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Friday, April 6, 2018

SMARTCONTAINERS - Swiss-Based High Technology Company Which Provides the Most Secure Temperature Controlled Containers

Hello everyone here I will explain about Smartcontainers project, the latest post that has a unique and good concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About Us
Smart Containers Group is a high-tech company based in Switzerland that provides the safest temperature controlled containers to transport sensitive pharmaceutical and food items around the world. Our goal is to transport sensitive items safely and make sure no one has ever received a compromised product. The unique combination of cutting-edge hardware, highly efficient software and unique services has made Smart Containers Group a fast growing service provider and a very attractive investment object.

Smart Containers combines cutting-edge container technology and IoT sensors that are integrated into the logistics ecosystem. All in blockchain. We are preparing ICO.

Containers are essential for transporting temperature sensitive items such as food and medicines as they protect against harmful temperatures and moisture In pharmacy, this means safe drug travel from factory to patient In food, this translates into fresh produce from farm to table Through SkyCell, Smart Containers has become no. 4 players in the global pharmaceutical transport B2B market in less than 4 years SkyCell enters the immediate market to patients, significantly larger and driven by patient needs Smart Containers has recently entered the food transport room and launched with a leading partner in Europe by 2018 .

"An established process often results in the inefficiencies we receive. And of course everyone knows the change is painful. But in Smart Containers, we see things differently. Change is the only way to improve. We think that every process should not only be optimized but redefined and redesigned. Logistics is currently very centralized. This is very inefficient. So many miles are wasted to the big warehouse. "

"By using blockchain technology, we can decentralize logistics and create an autonomous container - container 4.0. This container will know who hired it, when the contract expired and when it will collect the customer. That's why we created the LOGI CHAIN ​​platform. This allows us to create a seamless and fully integrated digital logistics process that everyone can use for free. "

Purpose of LOGI CHAIN
  • Eliminate paper and disconnected information such as emails from the submission process 
  • Automate billing across the supply chain and reduce transaction costs by accepting cryptocurrency as payment 
  • Providing services to the entire logistics community, including logistics players, airlines, sea freight companies, customs brokers and more 
Our current focus is to connect the best containers in its class to our sophisticated LOGI CHAIN ​​platform to showcase the future of logistics.

Automatic Container Tool 4.0

More than 50 years of human research and development are poured into creating highly efficient and unprecedented insulation solutions. This cutting-edge technology reflects maximum radiation while minimizing heat conduction. It is the most patented insulation technology patent on the market.

Autonomous container 4.0
Our vision is to create Container 4.0 - the best smart container that protects temperature sensitive items while managing itself independently. We already have the highest performance containers on the market thanks to our state-of-the-art insulation and cooling technology, but now we want to make it better.

Barrier of temperature
Our ingenious R & D team creates an entirely new cooling technology that stores five times more energy than traditional methods, keeping containers at a stable temperature. All containers based on SMART CONTAINERS technology are automatically recharged in cold storage or refrigerated trucks without any manual input. No errors can be made because all parts are integrated and fixed.

Smart Containers
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zurich
Telephone: +41 44 512 13 35

Company Domicile
Smart Containers
Leimatt A
6317 Oberwil bei Zug

Where are we today?

Leading container provider technology 
  • Built on a strong technology foundation with over 50 years of research and nearly 100 patents 
  • 75x is more reliable than the current market leader with a temperature deviation of less than 0.1% 
  • Integrated IoT sensor based on blockchain (IoT's largest container fleet in the air to date) 
Where are we going tomorrow?

Logistics ecosystem - LOGI CHAIN 
  • Open the ecosystem with most of the functions available free to all logistics companies and users 
  • Additional services (payments, insurance, etc.) Provided through partners, with LOGI coin used as payment 
  • A fully autonomous and autonomous intelligent container solution for paperless logistics 
  • Two fast-growing companies with strong market applications


To find relevant details about the current cercas smartcontainers contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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