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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

FTEC - Intelligent Services Ecosystems And Neural Networks To Conduct Effective Trade Activity In The Currency Market

Hello all here I will explain about Ftec project, the latest post that can be made in consideration in observing the latest projects that have a unique and good concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About FTEC
FTEC is an intelligent services ecosystem and neural network to conduct effective trading activities in the currency market. AUDEC's global mission is to reduce the number of unprofessional traders. The idea behind this project is very clear and simple: to create a holistic ecosystem that will contain all the tools necessary for users with a level of experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. FTEC has run projects based on algorithms for automated trading in cryptomarkets, they give us a great and valuable experience and therefore we are moving to meet even more ambitious goals. The ecosystem offers a complex of 15 original solutions for:
  • Improve your sales efficiency (by using a smart trading system)
  • Save your time (by using neuronetworks for filtering information flow)
  • Learn the crypto trade specifications (with the help of cryptoacademy database and automatic area)
  • Improve your trading strategy (by using an intelligent system to analyze your trading history in the digital currency market)
  • Minimize the risk of trading activity (using automated search tips for the most profitable bidding on the market)
  • Receive the latest industry trends (through smart services to analyze social networks and web search data)
  • Closed beta testing of all developed modules. (Some ecosystem elements are already available for testing for all users.We will provide access to test ALL developed modules for users who purchase tokens worth from 20 ETH.)
Maximum number token998 400 000 FTECFreezing team token for one year All unsold token will be burned Automatic refund if soft cap is not reached

Since the order book of each cryptocurrency exchange consists of orders of different prices, the automatic trading module faces the priority dilemma of the execution of the purchase / sale order. Our own tokens can solve the underlying problems we face and also give the token holders certain advantages. Because the number of tokens is constant, users will be able to influence their position in the queue by selling or buying tokens.

The system will have a mechanism for calculating certain user queues due to uneven distribution of tokens between holders. Place in this queue will determine the profit potential of the token holder because his orders will be executed earlier and at a more favorable price. In addition, FTEC holders that have a certain number of tokens will be able to influence the further development of the ecosystem by choosing.

Road Map 2017
  • July ~ Ideology, teambuilding, technical task setting, architecture development for Coinbot.club database.
  • August ~ Development of template design, signal subscription mode, 2FA connection.
  • September ~ Development of candlestick classifier, Orderbook analysis.
  • October ~ Create a new logo, redesign
  • November ~ Create blog coinbot.club, algorithm for smart trading module.
  • December ~ Tree of architectural decisions, Bittrex API connections, Poloniex, automatic API checking, affiliate program development.
  • January ~ Connecting API Binary, Kraken, a support department has been created.
  • February ~ Updating payment system, fixing bugs.
  • March ~ Making direction, White Book, preparation of documentation
  • April ~ Pre-sales, interview sessions, advertising campaigns. Report.
  • May ~ Token Sale, full development. Report
  • June ~ Summing up, connecting new exchange APIs, making Telegram Assistant, Adaptive Social Assistant, Assistant Arbitration, Telegram Assistant, staff evolve. Report.
  • July ~ Mobile App, Merchant's Behavioral Analysis Service, stats collection. Report.
  • August ~ Exchange Order Management Module, interaction testing with other modules, Price Notification Module. Report.
  • September ~ Development of network architecture, News Background Analyzer, material collection and test for Cryptoacademy, launch of full-scale marketing campaign. Update RoadMap. Report.
  • October ~ Anomaly Volume Dynamics Analyzer. Report.
  • November ~ Updates on the roadmap, Cryptoacademy, Global Price Analyst. Report.
  • December ~ Module for Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management. Report.
  • January ~ Desktop app. Report.
  • February ~ Global Testing, RoadMap Update. Report.
  • March ~ Trading Recommendation Platform. Report.
  • Ihor Torshyn ~ Chief Executive Officer
  • Stanislav Ochkur ~ Business Development
  • Viktor Daverman ~ Chief Technology Officer
  • Julián Marcelo Bernal González ~ Maya Security Specialist
  • Alena Tymoshenko ~ Head of Marketing
  • Luis Felicio ~ Web Developer Software
Team Marchini ~ Content Manager
  • Roscislav Gorbachov ~ Head Trader
  • Vlad Nesmiian ~ Legal Counsel
  • Evgeniy Sidelnikov ~ Financial Advisor
  • Maxim Bashmakov ~ Director of Art
  • Andrea Meeld ~ Senior Trading Advisor
  • Egor Osaulenko ~ Software Developer
  • Kateryna Klymko ~ UX / UI Designer
  • Denys Bannikov ~ Developer Blockchain
  • Janine Lakhotska ~ Public Relations
  • Oleg Mazurok ~ Trade Analyst
To find relevant details about Ftec's current smart contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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