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Thursday, April 5, 2018

TRUEPLAY - B2B Platform With Complex Software Solutions For Online Game Business

Hello every friend, this time I want to explain about Trueplay project, the latest post that has a unique and good concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

TruePlay is a B2B platform with complex software solutions for online gaming businesses. TruePlay is not a gambling service provider. TruePlay only allows licensed gambling companies to access their software

(Software-as-a-service). TruePlay Technology aims to develop online games and make it as legal and transparent as possible from every point of view.

Playing games with honesty control, based on blockchain technology, players can be sure it is impossible to forge match results. Game stats provide an understanding that games do meet the standard world and are not set to lose.

Webmasters, who work with gambling operators around the world, will be confident that traffic is not cut off.Operators and game developers receive a decentralized access structure to their world game content and protection from copying brands and games.

To finance platform development and the introduction of TruePlay tokens, as well as the creation of Jackpot prize funds and financial backups to ensure payment to players, the TruePlay team decides to start token sales. In the token sale process, TruePlay tokens will be sold, and will be used by participating markets for joint payments, that means circulation in gambling and gambling ecosystems.


TruePlay develops technology for the following market players:
Operator - a licensed gambling company that organizes online gambling around the world, manages online casino projects, betting, online poker, online lotteries, etc. Annual revenue from online gambling, according to research, is approximately $ 50 billion by 2017 and is projected at over $ 80 billion by 2021. Online legal gambling in 85 countries.

Currently, TruePlay works with the following operators:
  • PokerDom is one of the leading online poker operators targeting previous CIS countries. Receive TruePlay token.
  • Gamingtec is a platform for creating and running online casinos. Gamingtec launched its first pilot project based
completely on TruePlay technology:https://fairplay.io

Game developers - game creators, game mechanisms, and game math. There are dozens of game providers, players whose content can be seen in almost all online casinos. This is a giant like:
  • NetEnt is one of the most popular and most sought-after game providers in the world. The company's annual report for 2016 shows that NetEnt handles 68k game transactions per minute, generating profits of 149.1 million euros.
  • Microgaming has developed and served more than 450 slots, translated into 45 languages.
  • Evolution Gaming specializes in developing and providing games for live casinos.
  • Spinomenal has developed more than hundreds of HTML5 slots.
Currently, Spinomenal games are integrated into the TruePlay platform

Affiliates are webmasters and affiliate programs, involving players in casinos, betting, poker, and online game multiplayer with paid content or subscription fees. Webmasters withdraw from 10% to 40% of players to website operators and receive a percentage of their revenue

Players - according to analysts, the average annual increase of online gambling audience is about 15-20%.

According to J'son and Partners Consulting, the global online gaming market in 2021 will be nearly $ 130 billion, with an annual growth rate of 5.4%.



Financial fraud
Carding, payments from stolen plastic cards are a long-standing problem for gambling operators

site. Currently more than 33% of operators show this problem in segment (according to

for surveys conducted by CASEXE research departments). The operator is

practically helpless against this type of fraud, because they can not prove the fact of providing services, even if payments are made by the card holder itself.

Fear or reluctance to risk instant payments
Operators can not pay wins to direct players for various reasons. They need time to check documents, legitimize winning and that there is no fraud on that player's part.

Player distrust and the high cost of creating brands
Gaming operators and providers invest huge amounts of money in licensing, build brands and gain trust from players. At the same time, as soon as the brand became popular, soon there was a copy of the existing project turned out to be indistinguishable from the original, but with the math of game changing and problems in paying the victory. Such copies undermine the brand's reputation, selecting the part of the audience that has faced fraud. This player will never again trust the original project.


No fraud
Making a payment through the TruePlay payment gateway ensures the provision of services through blockchain technology. This service is a token registration

TruePlay to TruePlay Wallet balance. For operators, the risk of financial fraud is completely removed.

TruePlay Wallet
TPLAY and other cryptocurrency receipts on their projects through a single protocol via the TruePlay Wallet payment gateway. Simple and multi-function APIs allow you to quickly apply receipts and payments in cryptocurrency to every online project. This will repeatedly expanding the traditional audience and will open access to a large number of new customers.

Reduce costs for KYC / AML
No long, complicated documents are required on every individual project. All procedures are administered by TruePlay.

The introduction of TruePlay CDN, which uses blockchain technology to decentralize resources, enables us to solve problems with game content availability in countries with inadequate or unstable Internet connections, or problematic Internet coverage. We offer solutions for routing and determine the fastest and the closest point of connection with the platform, to achieve stability and continuity of the game process.


Inaction bureaucracy from big game provider companies
The big game providers still do not trust and carefully approach the blockchain
technology and can not meet the needs of operators in expanding their audience to those players, who are accustomed to using cryptocurrency.

Lack of traffic for new operators
New operators should build long-term trust relationships with affiliates, and invest heavily in marketing budgets to get quality traffic for the project.

Young projects and lack of budget for payment
To start as a new operator, significant investment in licensing, marketing, and to the organization of operating activities is required. Therefore, often, new projects do not have enough reserves to pay big wins, expect to earn money first and form the necessary reserves of income.


TruePlay provides backup operators to pay for winnings, and instantly pays any victory on the size of their accounts.Operators may no longer back up the reserves that can be used for marketing and loyalty programs for players.

Affiliate Program
Large volume of targeted traffic. A transparent affiliate program will attract large affiliates it will deliver quality traffic to various projects from Trueplay Market. In addition, we will provide operators with opportunities to exchange players, whose life cycle in certain institutions is exhausted, and receive additional benefits.

The whole world
The lack of project geolocation means that players from all over the world can play, since inputs and withdrawals are made on the TruePlay Token, which can be purchased in whatever form the country where gambling is legal.

Game content
Large volume of high quality content. There will be a game on the platform of the game's world service provider.



Difficulties with large deposits
Players who prefer to play with big bets are faced with various inconveniences when making large payouts. Due to various limitations and bank restrictions and processing companies, they must divide the payment into small amounts, and often provide documentation support for each payment. All this takes time and creates additional costs.

There are no instant payments and difficulties with large winning payouts
Even a large licensed casino operator has no transparency and a protracted payment process. Before making a payment, the casino will require a large number of documents from players, specify in the rule that payments are made within a few days, and not on weekends, and so on, so that the player has a chance to lose his victory during the payment timeout. If a player wants to playing in some casinos, the document verification process should be repeated again and again.Players are not confident to win the market where online casino activity unregulated (called unregulated markets) and no effect of levers in operator casinos.

No access to individual game game stats
Game operators and providers do not fully publish all game statistics, thus reducing players' chance to analyze real games results.


Honesty control system
A unique honesty control system based on blockchain technology allows players to check for the independence of the results of the bet made:

the early generation of a series of rounds before the start of the game while Maintaining a hash in blockchain allows players to ensure unchanged results from player bets.

Authorize with integrated TruePlay login
Trueplay platform provides unified login.After being registered and after completing KYC procedures, the user gets access to all projects of the platform market. There is no need to create and remember different logins for different projects.

Convenient and fast using TPLAY token payments
Deposits in any project are limited only by balancing the player's wallet. Players no longer need to divide payments and make some deals to play with big bets.


Less faith in the outcome of the game
Players have no chance to check the integrity and impartiality of the game results. Nobody gives them such tools. It is widely believed that casinos can change the outcome of the game, for example, depending on the size of the bet, thus forming a successive defeat player. In fact, every gambling has a mathematical expectation of less than 100%, and gives a casino advantage in a long period of time.But even a small percentage of dishonest companies can form negative information field across the industry.

A large number of fake brand games and brands
The problem of existence of popular game copy game providers and even the entire operator of the brand is very acute. Operator and game providers are investing huge amounts of money licensing, building brands and gaining the trust of players. At the same time, as soon as the brand became popular, there was soon a copy of the project that seemed indistinguishable from the original, but with different math games and problems in paying victory. Such copies undermine the brand's reputation, choose the part of the audience that has faced a fraud once, will never again trust the original project. Players themselves lose their money while waiting for a fair play at a casino licensed.

Periodic issues with the availability of content games
Under conditions of poor internet connection, frequent break-up or connection
the carrier server is not available at all.


Instant payment
Winning payments becomes instant, and unlimited. Operators will no longer delay payments for various reasons -The TruePlay Platform ensures ALL payment of wins received during the game from the carrier connected to TruePlay. This will eliminate the need for a long and complicated documentation check of each individual project, for all TruePlay platform players.

Game stats
Full access to game statistics for all time, both for their games, and for all match operators. Players can ensure that stats true and complete, since Trueplay receives directly from the Game Provider, making it impossible for the operator to intervene.

Trueplay CDN
Project availability worldwide with the help of CDN Trueplay solution, highly efficient decentralized content delivery network.



Expand audiences
The main task faced by game providers is to increase turnover with player viewer expansion constant. Currently, as a result of a certain big corporate slowness, the desired player segment playing with cryptocurrency is not completely covered.

Accessibility of game content
The maximum technical accessibility of gaming, especially this applies to areas with poor people or unstable internet connections.

Bureaucratic procedure for major brands
The slowness of major operators in terms of integration of new games.


Expand audiences
The creation of a game currency TruePlay will allow players to make payments in currency cryptoes and play games from various World brands.

Content Distribution Network Trueplay
It allows players to receive content anywhere in the world, even without a good internet connection. Also protects game providers from copying content.

Integrated integration
The operator gets access to the content through one API. Integration with it once, allows the provider to enter a new game without technical operation.


There is no way to control the final of interested players
For affiliates, the operator has always been a "black box" and potentially distorts game and financial statistics, to reduce the amount of reward partner payouts.

Detachment of interested players
Over time, dishonest operators remove affiliate players to affiliates who lead players into the game. For affiliates, whatever players it stops playing. The operator, at the same time, stops rewarding his partner's reward and receives 100% of the profit.

Problems with receiving partner payments
Partner delays and restrictions on payments for any reason.

Full transparency of all player's entire life cycle of Trueplay project. Nothing can replace statistics or publish incomplete earnings data from a player. All transactions are tied to partners from the time of registration and are forever publishing into blockchain. This solution can be used not only in gambling projects, but also in multiplayer online games.

By using smart partner contract rewards always paid full and on time.

The maximum content availability around the world will maximize earnings from affiliates, and increase conversion rates that were previously difficult to achieve.


TruePlay Wallet is the ecosystem shell and token storage for its participants. After signing in TruePlay Wallet, users are given instant access to all projects connected to the TruePlay platform. Clients undergo KYC procedures and no longer need to send their data to any project where he or she wants to play.

All shared payments are made using Ethereum TruePlay token, which is an integrated game currency for the TruePlay ecosystem and complies with the ERC20 standard.

The introduction of integrated game currency allows full transparency insurance from all settlements between all ecosystem participants (players, operators, game providers, webmasters).

Game statistics and verification of game data received by the Operator from the Game Provider

In order to verify a payment made by TruePlay over the Carrier, the platform must ensure that the requested payment from the Carrier is not based on data fabricated by it. Because all payments are in

transparent platform, the only place for fraud is the Operator itself, which can change the player account regardless of the amount, justifying the player's victory in the external game provider.

The proposed scheme allows a solution to this problem.

As a rule, connections from external game providers to carriers are made according to the SeamlessWallet Scheme, where the amount on the player account is not transferred to the game provider, but requested by the game provider from the operator for each gaming session.

During the game there is a continuous stream of game events from game providers to operators, according to where the operator updates the player's account status (bets / wins / refunds, etc.).

Participate as a proxy between game providers and carriers, the TruePlay platform will publish full or combined game statistics for each gaming session in TruePlayBlockchain, thus providing the possibility of full verification of the victory.

The same information will be used by any platform service requiring that data (affiliate program services, ratings, tournaments, lotteries), downloading it from TruePlayBlockchain.

To neutralize the impact on Operator performance, the proxy will have the highest reliability and availability. To achieve the required level of reliability, cloud technology will be applied. The number of servers processing traffic will change dynamically, adapt to performance requirements.

TruePlay offers to increase the speed of the game, leaving all game transaction logic on the server platform (offchain), and blockchain to be used as a FairPlay system, just publish hashes from a series of previous game rounds made to players.

This approach, unlike the approach suggested in other projects in one form or another with releases in blockchain with the original RNG or seed mechanism, enables:

Players are easy to understand the FairPlay model of the game
Use proven methods to generate random numbers on the platform
To undo the possibility of malefactors interference with the work of RNG

The security of the platform is guaranteed by the inability to reverse the cryptographic hash of the series (unlikely to get the series itself in time that can
received from the hash) and conservation data in the blockchain will not allow the company to manipulate the outcome of the match.

This set of solutions makes it possible to get the highest speed of the game, guaranteeing the player a rounded independence of the stakes and using certified industry standards.

The principle of honesty control:
RNG *, certified in accordance with GLI-19 standard, make for players who actually finished a series of game rounds for the given game.

The series really takes shape in 1 step and does not change later.Representations can easily occur understood by the player. For roulette,for example, this is line 0; 23; 17; 35; 11; 11; 0; ...; 1, equipped with block data services for security purposes.

The series is stored in Encrypted Storage

Extract Blockchain Publisher series from Encryption Save and calculate the hash Hs.

Blockchain publishers publish transactions in blockchain with hashes including the Hs series.

The transaction is stated in front of the block, the commission is charged only once.

Players can view hashes from Hs series and links to external services
to view transactions (for example, Etherscan in the Ethereum case), where he can confirm that hashes are fixed on the block and can not be changed by the platform.

Spherical with Round Game Engine retrieve serial data from Encrypted Storage during game, based on its pay per round.

Players make bets, see the results of laps and received victory.

At the end of the series, a complete series of information is taken from Encrypted Storage, and becomes available for players to verify.

The player calculates the hash of the supplied series and verifies that the hash corresponds to the value it receives step 7 before he starts betting. This means the platform does not change the results of the round, depending on the bet.

A series of rounds are stored in platforms only in encrypted storage and never stored or transmitted publicly. For encryption, recognized industry standards (AES-256 and better) are used. All data is transferred between storage and protected platforms at the network level using SSL.


TruePlay will use TruePlayBC for the following purposes:
  • High-speed financial transactions - deposits and payments, payments to partners and traders,
  • payment between carriers and game providers, etc.
  • Publish and download complete and aggregated data from game providers to verify platform payments.
  • Publish and download data for affiliate programs, including showcase, transfer, registration, players
  • bindings, statistics and SmartContracts for partner payments.
  • Publish, verify, route, and distribute content delivery for the TruePlayAPK system.
Everyone, including operators, game providers, partners, and individual users can participate in TruePlayBC.

In order for anyone to access the required information, without loading large volume data, TruePlayBC will have a hierarchical structure, sharing, binding and verifying sidechains into a coherent tree structure according to the application field. Game data (rounds, checksum series and statistics) will be separated from financial and data transactions for affiliate programs (display-transitions-registration).

It will allow to flexibly measure the system, reach the indicator specified in terms of performance and cost transaction. The choice of consensus mechanism will correlate with the specific tasks of sidechains.

Linking the main chains (anchoring) to the main blockchain (non-reversible Blockchain like Bitcoin) will ensure the overall system integrity and improbability of fraud by the participants of the platform after its publication.

To find more detailed information on the current Trueplay smart contracts, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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