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Thursday, April 19, 2018

PEP NETWORK - The First Blockchain Render Protocol For The Content Market That Can Be Realized

Hello all here I will explain about the Pep network project, the latest post that can be made in consideration in observing the Pep network project that has a clear and interesting concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Revolutionizing Digital Emotions
The First Blockchain Render Protocol for Embedded Content Markets.
Now, anyone can get PEP by hiring computing power even on smart phones.

Trusted by Thousands

Top Innovative Startup 2018

The Best Enhanced Communication Application 2017 '

Patents issued
in 3D Tech

The inner leader

Vision of PEP Network
The vision of PEP Network is to present visually rich, emotionally appealing and runtime rich content that pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content. Animojis, Live Stickers & Camera Lens AR is happening right now. The existing content market does not have the ability to personalize and close and get stuck with an outdated business model with an unfair economy for Creators, Consumers & Developers.

PEP Network brings new standards to the industry, transforming existing business models into stronger, transparent, measurable markets. This is only possible because of our innovations around Blockchain, AI and Distributed Rendering.

PEP Network brings together Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Farmers in a collaborative and profitable content economy. Enriched with distributed rendering protocols based on new chains, PEP Network will revolutionize the Personalized Content Economy.

Introducing the Blockchain Render Protocol
PEP Network introduces new blockchain-based protocols for all rendering and compute needs. What is revolutionary is that anyone with any amount of computational backup power can now become a render farmer in PEP Network & produce. That means that rendering farming is now possible even if you have a mid-high end smartphone, not necessarily a high-end server. Farmer rendering forms the core of PEP Network, keeping personalized rendering costs in real time low.

Innovative technology

Why Blockchain

No Middleman
Without commission, transfer full value to artist & developer Transfer value through
Blockchain guarantees no loss

Copyright Storage
All details of the content and details of the exchange are stored indefinitely in blockchain.

Render Farm
Distributed rendering capabilities using millions of idle CPU & GPU for efficient renumerative rendering and tracking of blockchain

Global Reach
Eco-system content is decentralized, where artists create, develop developers & users express

Funds allocated transparently in accordance with pre-determined agreements

The smart contract model ensures the token is transferred to the influencer once the task is completed



Token Sales Details
  • Hard Cap: $ 30 million (including pre sale)
  • Payment method: BTC, ETH
  • Total amount of Pep: 600,000,000
  • Percentage of Pep for Pre-Sales: 50% or 300,000,000
Sales Stages
  • Pre Sale WhiteList
  • May 15, 18 '
  • to 17 May 18 '
  • Public Sales
  • 30 May 18 '
  • to 30 June 18 '

Meet Team

To find relevant details about Pep network today, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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