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Friday, April 6, 2018

MEGATRON - The Strong Cryptocurrency Technologies Platform In The World

Greetings community,

Nowadays when people say "Big Financial Revolution" they definitely refer to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Bitcoin. These concepts have shocked the world with cutting-edge approaches and many benefits. If you are unsure, you should know that the cryptocurrency market capital increases rapidly every second.

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. Cryptocurrency lives online and is not controlled by any company or government. They also have higher monetary values ​​than traditional currencies: Bitcoin prices have doubled in a month and rose 180% since the beginning of 2017 due to increased demand for cryptocurrency worldwide.

What is the MEGATRON Platform?
MEGATRON is a leading blockchain for the next generation that uses decentralized cryptocurrency that runs on the most secure and open source blockchain technology Ethereum. It connects Ethereum miners around the world, entrepreneurs, and people together.

MEGATRON will work exclusively for miners, traders, investors, communities around the world to ensure a safe and flexible Business Environment. Megatron's Pltaform goal is to make the digital currency capital market more transparent, open, and connected by developing the mining communities of ethereum and mining tools available.

To increase the Ethereum mining community worldwide and make it easier and reliable for all Ethereum users. In accordance with the registration record of coinmarketcap until now 587+ Token circulating in crypto market. And there are 95% of them using the Ethereum blockchain technology. So basically we understand the demand for ethereum mining.

To provide the latest mining equipment and technologies for the worldwide ethereum mining community and individual miners. By following these steps we hope that in a short time we will be able to make Ethereum mining more popular and profitable. We believe once we form a great community, our MEGATRON token price will increase quickly and every MEGATRON holder and merchant will benefit greatly from our project.

Megatron also aims to increase our token (MEGATRON) to be used as fiat money and received as a top 10 Cryptocurrency list at coinmarketcap.com within 1 year. Just as you know that we are connected with professional miners and merchants around the world, we will soon reach the target.

Blockchain technology is the foundation of MEGATRON and is the next "Cryptocurrency Revolution". Blockchain technology is a digital book system that allows transacton done with complete accuracy because it is a blend of cryptographic systems and databases between users (P2P) computers. The combination of this technology leads to an irreversible and irreversible digital book system, which means that transactions can not be tampered with when they are signed and transferred. The transaction becomes final and there is no double spend.

Cryptography is used to encrypt messages on a digital ledger, but is significantly used to sign transactions by users and to prove these transactons. Decentralized Blockchain and P2P realms mean that digital books eliminate the need for data centers and disaster recovery centers (DRCs) that overshadow the core system. The end result is that the digital ledger will always be up and running.

MEGATRON will launch the world's best wallet for its users. The wallet will be available on Windows and MAC as well as mobile apps that you can download from the App store (for iOS devices) or from PlayStore (for Android devices). Megatron Wallet will give you the opportunity to manage your money, transfer funds, give money to your contacts or pay your bills directly anywhere in the world. we will use the latest technology to make our users wallets very safe and protected by hackers / hackers.

MEGATRON is always concerned with the security of its users. By giving top priority, we use the latest security systems on websites, user wallets, and mobile apps. this security will keep our users safe from hacking, data sharing, and even more threads that are not accepted. Below, the security image options below will be in our platform.

MEGATRON will develop a mobile app for smartphones and smart devices compatible with the MEGATRON intelligent system directly with a user friendly interface suitable for the digital age and lifestyle of most people. Users can use MEGATRON websites, wallets, payment gateways, trades, and choose whatever services they need from our blockchain anywhere and from anywhere in the world.

MEGATRON will provide the safest debit card for their esteemed users. Anyone from anywhere can buy the ultimate cryptocurrency with MEGATRON. All these altcoins can then be used to make purchases using your MEGATRON debit card. Users can easily withdraw their megatron balance to get cash from ATMs supported by visa cards. our debit cards will be accepted as payment systems with our partner payment gateways around the world such as in online shoping, banking, advertising and marketing. we will start sending MGT debit cards starting October 2018.

  • MEGATRON ICO begins: April 15, 2018 and ends May 31, 2018.
  • Phase 01: From April 15 to April 30, 5 million MTG = Price 0.50 $.
  • Phase 02: Starting from May 1st to May 15th 5 million MGT = Price $ 0.75.
  • Phase 03: From May 16 to May 31 8 million MGT = Price 1 $.
Specification Token Megatron
  • Token Name: MEGATRON.
  • Token Ticker: MGT.
  • Total supply: 21,000,000 MGT (Pre-Mining).
  • Decent Token: 8.
  • Platform: Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Standard Token: ERC20.
  • ContractAddress: 0x966d9db7293eb7bd82971cb07838e5679dadc50f.
  • Token Type: POW (Proof of Work).
  • Block: 5008116.
  • Block Confirmation: 16710.
  • Mined By: Ethermine.
Allocation of Token

Budget allocation

Megatron team

  • Albert Lewelsheim
  • Alex Wilson
  • Kevin Fischer
  • Eric James
  • John Falkiner
  • Amy Erin
  • Luis Coronel
  • Samantha Rossi
  • David Gerdolle
  • Christian Lutz
  • Christy Lee
For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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