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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

MUSKCOIN - New Investment Platform and Block-Based Investment Platform Decentralized

Hello everyone here I will describe the Muskcoin project, and here are the reviews:

There are thousands of unencrypted money records according to Coinmarketcap. Most of them are inactive and they do a great job just in terms of palm development. The reason for the high popularity of cryptocurrency is that it is doing world techonologic revolution so fast. It also triggers revolution and symptematic change besides technological developments.Cyrptocurrency is an important part of this rapid change. Now, while dozens of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) happen every month, hundreds of cyrptocurrencies continue to be traded on the coin stock market thanks to coin demand. Cyrptocurrency has gone through an impenetrable development process in the last 3-4 years and continues to cause changes in the monetary system. The Musk Project aims to play an important role in the world of cryptocurrency in a consistent and useful way to operate with its own block chain.

What is Musk Coin?
Mush Coin, is a new investment platform and investment platform based on decentralized block, high technology, allowing to do transaction with its opportunity without load transfer cost established on behalf of Project Musk.Musk Project began to be developed with its own block chain technology with its slogan "I am not a hero super, I am a super cryptocurrency "in 2017 and set out to be the future of future cryptocurrency. In addition, the Musk Project that has been open to new ideas and projects over the years will be able to discover new ideas and new viewers thanks to this project. It's also made for easy use by shop owners, online shopping sites and other platforms by selecting experienced developers, innovators and teams.

Musk Coin (MSK) produced in limited quantities also allows the creation of tokens. It makes all transactions transiently on P2P applications using its own block chain by an experienced developer. In addition, the API platform is created for Musk entities and other party applications. with the concept of entrepreneurship before the concept of angel investors.In addition to being a term used for a long time, entrepreneurship has come to the present growing.But, it is difficult to define what is entrepreneurship with an explicit line.

Most people say that it comes to mind when they hear or see a new idea. The difference of the entrepreneur is that of practicing it at the same time. Then, we can define an enterpreur as a person who establishes a trading business by determining needs and making it a business idea and taking risk. If so, does it become an entrepreneur if there are people and ideas that place themselves in the market? At this point, we should mention the small line between enterprize and entrepreneurship.

Who is the businessman?
Entrepreneurs are those who have dreams, who can take risks and set up by observing opportunities and who have the necessary knowledge and skills. When it comes to entering, the questions are put forward immediately before coming to mind. To plunge into the market without any plan makes it difficult to survive in market it.The idea is related to enterprize.

Who is an angel investor?
An angel investor can be anyone or a platform generally with enough finance. You have an idea that has never been heard before or you want to evaluate the project by putting a new point of view for it. You set the course for your idea, your presentation is ready.You trust in the project You and do not hesitate to second if successful or not.The only missing part is finding something that will give you financial support.At this point, angel investors step in.Investor angels provide funds for businesses to grow and become bigger by investing on a business opportunity that is at start-up level. In other words, they are special investors who provide funds for companies that have high risk or high development potential at the start of their foundation.

In addition, they buy stocks according to their investment amount, they generally suggest individual support and consultation. Together with financial, economic, personal reasons social factors influence investment decisions. The angel investor who sees no harm in adding their insight into the decision process preferring to be part of the enterprize until examining this investment.

Increased network of angel investors and the laws enacted in this field lately are quite promising. Working in a network has great importance to move ahead faster than your competitors. Among the basic features of this network is sharing ideas and information, getting help, meet people and set up connections in between, make connections without any benefit and be able to maintain this relationship.

Make your idea come true with Musk!
Musk is a nonconcentral blockchain platform that devotes itself to new ideas and projects and provides individuals and foundations to present their project bids. The Artist project evaluates incoming ideas and projects and eliminates the inappropriate and targeted potential users who are considered profitable. there are certain targeted ideas or limits.As seen in our peeps, this will support any seemingly impossible idea or project and will donate the future of the world with the concept of "nothing is impossible".

Why Musk Coin?
I have to say that 90% of tokens made in the world of cryptocurrency are completely fake. Because, as you can see, is a bit of marketing. Even tokens that serve the technology can not get around $ 40,000-50,000 by using simple and hopeful marketing tips. When we look in the past, there are many coins and tokens that are broken (so to say, scams). This is somehow a piece of cake to realize if coins or tokens are made fake or not but people who do not know what a blockchain is, see cryptocracy as a gamble and investing with the idea of ​​"what if it happens" is generally the party losing money (fraud).

Therefore, Musk's objective is to select the proffessional project procurement team and the projects presented and collect them under one roof. The Project Mk defines the appropriate projects for the target and its suport. Other projects that win heat qualification but are not suitable for the target are presented to the community and angel investors. The projects presented are invested at the conclusion of smart contracts and specific agreements and are put into practice.

What are the features of Musk?
Among the most important features of Musk comes performance and security.As you know, the most important factor in any field of money transactions there is security.So Musk Project is targeted to create a system that can perform thousands of transactions in seconds without any problems and an experienced team in security and team mates who revolutionized this and it succeeded. In addition, Tim Musk who removed the jaw transfer fee offered the opportunity to make transactions as a no-load transfer.The Musk Project prioritizes ease of use and simplicity of setting up an easy WPRAPPER API fpr developer and other platforms.
  • Base blockhain noncentral own
  • High performance with high technology
  • The opportunity of thousands of transactions in one second
  • The API platform commissions free fees for other services
  • Pictographic user interface sync with all browsers
  • Her own online wallet with simple usage for trade
What is the function of the system?
Musk Coin benefits RSA fronm algorithm when creating wallet. Your private and confidential Musk passwords are infected RSA keys encrypted with base64. When you log in to system, base64 data will be destroyed and verify if your key match or not. If your key matches, reach the wallet interface and you can make transactions fast, easy, and no load.

What is RSA algorthym?
RSA, is a technique of encryption based on the difficulty of transacting with integers that are too large. Alogoryme is named after the first letter of developers named Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, first and last name.

This is an asymmetric encryption algorythm. Instead of using just one key as in encryption, two keys used one of them are private key and the other is public key. The level of reliability in proportion with excellence is prime number used in encryption.

It's possible to create authentication with digital signatures and share secure data especially in systems with multiple users.The numerical superiority of the key to be used is also important for high speeds other than system reliability. The necesaary superiority to achieve a sufficiently reliable level is determined by using Eliptical Curve Coding algorythm (ECC).

Symmetric encoding makes the shared private key important for those who are taking coded data to decode it. But there is no need to share private keys because RSA is an asymmetric encoding system. The user's private key does not need to be stored. This frees the system of large storage loads. Because it is difficult to transact with large numbers, it is a password decrypting technique with extreme reliability.

The Difference Between Cryptocurrency Coins And Tokens (for those who do not know and insist on commenting)

For most of those new to cryptocurrency, it is very difficult to understand the difference between a cryptocurrency coin and a token. The terms 'coins' and 'tokens' are confusing and interpreted differently by different individuals.

Coins and Tokens
Coin is Cryptocurrency which operates independently from other platforms. For eg.Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin.Token is a cryptocurrency that requires another platform, such as Ethereum, to exist and operate. For eg.OmiseGo, Golem, TenX, Tether & Gas.

There are many tokens built on Ethereum platforms like Augur, Status, Golem, OmiseGO, TenX & Kyber Network.Ethereum is not the only platform out there. There are a number of other platforms available, for Token to be built on, ie Nxt , Omni, NEO, Waves, Qtum, Counterparty, Bitshares, Ubiq & Burst.

Coins and Tokens Categorized in Coinmarketcap
If we look at coinmarketcap, a website that tracks all crypto currencies in the world, we will find that they have classified cryptocurrency in two groups, Coins and Tokens. In the Token category, there is an additional column called a platform to identify the platform used to build tokens.

Simply summarize, Coins are self-contained cryptocurrencies that do not require another platform to run, while Token is actually built in other platforms and they are on that platform.

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