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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

GAME LOOT NETWORK - Online Distribution Platform Which Works As Store Application With Functions Supported By Blockchain Technology

Greetings community,

A $ 7 million social-games platform built in blockchain, with games that are curated and designed by the community. And supported by a game development partner whose creation garnered more than 100 million downloads

For our great regret, the modern world works so much that the whole emphasis is on the production of services and goods in large quantities, but not of sufficiently good quality. It can be associated with any scope, including the gaming industry. Today there are many developments, in fact, talented and very interesting, but not getting enough attention and funding. It is therefore very insulting that the volume of work standing like that is simply forgotten.

Given the need for excessive capital spending, it is not surprising that the giant companies dominate and encourage smaller game developers. Therefore, the world only needs a unique game platform that has ingenuity and innovation. Like Game Loot Network is an online distribution platform that serves as an application store with functions supported by blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the platform to be a revolutionary store for all games - from games, purchases, designs. It is a unique 7 million social game platform, built on a chain block, with games supervised and developed by the community.

The Loot Network Game Platform changes game editions using the integrated crowdfunding portal. The essence lies in the fact that designers present their game ideas in catalogs on platform screens. Their proposal page may include screenshots, demonstrations, or frames from the game. Later, the user offers Loot bookmarks to sponsor promising projects that arouse their interest. Instead of their cryptocoins, proponents receive a percentage of revenue from the upcoming title. Thus, decentralized teams produce the game on democratic demands. The work scheme is quite simple.

Once the final forex project is completed, they generate revenue, both for developers and supporters. Thus, independent artists cut costs, and players receive income from games that help them.

Users can:
  • Playing games
  • Hosting tournaments
  • And of course, make money.
Loot Token acts as a currency for prizes on the platform. With Loot's help, platform users will have the opportunity to enter the tournament with their heads tilted, generating recurring income through focused games, buying game incentives, bidding online auctions, receiving additional revenue and ultimately downloading games created just for the platform. Loot will evolve, consuming extensive utilities for applications.

Conditional marketing can be divided into 3 points:
  1. Register at Loot Network Game. The registration fee is 125 dollars. For this you get some "tools to work" and the title of Ambasador (as a GLN call partner).
  2. Invitation 3 people to the company. Once your referral link is registered with 3 people, you will receive a $ 250 commission.
  3. Passive income from Game Loot Network. After completing the first two points, you receive $ 5 passive income per day.
In the "Get" section, you can find many sources of revenue.

Here you just play your favorite game, you can get real money. For example: game tournaments are given with Loot lottery prizes. The average player fights an online ranking system in the end with an empty feat. High sensation is provided for professional players in inaccessible E-Sport brackets. With the help of Game Loot Network users, you experience a real pleasure, which can only be experienced from their favorite games.

Token name - LOOT
  • The token fee is 0.35 $ USD
  • Soft CAP - 50.000.000,00 $ USD
  • Hard CAP - 75,000,000.00 $ USD
  • Total volume of token issued - 600,000,000 LOOT
  • Public sale starts on May 29, 2018 and will last for 230 days.
Road map Contact information

project team

For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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