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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NAUTICUS - Banking And ECommerce Better Using Blockchain Technology

Hello everyone here I will explain my latest post about Nauticus project, which can be taken into consideration in observing the latest project that has a unique and good concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Better banking and eCommerce use blockchain technology Nauticus provides user-friendly, efficient and secure e-commerce crypto banking, payment and eCommerce solutions using blockchain technology, powered by Nauticus Coin. Nauticus crypto and fiat exchanges open mid 2018.

Crypto and Fiat Currency Exchange

High liquidity exchange with low transaction costs One million transactions per second Wallets and mobile apps allow global access


Crypto and Fiat International Currency Exchange

Launch mid 2018
  • The exchange will be the basic platform for Nauticus banking and eCommerce solutions 
  • Immediate trading of Nauticus Coins with 100 crypto currency and seven currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, ZAR, CNY) 
  • Scheduled to expand to over 300 crypto and 16 fiat currencies when transaction volume allows 
  • State-of-the-art security systems and with low exchange rates and costs (as little as 0.1 percent) 
  • Low exchange rates and costs (as little as 0.1 percent) 
  • Supports one million transactions per second 
  • Integrated with Nauticus Wallet and mobile apps 
  • Size of advanced security systems include double encryption, two factors and biometric authentication 
  • Simplified interface options for new crypto investors 
  • Sophisticated interface for active merchants with the ability to design robots for automated trading 
  • Only 170 competitors worldwide and over 100,000 new users sign up to exchange every day 

Blockchain Mining Center

Providing server capacity for Nauticus users Enabling faster and cheaper transactions Utilizing renewable energy


Blockchain Mining Center

  • Provides enormous server capacity for Nauticus users 
  • Allows faster and cheaper transactions 
  • Generating revenues of up to $ 59 million every year 
  • Support infrastructure in developing countries 
  • Partnership with local government for sustainability and economic growth 
  • Revenue is reinvested to support further business development 
  • Energy efficient using Antminer S9 model 
ECommerce worldwide

Very low market costs Fast and secure mobile payment and application system Detailed ranking and accountability system


ECommerce platform worldwide

  • The market cost is very low 
  • Various goods and services 
  • Supported by Nauticus Coin 
  • Receive all crypto currency and major currencies 
  • Instant and secure payment system 
  • Easy-to-use mobile app 
  • Supported by Nauticus Exchange, wallet and payment system 
  • The standard cost will be about 3 percent 
  • Costs as low as 0.1 percent for users with the best reviews 
  • Free deals under the Nauticus Rewards program 
  • Verify the supply chain chain to encourage ethical consumption 
  • Detailed ranking and accountability system 
  • KYC users 
  • One million users are projected by mid 2020 
  • Revenue up to $ 13.7 million USD per year 
Merchant's Payment Platform

Instant payment payments Ultra low cost down to 0.1 percent Payments touch through NFC, QR, ApplePay, and AndroidPay


Merchant payment platform

  • Easy to use, low cost solutions for businesses of all sizes 
  • Contactless Point of Sale payment through NFC, QR, ApplePay and AndroidPay 
  • Merchants can accept the currency they choose (crypto or fiat) 
  • Pay off instantly instead of weekly or monthly payments 
  • Businesses can apply to existing digital storefronts or the Nauticus Marketplace 
  • Analytics support for companies and governments 
  • Integrated with mobile apps and Nauticus Exchange 
  • Transfer funds to banks, suppliers, family and friends 
KYC Global Verification

Secure and unique identity verification User controlled data and credit information sharing Transparent records of access events


KYC Global Verification

  • Nauticus to become a global leader in Know Your Customer (KYC) verification 
  • Single verification and Nauticus will provide your data to the company on request 
  • Users have full control over information and data sharing through the use of biometric authorizations 
  • KYC prevents theft, money laundering 
  • Secure and unique identity verification 
  • Transparent note of access activity 
  • Free to users with over 1000 Coins under Nauticus Rewards. 
  • No user information is provided to third parties without authorization 
  • Includes a global credit scoring system 

ICO Gateway

Resources and support for new ICO List of new coins on Nauticus Exchange
Transparent note of access activity


ICO Gateway

  • Setting resources for the new ICO 
  • Template and code of Information Technology 
  • Financial and legal aid 
  • Consultant specializing in marketing, media and HR 
  • Launch of ICO list and seal of approval quality 
  • Develop a comprehensive code of conduct requirements 
  • Support the blockchain community and protect investors 

Our team

For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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