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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SKYLLZ - Creating a Human Skills Assessment Platform

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Innovation in blockchain has evolved in many ways. That, now, has affected most of the public sector directly from games and banking to social networking. Developers are constantly thinking of something or something else. Skyllz (pronounced like a skill) is a Ethereum blockchain-based project that aims to create a human skills assessment platform. We live in a fast-paced society that demands fast skilled labor. There are hundreds of companies out there who need talented individuals. But due to a lack of resources and networking, it is not always possible to get the best fit for your job vacancy and get the most appropriate job for your skills.

What is skyllz?
Skyllz in an open-source cross-platform application that has developed an integrated protocol for assessing and more importantly, validating, human skills. The platform aims to drive more users to increase their range of skills to get better profiles and thus, better opportunities.

The past few years have seen great growth in terms of technological advancements and software that have spawned new jobs like freelancing. However, there is rarely an increase in the school curriculum to accommodate these new advances that are increasingly encouraging people to do e-learning and training camps. Given that a platform that can assess all these 'not calculated' skills for users will certainly give them better moral drive and a better chance of getting the job done.

"At Workkola, we want to change the way talents gain access to jobs and jobs get access to talent."

Skyllz itself is an extension of the workkola platform, which has managed to work for over two years as a platform for talent branding. Talent branding is an online replacement for CV with a human-centered metric, validation, and endosment system based on hard & soft skills. Thereby assisting those skilled digitally to put up their skills to be employed in the market and assisting the hiring company to pick up talented individuals.

Taking the workkola one step further, the Team now plans to create a distributed platform SDP - Skyllz. Which, decentralized, transparent and thus reliable, aims to integrate online networks such as e-learning platforms into the 'Touchpoint Skills' application that their users can use. The platform will also assess and validate user skills efficiently.

Toll details and Skyllz ICO
Located in the Ethereum blockchain, this platform has its own tokens ERC20 tokens. SKT will be used by the user to perform all sorts of transactions through other platforms and destinations such as - obtaining skills, validation and certification on the Skyllz platform or Stapp network.

Pre-sales for ICO are scheduled in February and March. As many as 80 million tokens will be sold and there is an early bird price for the initial investor. 1 Ethereum worth 40,000 SKT.

Team Skyllz's idea of ​​building a trusted transparent skill assessment platform is unique and can see great growth. There are millions of companies waiting to hire the perfect person and billions of unemployed people. Platforms like Skylls not only increase the chances of getting jobs to talented people, but this platform will also motivate users to develop new skills and try one of the Stapps. Companies that wait to hire good people for a post can look for someone from millions of people who fit the job requirements thereby creating a win-win situation for everyone in the market.

Will this be a good investment? It's for investors to decide. Investment can be useful if the platform grows in the future and considering the current situation and the exclusive idea of ​​Team platform can grow exponentially. As mentioned above the workkola platform has been working for over two years so it is a guarantee of team credibility and endless efforts to make apps very easy. Again, much depends on how the results are in the future and the income of ICO.

For more research on Skyllz at this time, please follow some important Links below:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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