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Friday, April 6, 2018

SKYLLZ - Aiming To Change The Way of Transferred Expertise

Hello everyone here I will explain about the Skyllz project, the latest posts are very interesting to see and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

In a global and connected world, with lots of information available, as an important professional to stand out from the crowd. The same technique applied to corporate marketing, should be adopted for personal branding. As individuals, just as for organizations, we need to identify the core values ​​and strengths of our points to market them; we need to promote our talents.

Talent Branding is a methodology that focuses on the application of branding techniques to individuals, by increasing their talents. Being a personal asset, our talents must be measurable, through reliable metrics.

Our mission at Skyllz is to provide everyone with a powerful tool to build a strong, portable and reliable online reputation, thanks to the Proof-of-Skill protocol, via a decentralized platform. Proof-of-Skill represents a reputation associated with each specific skill possessed by the individual; it's cumulative, with skills listed as annotations in Ethereum Blockchain. This protocol unifies and tracks any validation of any skills acquired, enhanced, or applied across platform applications, through smart contracts, thanks to a Blockchain-based decentralized database that stores sequential action records.

Proof-of-Skill as a concept has the following basic features:
  • Openly accessible to anyone on the platform and outside the platform
  • Be trustworthy. A common set of rules, standards and processes ensures that everyone gets the same opportunity under the same methodology, which believes the trust of the platform (application) to the validation protocol (Skyllz)
  • It does not change, because nothing can damage it.
  • Trackable and shareable, and portable across apps.
Blockchain technology provides all of these features, since decentralized structures allow users to share and track actions, without the possibility of data changes, because blocks are encrypted and can not be repeated by definition. To develop the best Proof-of-skill concept, Skyllz benefits from the Ethereum platform, which enables smart contract implementation.

Smart contracts help users exchange any valuable information in a transparent, conflict-free manner while avoiding third-party fraud and / or interference. The smart contract clearly defines the rules and penalties around the execution of the agreement (the same as the traditional contract), with the extraordinary advantage of enforcing obligations automatically. Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts are the perfect system for reliable validation, assessment and deployment of skills, where it is possible to track progress and improvement.

The Skyllz Distributed Platform is based on the principle that all individuals are unique and have valuable talents to take to the ecosystem.For this reason, only outstanding achievements should be considered to build a user's reputation. When executing a smart contract, only positive performance is annotated on Blockchain. The set of skills that are taken into account when processing this Proof-of-Skill then represents the best talents of an individual.

This model reflects a base that supports any branding strategy applied to the company: highlighting power points, to compete in the marketplace, by offering unique services. In the same way, every individual needs to show his or her best ability.

Skyllz helps individuals develop and display their value propositions.

How can you display it in a portable, reliable, accessible, and lasting way?
Through a system that is distributed (then globally), secure and portable, Skyllz provides a new concept of reputation. The proof-of-skill is meant to replace the resume, responding to the lack of solutions in Talent Branding, as it will group the key factors of the digital age, such as:
  • Our data. Our reputation. Accessible for free (it seems easy enough but not always)
  • Just showcase our talents
  • Recognized for a special skill set: Our Unique Talent Combination (UCT)
  • Add value to our personal brand, our Talent Brand, every time we succeed in an accomplishment
To find relevant details about the current skyllz smart contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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