P2P Finance Association) with a cumulative loan of around 120 billion won. Because it is secured an investment mortgage loan (basic asset: real estate), it can guarantee both expected return and investment stability. JB Financing takes over the management of deposits and DaeShin Saving Bank and Lotte Insurance join the Dana Bersama as partners to further improve their expertise

Cocktail Funding (CEO Un-Ha Kim) is a P2P investment platform that currently has more than 15.6% of average yield and focuses on "easy investment". But it has high profitability and stability. Under the slogan 'P2P investment made by fund managers', Cocktail Funding continues to expand its cooperation with professional asset managers to strive to secure stability. By having a partnership, SC Saving Bank, Cocktail Funding makes deposits and withdrawals easier and creates an environment where users can invest in products of 10,000 won.

FUNDED (CEO Hyeon-Joong Choi) is a company that focuses on protecting investors using various security measures. They include: FUNDED CARE, a loan credit protection plan developed under professional insurance regulations, and FMC and FSC that protect against real estate and corporate credit failures. They have developed their own Valuable Assessment System from twenty-one credit ratings allowing even more precise loan evaluations and the right variety of customers. They have collaborated with Hanguk University of foreign policy on research in mortgage evaluation models and have patents in 'non-face-to-face' identification technology.

C-So Funding is a company that focuses on a chattel mortgage. They have patents in the technology by which they successfully reduce the risk of value fluctuations in chattel mortgage analysis. They also minimize investor losses through direct management and guarantees on their part.

Pros: fit (CEO Seung-Yong Lee) is a financial investment company that opens a new paradigm of finance and contributes positively to society. They have developed their own new credit scoring system that incorporates the DLS model (Demographic Lifecycle Score) and the US model (App Score). In June 2017, they, for the first time in the industry, made a deal with a law firm that prioritizes the safety of investors as agents who repay loans that are already due and manage the loans. They are known for their actions that strive for a healthier financial environment.

SODIT always strives to maintain the three principles of 'safety', 'profitability' and 'convertibility' to protect their investors. Only after 26 months of foundation, they were recognized from their investors from their three strong principles through an accumulated investment of 64.8 billion won of 66.38% of the reinvestment rate. February 2018, SODIT has been selected by the science and ICT ministry as one of the 3rd K-Global 300 businesses, as a promising company in the field of ICT, along with various support. 'Active Value' is a SODIT service itself that searches for all pertinent information (market prices, estimated prices, auction prices, etc.) from real estate only through its address. This service has been selected as the ministry's R & D project and is currently completed and patented.

Popfunding was the first among Korean lending companies that had launched a small loan service in the system in 2008, after entering into a business partnership with Jeil saving bank in May 2007. Popfunding has been constantly emphasizing to investors about the importance of understanding borrowers and Lending markets , are constantly contemplating in many ways to manage surplus funds more efficiently and relate them more closely to those who are more in need. The team's goal is to contribute to the process of creating a happier world where everyone feels rich. PopFunding fund raising amounts add up to 8 billion USD. They are rewarded as 'best P2P lender 2017'. Their accomplishments represent a new path to the Korean P2P lending market towards cross-border transactions as investors are interested in international business &

Zoomfund, also known as The Zoom Fund Management, is a P2P lending company associated with KTB Network and fully supported by KTB Credit Information, the company responsible for the management of bonds and the collection of Korean Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO) and Korean Deposit Inssurance Corporation (KAMCO) KDIC). Their specialty is in the use of models based on large data from financial information and non-financial transactions of borrowers. They put forward average earnings rate of 12.7%, mischief rate and default rate of 0%.

Mouda is Korea's first specialized P2P loan platform that provides high-quality and credible investment products in the field of medicine. Experts in every area of ​​the medical industry, data analysis, finance, and legal issues come together to provide the highest quality investment products. They are known to build the most suitable products for doctors and other medical practitioners interested in investing.

LoanPoint is a crowdfunding platform that deals with real estate assets, which ensures low risk, safe investments for private investors who have little knowledge of real estate. Actual developers or real estate professionals upload crowdfunding projects and projects that pass the rigorous assessment will be confirmed for fundraising. Only verified assets are accepted here, such as NPL and top real estate purchase capital. To minimize major risks and losses, the team works in strategic partnerships with many business professionals in the field.

Wefunding is a member of the Korean P2P finance association. The company was founded with the dream of bringing real estate investment easier and closer to all, with the help of professionals in finance, IT and real estate. The previous portfolio consisted of more PF loans than those based on tangible assets, but with the depression of the real estate market in Korea, Wefunding has been trying to find more diverse real asset items, such as renovation funds. The results have already shown in the total amount of Wefunding funds has increased, which exceeds 500 million USD and is still rising.

Hello Funding, a member of the Korea P2P Finance Association, is a provider of P2P lending platforms that consider 'stability' a top priority for investments made on its systems. Only asset loans received and audit committees consisting of 7 professionals on and off the field are being run for more specific asset verification and reimbursement funds, which is extraordinary compared to other businesses in the P2P market. The total funds raised exceeded 50 billion KRW (worth 42 million USD) and the average amount of funding per investor reached 21.99 million KRW (worth 18000 USD). Hello Funding is proud to present an average profit of 17.87% with a default rate of 0% since its inception.

Finstreet,under the slogan 'a better P2P loan platform generated in human and technological collaboration', operates in conjunction with a network of various business related fields. Funds for loans come from loan companies Finstreet, NPL partners have good knowledge to conduct real estate valuations. And there's the Finbad bank, which provides risk management services and ensures steady interest rate hikes and advises investors on exit strategies. Finstreet proudly presents for investors an average profit of 16.51% and a 0% failure rate.


XnTree is a technology and project management curator focusing on Fintech, Blockchain, AI, SmartCities, and Robotics. The bespoke program is designed to facilitate soft landing platforms for technology companies wishing to participate in joint projects with corporate and government agencies. XnTree also provides Smart City design consultancy to Government agencies and City Council incorporating core technology effectively.

Chain Partners is a blockchain company builder, the only Korean company invested by InBlockchain. InBlockchain is China's largest blockchain investment company, which has supported global blockchain projects such as Steem, Zcash, Qtum, EOS and Yunbi. Chain Partners is a top professional association of Google, Fast Track Asia, Yellow Mobile, Shinhan Investment Corporation and DS Asset Management. Network Partners launched 'Coinduck' in January 2018, an ethereum payment service that can be used in offline stores. Recently signed MOU with Kyber Network, where Vitalik Buterin works together as an advisor.

FINDA (Hye-Min Lee's CEO, Hong-Min Park) provides comprehensive financial information as a platform, recommending individual financial products to users. The borrower can compare and analyze a variety of products at once, including mortgage loans, loan loans, P2P loans and car loans, and, at the same time, investors can also receive a wide spectrum of information from savings to savings products as well as P2P Investments. With over 7,600 comparable financial instruments, FINDA will play a key role as a strong information board and provider in the ZPER ecosystem.

Korbot is a company that operates a platform for Bitcoin automatic arbitration trading. The app will search for real-time quotes from cryptocurrency and trade them at optimal and profitable times to make a profit, all based on user's records and investment strategies. Starting November 17th, they have provided a solution for Coinlink, the only coin exchange platform to be listed on KOSDAQ. They are currently working on projects related to crowdfunding, and in the long run, on a blockchain-based technology platform.

MOIN is a company that offers an efficient and rational money transfer system. They have equaled the level of security that banks can offer but with faster transfers and lower costs. Founded in March 2016 and after receiving the highest award in the Job Fair Financial Contest in the same year, to be officially licensed as a business for foreign transfer systems, MOIN has grown rapidly to allow transfers to Japan and China. They hope to advance to Southeast Asia and Europe as well.

Coinfirm (CEO Pawel Kuskowski) runs AML on the cryptocurrency market through their own massive data analysis technology in addition to the basic scoring system used in traditional banks. They have developed more than 120 algorithms that accurately classify the type of wallet, and eliminate them that may be used for money laundering, according to the analysis of the transactions. Also, they have developed blockchain solutions such as Trudatum and help many financial institutions adapt to a new era of blockchain.

AinFin (CEO Dr. Jocelyn Braun) is a business related to Level39 that deals with mobile-based financial systems. Even today, unlimited global transactions and free lap time are made possible through the AinFin ecosystem around the world that connects us. They are dreaming of connecting areas that do not have bank accounts and disadvantaged regions around the world through Ainef's simple and efficient mobile financial systems and platforms.

Trustonic is a leading business in the field of mobile security. They provide strong protection for applications, data, and services on devices where their own technology (Trusted Execution Environments - TEE and Root of Trust) is installed. Trustonic is the only company that provides security solutions for device production lines and opens them to service providers, such as application makers. Their technology already protects more than 1.5 billion devices Samsung, LG, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu and Gionee. They also become the technology base of Samsung Knox, Samsung Pay, Alipay and Symantec VIP solutions.

Founded in February 2015, Dayli Financial Group is one of Korea's largest fintech businesses. They envision a future in which they can provide global financial services to make their customers' daily lives as profitable as possible through breakthrough technologies - including AI, blockchain, RoboAdvisor and cryptocurrency technologies - in different financial sectors. They hold a blockchain specialty firm, Theloop, which developed the Coinone cryptocurrency exchange and the global public ICON blockchain, as their subsidiary.

CREDIT-VISION is the latest generation Saas-based financial data platform for banks and investment funds to standardize, combine, and analyze financial data of private companies. Corporate credit is the third largest asset class in the world, and it's also the most secret. CREDITS VISION contextualize this confidential information and unlock the extraordinary value of centralized data across markets, investors, and portfolio managers. They developed their technology with support from the UK Government, which has given the company a grant for technological innovation.

SENTBE is a company specializing in overseas remittance services based on blockchain technology that introduces direct transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat money. This process results in less time taken for remittance (less than a day), with lower transaction costs (up to 90%) than using traditional banking services. It won the grand prize at the Maeil Fintech Awards, selected as a test business to receive grants from the Seoul Metropolitan office, in addition to strategic funding from Stonebridge Capital and Coinone. At the end of March SENTBE announced its plan to advance to the Middle East and Australia markets in connection with another global remittance service provider in Singapore called 'Transfer To'.

ZPER Token (ZPR)


The term publishing
  • ICO Volume
  • ZPR
  • Sales Token
  • 1,100,000,000 ZPR
  • Hardcap
  • 48,000 ETH
  • Softcap
  • 5,000 ETH
  • Currency Accepted
  • ETH
Allocation of Token
  • Sales Token
  • 50%
  • Ecosystems
  • 22.3%
  • Team & Advisor
  • 17%
  • Backup
  • 10.7%


To find relevant details about Zper currently, please follow some resources for the following References:

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