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Sunday, April 15, 2018

ENTRYMONEY - Blockchain Based Banking Services Designed To Increase Cryptocurrency Flow In The Real Economy

Hello all my friends meet again with me, this time I want to review my latest post about Entrymoney, which can be taken into consideration in observing the latest projects that have a very interesting concept for the future, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is ENTRI?
ENTRY is a blockchain based banking service designed to increase the flow of cryptocurrency in the real economy. This is a multi-utility financial platform empowered by AI. ENTRY is designed to allow people to use fiat and crypto currency in their everyday purchases without really having to worry about the technology behind the system. ENTRY imagines being the real global bank in the post-fiat world. The entire framework is structured to improve the usefulness of all cryptto tokens and simultaneously facilitate all those who still want to transact in fiat. The ENTRY product package allows it to touch the financial life of each crypto user and change it for the better.

The global financial crisis revealed significant weaknesses in the existing financial system and several vulnerabilities have shown their impact on interconnected global markets. The world economy is still struggling with the current sluggish real growth. Transferring money for remittances, borrowing money on international borders is still very complicated, time consuming and expensive. The existing system that runs on traditional banking channels is slow and full of intermediaries, higher exchange rates, opponent risk, bureaucracy and extensive documents9. The ENTRY business model is focused on disrupting existing financial pillars that only act as carers without adding value to consumers and businesses. Deleting multiple intermediaries will make the system faster,

ENTRY is a blockchain based platform powered by smart contracts; which not only acts as a bank by offering easy deposits, payment and loan services, cross border payments, convenient ATM / withdrawal facilities, but also as a currency exchange for businesses and consumers.

Mission Statement:
To be the gateway between the paradigm and the traditional and new financial systems led by cryptocurrency and empower the financial ecosystem to have a framework that allows interoperability between the two. We aim

  • To help cryptocurrency achieve conformity for everyday transactions and open up the crypto finance world for every citizen.
  • To keep transparent records of all transactions in the ecosystem.
  • To expand the use of cryptocurrency for purchases and payments around the business world.
  • To create a simple and versatile platform to revolutionize traditional methods of handling the banking system.
  • Comprehensive package of products and services of ENTRY will ensure new standards in banking and financial services.
The financial crisis of 2008-2009 caused the general public to lose confidence in the global banking system. This distrust is one of the main motivations in the birth of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency developed by a person or group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto. Loss of confidence in the bank led to the emergence of a peer-to-peer "no-confidence" cash system based on a technology called blockchain.

the fundamental value proposition of blockchain is that it eliminates the need for trust - commodities without exchange of values (transactions) can not occur. This means that individuals and businesses can get rid of the many intermediaries they pay for managing trust. 2

Bitcoin is just one application of new technology (blockchain). The advent of cryptocurrency has led to worldwide explosions where new innovations are brought onboard structured through pioneering cryptto tokens to disrupt existing traditional industries.

The volume of global non-cash transactions grew 11.2% during 2014-2015 to reach USD 433.1 billion, the highest growth in the past decade. Debit cards and credit card transfers are the leading instruments by 2015, while the use of checks continues to decline globally. Debit cards accounted for the largest share (46.7%) of global non-cash transactions followed by credit cards with 19.5% by 2015.

Research RBR (Retail Banking Research) shows that the share of credit transfers also increased. They tend to be used for high-value payments, such as salaries and business-to-business payments, and reach 89% of the value of payments without cash.

The impressive growth of impressive moneyless transactions will continue, with more and more cards being used for low-value payments, supported by the spread of contactless cards and the EFTPOS terminal. Meanwhile, the growth of credit transfers is aided by the enabling system implementation

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