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Thursday, April 12, 2018

DEVELOPEO - Next Generation Education & OS Special PreSale For KICKICO

Hello everyone on this Blog I would like to introduce a very interesting post about Developeo, which can be taken into consideration in observing the project, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Data Sciences, Data Art, FullStack Coding, AR / VR, Smartwears, Future Banking, Future Health Care, and more.

Education Platform Developeo NEXT-GEN seeks to solve the main problems of the 4th Industrial Revolution; OpenSource & Commercial Software Development and Humanitarian Awaiting issues, with an unprecedented set of prizes and highly profitable operational models, together with ambitious targets; such as DEVX BootCamps, DEVX Certification, DEVX Marketplace, DEVX Advisory Services, and finally Developeo NEXT-GEN University.


This is a special collaboration between Developeo and Kickico to empower the original owner of Blockchain; the opportunity to participate in personal sales, which is the most profitable part of ICO in terms of financial gain. Developeo offers this Special Presale for the DEVX community at KICKICO with the lowest price per token DEVX. During the PRE-ICO and ICO phases the price will be much higher. (ie 4x-5x-6x-7x-8x)

Community Limited Presale Kickico Price: 0,05 $ + bonus 
  • Personal Sale for Venture Capital: 0.05 $ bonus lower
  • PREICO: 0.15 $ to 0.25 $ (JUNE 25, 2018)
  • ICO: 0.30 $ to $ 0.40 (06 AUGUST 2018)
  • Airdropalert estimates future DEVX token value: 10-15 $
  • First Day Bonus% 10 + First Week Bonus% 5
  • Additional bonus up to% 50 with 10,000 USD +.
  • The smart contract updates itself real-time for current ETH / USD.
Developeo offers this Special Presale for the DEVX community at KICKICO with the lowest price per token DEVX. During the PRE-ICO and ICO phases the price will be much higher. (ie 4x-5x-6x-7x-8x)

The amount raised through the Kickico Campaign will be used for the enormous marketing campaigns of Flash Mobs Developeo & Viral Marketing (AI takes over Jobs) in London, San Francisco and Berlin, Telegram / Slack / Reddit Community, recruits the best talent for the team, new partnerships and offices around the world.

Developeo will operate the original ERC20 token, which will use the DEVX symbol. The token will be a utility token, which means the goal is much deeper than speculation on the exchange. The DEVX token will have multiple apps within the developeo platform itself, including:

  • Rewards for code are committed to an open source project / platform
  • As currency in Developeo market
  • Registration for Bootcamps, Certification Program, and Developeo University NEXT-GEN, Events and Hackathon. Tokens will also be used for Student Loans.
Acceptance with DEVX token will actually result in significant price discounts. By making the TOVX tokens an integral part of the operation and user experience on the Developeo platform, the demand for tokens will increase naturally, in proportion to the growing user base of Developeo. Thus, unlike most blockchain projects, the token request will be driven by a real utility case, rather than a speculative goal.

While the Developeo platform is under development, the team is seeking project funds with token sales in Q1 through Q3 2018.

With a potential user base of up to 30 million, the platform needs to be developed in a scalable way in terms of infrastructure.

The token sale is planned as follows:

  • 480,000,000 DEVX for Personal Presale - Public Presale - Public ICO
  • 250.000.000 DEVX for Personal Presale + KICKICO
  • 130.000.000 DEVX for PreIco
  • 100.000.000 DEVX for ICO
  • 120.000.000 DEVX for Prize - Team - Bounty - Treasury
  • 120 million Token Breakdown:
  • Rewards + Reserve (80M) - An extra layer of protection against market speculation (eg Pumps & Disposal)
  • Bounty (15M) - Team + Founders (25M)
  • Hard Cap = 480,000,000 DEVX TOKENS for Private Presale - PreICO - ICO

We believe that Developeo is a great long-term investment and the market will appreciate its long-term potential. We recognize that certain tokens have been used as speculative investment vehicles, resulting in significant volatility.

To manage the risk of post-ICO price fluctuations; we are committed to support the purchase in the market for 180 days from the date of commencement of trading, if we are below the price of ICO. The amount of funds for the purchase of support may be made shall not exceed 20% of the funds raised in the public offering.


Between 400 Million and 800 Million people will be moved by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030 globally.

The potential for clean jobs will change for more than 800 professions / jobs.

"Robots" Can Steal 40% of US Jobs by 2030.

Automatic bots can take almost 4 out of 10 (38%) jobs in the US, and take 30% of jobs in the UK, 35% in Germany, and 21% in Japan.

For individual workers, the main distinguishing factor is education. For those with only GCSE level education (high school) or lower, an estimated potential risk of automation is as high as 46% in the UK.

Education associated with new next-gen technology is key to staying unaffected. Next-gen work will require a mix of industry and digital expertise.

83% of companies and 99% of users are already using / running open source software - often they do not know what is running "under the hood".

The Open-source project is growing in large numbers and has become the dominant software development method. Even open-source antagonists since long time Microsoft has begun to embrace open-source, partnering with Red Hat with its open source .NET Core 2.0 programming framework.

76% of managers say hiring open source professionals will rise above other areas of the business within the next six months.

More companies (60%) are looking for full-time open-source employees, compared to 53% last year.

Nearly half (47%) of companies will pay employees to become certified open source.

Developeo is the sponsor of LONDON BLOCKCHAIN ​​WEEK, DUBAI

Tokens will be used for admissions from Developeo University, Developeo Bootcamps, Marketplace, Advisory Services & Rewarding.

Some of the Leading Universities In the world, today shows a lot of interest to work within the scope of the University of Developeo.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution, which has already happened, even if you are the best lawyer in your field, this will not be a problem in the future. Your competitors will become AIs, who are 1 million times smarter than you, learn all the laws of any country in just seconds, examine all related cases and cross-refer them, act immediately and without rest. This phenomenon applies to every profession. In the future, there will be people who combine their profession with next-gen digital skills, and there will be people who are basically unemployed. Developeo University, Bootcamps, and Certification programs will ensure that the best intensive education in the latest curriculum will reach its students.

DEVX plans to create a new smart contracting system to manage the learning process (i.e., admissions, learning management and certification) and will also share it with the community to make it accessible to everyone.

Also blockchain DEVX will be integrated with future banking system. PSD2 Banking (Payment Service Directive) and API Banking will be the future of the banking system that is expected to be implemented during 2018 and we plan to create a One-click Student Loan for our platform; so students can have access to affordable student loans and manage their Student Loans (either in Token Fiat or DEVX) with just one click and apply for our acceptance in seconds, all handled in the DEVX platform.

Developeo rewards each of its platform users, with Developeo tokens, for each open source contribution to a valid project on github. (Currently 27,000,000 Github Users) The prize pool starts with 60,000,000 tokens and increases daily with its own revenue model from Developeo; share each 20% of revenue with a set of prizes. Also, when the token value increases, the rewards increase in alignment.

The prize quantity will be decided by the Decentralized Demonstration Voting System, by the contributed project members, checking the Quality of the code, the importance of the code, and how honorable the members are in the project community.

Developeo will get 1.3 million USD from each bootcamp; utilize the top members of the community and also recruit the best instructors and key experts on related technologies.

Developeo offers hardcore NEXT-GEN education. The University of Developeo will be launched in Year 3. In addition to enhancing the talent pool and serving the needs of the market for software education and talent acquisition, the University will essentially be an ecosystem where ideas and projects are developed in a collaborative way.

Developeo University will be a pioneer in the study of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Full Stack Programming, Deep Learning, VR / AR, Neural Networks, Data Sciences, Data Art, New Age Architecture, Robotics, Smartwear, and other related technologies to become available. These areas have grown exponentially and will continue to do so, as their application in real life evolves.

Bootcamps, Universities, Certification Programs, Marketplace, Advisory Services will be paid for fiat tokens or tokens. If paid with our token, a 20% discount will be introduced automatically.


Dave Sifry: VP Product and Engineering at Lyft. Founder CEO Offbeat Guides, Technorati, Linuxcare, Sputnik and more. Experienced CEO and CTO. Innovator Technology and Architects. Since 2010, he started advising and investing in companies, including Mozilla, Cause, Xola, and Readme, among others.

Ryan Rutan: Founder Partner of Startups.co, Launchrock, Fundable, Zirtual, Zana, Bizplan, Killerstartups.

Hermione Way: Former European Head Tinder. It has been named one of the Business Insider's "The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter" in 2014.

Aytunc Ozturk (CEO): Previous Founder & CEO Sntry, GalataPenthouse, RiseInvest. Production on some TV Channels. Open Source, Blockchain, AI, & Localization. A Successful Athlete and Filmmaker.

Debersom Tadashi Murashige (DEV): Nexla, AbsolutJavaControl, Comstice. Low Latency System. Desktop - SWT, Swing, and JAVAFX. Web - Spring (MVC, REST, Data, Web Services & Security). JHipster (microservices), RxJava, Angular.

Andras Fuchs (DEV): Ranking 997 of 621,000 coders algorithm listed on HackerRAnk. Hardware Architect - Bio Balance Detector. Founder & Producer at Zseni Leszek. CoFounder and CTO at 555Lottery and MrKupido.

Marcio Porto (DEV): OrderlyHealth. AI Robotics - Design & Analysis Algorithms - Computer Security - Computer Systems Organization. Computing and Society: Exploring the Web's Political and Social Structure. Mining and Data Analysis. Deeper Learning.

Berk Cengiz (CTO): Associate Director at KnB Consulting. 18+ years of professional work experience in IT field, with extensive experience in Networking and System Administration. Projector Director of many IT projects for public and private sector clients.

Inanc Akturk (Digital Marketing): Digital Project & Marketing Manager at Edelkrone. Digital Marketing Manager for Sigma Telecom, Fugo, and MIOPS.

Zhivko Todorov (Community Manager): Associate & Entrepreneur. Selection & Growth in Endeavor. Portfolio Operations Manager at DYNAXInvest.

Sara Rubystone (Community Manager): Founder in FoodieForeigner and SRubenstein. An expat makes most of his tiny kitchen. Teaching to pay bills, processing mind, body, soul with travel and food.

DEADLEY (Legendary Bounty Manager): Bounty Manager from KICKICO, INS, Electroneum, Lendroid and many others. Community & Legend Bounty.

Murat Akcay (Financial Matters): Seniour Executive in one of the Top 4 Accounting / Consulting firms in New York. Over 10 years experience serving hedge funds, private equity investment banks as well as investment advisory audits ranging from big managers, multi billion assets to start-ups.

Scannavino Lamb LLP (Legal Advisor): The New York City-based Boutique Law Firm offers legal and strategic advice to forward thinkers

To find relevant details about current Developeo smart contracts, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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