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Monday, April 9, 2018

DATAREUM - Decentralized Data Market

Hello everyone on this Blog I would like to introduce about Datareum project, and here is the discussion:

Speaking of Datareum, it operates on all platforms today. It is a data intermediary business that collects and stores personal information about consumers. Then the information is sent to organizations and researchers who request data to design their marketing strategies. Most often, data brokers collect information these from different sources such as government records, browser cookies, and credit / debit card transactions. Other types of data related to this market include consumer data, commercial data, scientific data, real-estate data, and geo-location data as well.

Marketers use data from individuals and earn profits, but in return individuals do not get anything to share their information. However, using Datareum, one can monetize their personal data and then help them to sell it directly to market researchers, interested parties , and academic researchers. This is nothing but a decentralized market built on Ethereum's public blockchain design. It offers peer-to-peer transaction facilities to providers with a completely new level of security. The providers and applicants do not have to worry about hacking issues because Datreum takes care of the same thing. It uses online surveys and uses mechanisms that ensure that applicants get superior quality data. To be sure, the dataerum offers tools for conducting research that can give them a sense of security and quality data good.

The value of
Know that measuring data values is by no means an easy task as applications for their use are growing rapidly and for companies looking for profit, the data has significant value. Earlier analysts predicted that investment ROI in Big Data would increase from 50% per dollar invested at that time to $ 3.50 per dollar within three to five years.

Various popular companies have made millions because there is everything related to Datareum strategy through online customs. Often, data collected by "data keepers" remains out of reach for both individuals and researchers alike. This means that the platform loses the potential value of the data. Beyond the tight monetary values, data can help in the contribution and progress of society. This is done by providing academic researchers who need information to conduct the study.

You will love our Eco System
Liquid market for DTN is achieved: Data Provider may sell DTN received on the open market or resell Data Applicant to purchase goods and services.

Distribution & Use Token
Our sales crowd will be audited twice with all evidence stored in escrow and returned to buyer if softcap is not reached

Road Map
  • November 17: Research & development concept
  • Mar 18: Completion of the alpha survey system
  • Apr 18: Pre-Sales DTN
  • May 18: Public Sales White List
  • Jun 18: Public Sales DTN
  • July 18: Token issued after KYC
  • August 18: Tokens are listed on the exchange
  • Q4 2018: Settlement of Smart contract payments and data exchange services
  • Q4 2018: Wallet system
  • Q1 2019: Launch of the Provider & Applicant web portal
  • Q1 2019: Launch of iOS and Android apps for Provider & Requester
  • Q3 2019: Continue acquisitions and strategic investments to support the adoption and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and FinTech globally.
  • Q4 2019: Launch of Data Markets
  • Q1 2020: E-commerce platform for registering products from requesters, paid in DTN
  • Q2 2020: Launch Marketing campaigns across Europe and the United States
  • Q3 2020: Launch of Marketing campaigns in Asia
Team members

Dataerum offers all such features that benefit not only the provider but also the applicant. Even after technological problems that act as losses in the current era, the datatum has managed to save the interests of the data provider and provide the best data to the applicants. It has proven to be the best platform for data providers and applicants. One can find out more about datareum and blockchain via the internet or the people associated with this.

To find relevant details about the current Datareum project, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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