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Sunday, April 1, 2018

LIDYACOIN - Creating New Centralized Exchange With Transparent Structure Based on Community Strength

Greetings community,

The LidyaCoin team thinks that decentralized exchanges are - in contrast to what they should be - are also linked to the center and aim to break all taboos by creating a new centered exchange with a transparent structure based on community power. Although centralized exchanges are marked as unsafe, Lidya Exchange will pursue activities as a transparent exchange platform and can be audited by investors.

There are basically two types of exchanges around the world: those related to fiat currencies and currencies that only deal with cryptocurrency. This is the last one we will focus on. Although they are small now, we strongly believe that pure crypto exchange will be larger, many times larger, than fiat-based exchange in the near future. They will play a more important role in world finance and we name this situation as a new paradigm. Lidya Exchange will add strength to the financial future of crypto and become a worldwide exchange platform.

We are aware that there is an exchange thanks to its customers. That's why we created a LidyaCoin token (LDC) that will benefit users in the Lidya Exchange Platform. After presale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO), users holding LDC will have an edge on the platform. Advantages such as discounts or zero commissions will give users the opportunity to earn more profits through their trade. We aim to establish LidyaPay - payment infrastructure - and LidyaCard - ATM card - to allow our users to use LidyaCoin - a cryptocurrency - in their wallets without any additional procedures to make payments that are usually made via cash or credit cards in everyday life.

You will no longer pay commissions on other platforms when shopping. With our platform, you can get a chance to trade with zero commissions.

Our strong support team, which provides online support with many language options to address the needs and issues of our users, will provide 24/7 customer support.

Demo version will have 2 different designs. When we release our alpha version, this number will be more than 5. By choosing one of these interfaces, each of which is unique in every design, you can do your work easily.

We will store your assets in a cool high security wallet, which will be transferred to the platform.

You will be able to change the 4 main parameters on our page: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lidyacoin and Tether.

We'll provide you with an easy, simple, and easy-to-understand mobile web design with a handy interface and you can easily transact on the web and mobile and keep up with your investments.

You will be able to attract your investments that you have transferred to our platforms securely and quickly with very low commissions.

Pre-sales - up to 2 million users will benefit from users who will participate in the ICO period. The fees we receive from our other customers will be distributed by 50%. (Between people invited)

ICO user panel

easily create an account. Stay informed of current developments with your information.

save your wallet address. Token will be useful with smart controls.

how much you invested, and your wallet address in your account panel.

Executed ICO & token sale offered
To implement our vision we launch an initial coin offer (ICO) to the LDC ├╝sue tokens in public blockchain. 200.000.000 LDC Token will be issued during token sale.

1 ETH = 850 LDC
Invest between 04/08/2018 and 04/11/2018

ICO Bond 2 25% BONUS
1 ETH = 750 LDC
Invest between 04/12/2018 and 04/16/2018

1 ETH = 500 LDC
Invest between 04/17/2018 and 04/22/2018

LidyaCoin Technical Details

How to Use LidyaCoin?
LidyaCoin will be the main exchange at Bursa Lidya. Bitcoin and all other exchange-traded crypto currencies can be redeemed for LidyaCoin. At the same time, those who have at least 100 LDCs in their accounts will not be charged any commissions for their transactions on the platform. Those who do not have 100 LDCs in their account will have the same discount percentage as the LDCs in their account.

Presale will start at 13:00 (UTC) March 30, 2018 and end at 13:00 (UTC) April 4, 2018. The ICO will start at 13:00 (UTC) - 8 April, 2018 and end at 13:00 (UTC ) - April 22, 2018. Investors who send Ethereum to the Ethereum wallet address, which will be announced, for ICO during the period specified above will receive the LDC token they purchased after the ICO terminated at their Ethereum address from where they transfered Ethereum.


Road Map
To present Lidya's vision, there will be an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to distribute LDC tokens on blockchain with public access. During this process, a total of 200000000 (million) LDCs will be issued and will be sold for the parts listed on the distribution table. Finally, 97% of LDC tokens that are not sold after ICO will be burned. 10. Through LidyaCoin (LDC), Lidya Exchange users will have the right to exchange with zero or discount commission fees.
  • 03.30.2018: Start of Presale
  • 04.03.2018: End of Presale
  • 04.08.2018: Starting from ICO
  • 04.22.2018: End of ICO
  • 04.27.2018: Distribution of LDC Token
  • May 2018: demo version of lidya.exchange
  • July 2018: Start LDC public trading on the Exchange Platform
  • 2018, 3rd Quarter: Alfa lidya.exchange version
  • 2018, 3rd quarter: mobile version of lidya.exchange beta lidya.exchange
  • 2019, 2nd Quarter: Launch lidya.exchange
  • 2019, Third Quarter: LidyaPay payment system
  • 2019, 3rd Quarter: LidyaCard prepaid card
For further research:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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