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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

KNOWLEDGE - The Multi-Faceted Platform That Allows People Keep Direct Gift With Giving What They Know

Salam community, in this blog I will explain about the project Knowledge, the latest posts that have a unique and interesting concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Knowledge.io is a multi-faceted platform that allows people to keep rewards instantly by sharing what they know. It is a platform with advanced thinking crypto technology, creating an end user centric approach to information gathering and persona craft. Knowledge.io proposes new limits on tracking knowledge, verification and validation, and through the use of the reward and incentive models detailed below, reaching the engagement industry.

Knowledge.io will adopt blockchain technology in two ways: to apply a Knowledge token as a value that involves, and to store value information to advertisers, educators, different user companies in a transparent manner that gives trust to all interested parties. Blockchain technology and special expertise.io platform will facilitate the assessment of knowledge and value exchange.

The core of the wisdom.io platform is the Knowledge Score. The Knowledge Score and associated user personas will track and measure anyone's knowledge of topics that involve many things.

Other use cases from Knowledge Score are:
  • Rewards for Employees
  • Integration Academic Technology
  • Application Adoption
  • Crowdsourcing info Expert
  • Philanthropy
  • Announcement Public Service
  • Responsibility for that Community
  • And quite more still lying somewhere around
The Knowledge Score is the Knowledge.io base that brings all the variations of users to filter as they see fit.

Solutions Offered
Knowledge.io works with a simple agenda in your mind and that is possible to spread knowledge along with its interests for everyone. Help you with that, Knowledge.io comes up with the cost of Knowledge score.

With the help of the Knowledge Score, it completes easily to and finds the amount of knowledge the user has about a specific topic. The Knowledge Score probably surpasses should be familiar that will encapsulate the story and will show the mirror of the user using the printer reflects their brilliance. This innovation is not possible before.

Marketplace Platform -The Facts.io provides an online Marketplace Seller that offers advertiser products and services available in exchange for the Knowledge bridal party.
  • E-commerce availability and much based on advertiser campaigns and content in the knowledge.io platform.
  • To start Marketplace and make sure the user appreciates the token generated, we establish a relationship with the merchant who will provide a catalog of 300,000 material
The real world-wide benefits of this platform
  • Each individual answer answers questions on various topics in the game Knowledge's Trivia Spar. Responses given from individuals typically develop a User Knowledge Score on the topic and individuals are given proportional Token knowledge with their scarves by donating hoda. The information collected is then provided for educational, business, and other purposes as a value exchange.
  • With platforms, advertisers can infer what men or women know about their brands and vendors. Therefore, they can create ads for a better effect.
  • Ad advertisers may contact Vetted Knowledge Stars on the platform to review and promote their brand to produce products or services sold. These brands can reward the Star of Knowledge.
  • With this platform, brands can understand their customers better and improve customer satisfaction.
  • With this platform, brands can find the trend of knowledge and gain competitive insights on other brands.
People are naturally resistant to change, but a knowledge token will motivate employees to learn new ways of doing things because these kinds get rewards for learning.
  • In the education sector, knowledge tokens create motivation to learn and use with respect to the subject of substantial education so as to maximize results for students and educators and have most of the school budget.
  • This platform asks for expert information.
  • Nonprofits can use donor looking platform.
  • Ad advertisers will appreciate a new ad model called Cost Per Response to better interact with existing customers and potential customers.
Tokens & ICO
This condition exchanges as an abbreviation unit of abbreviations with field achievements as the distribution of spare parts of records and information to be given in the table as an actual bid-referring option for your public partisan every month, as possible to replace disposition elections with decisions as expenditures related to sources power when using the entrance on the business of auction your long distance knowledge costs as the builder of your KNOWLEDGE builder.
  • Token sales ends April 8, 2018 at midnight.
  • Personal sale date: 5 December 15 January 11:59 am Date
  • pre-sale: January 15 12pm February 26 11:59 pm
  • sales date Main Token: 26 February 12 at 8 April 8th 11:59 am
  • Sales method:
  • CAP Sales Token value: $ 1.00 USD
  • Crowdsale Limit: $ 65 Mln
Currency received: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Wire Transfer
  • Minimum TX Size: In accordance with
  • Pre-Sales Bonus Schedule $ 200 USD:
  • January 15 12pm January 29 11:59 am 65%
Main-Sales Bonus Schedule:
  • 12 February 12pm February 26 11:59 am 25%
  • 26 February 12pm March 12 11:59 AM 10%
  • 12 March 12pm March 26 11:59 am 5%
  • March 26 12pm April 8th 11:59 am No Bonus.

For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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