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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

DAGT - Digital Asset Loan Assurance Platform Based On Ethereum Public Blockchain Technology And Intelligent Contract Technology

Hello everyone here I will introduce a project about Dagt, a very interesting new post for the future, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Allow digital assets to flow quickly
DAGT (Digital Assets Guarantee Token) is a digital asset credit guarantee platform based on Ethereum public blockchain technology and intelligent contract technology. The goal is to build transparent information, efficient collaboration, and high-value transfer of digital asset value. Trusting a distributed credit system Throughout the crediting environment, users may use a "DAGT" pass or other pass to pay for credit service fees to obtain financial services provided by financial institutions that cooperate with the DAGT project.

At the same time as the value of digital assets increases, digital assets to the promise of a certain part of the funds to obtain liquidity, thus allowing daily shopping, travel can also enjoy the added value brought by the rise in digital assets.

We proceed from the actual needs of users, designed a common field platform block Ethernet chain + smart way to achieve DAGT contract system, the use of block-chain technology can not be tampered with, decentralized and distributed books through the establishment of transfer and storage of new assets Characteristics.

The new feature of blockchain technology allows us to redefine the value of the lender's assets, completely eliminating the need for confidence in the lending decision process. The current Square-based open Ethernet platform and transparent smart contract, more to strengthen the trust and cooperation between our lending institutions to achieve the concept of win-win situation design.

DAGT is a decentralized digital asset credit guarantee system that will create a professional, trustworthy, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent, highly mobile, and inclusive platform for digital asset holders.

Project participants

User (C side)

  • DAGT Pass Holders users who use their own digital assets to start credit qualification applications
  • Users who are optimistic about the future of digital assets and want to hold them for a long time, but have liquidity requirements in the short to medium term
DAGT Foundation

  • DAGT Foundation (nonprofit), responsible for the development, operation and promotion of DAGT projects
  • Based on blockchain technology, to provide credit users with digital asset loans and credit services
Loan Institution (B)

  • Organizations that comply with relevant national laws and have loan qualifications, such as banks, online loan companies, small lending companies, etc.
  • DAGT system will interact with third party lending institutions
The first industry
The first digital assurance credit platform based on blockchain technology

Profit sharing
In the DAGT card operation through the process return platform to hold DAGT downloaded mobile applications and end use DAGT function of the transaction card user wallet through every three months for distribution prize

Strong team
Strong technical, market and international operations team, with over one year experience in blockchain technology, financial institutions and community operations and excellent performance

Fast landing
Progress of project development has reached 50%, and has reached the intention of cooperation with a number of lending institutions.

Product introduction

STEP 1. Credit Application Register member account and apply credit application
STEP 2. Enter credit information Credit users enter credit information
STEP 3. Lock smart contracts Continue digital asset pledge to smart contracting framework
STEP 4. Give Letter to Create Loan Problem Make loan given letter: DAGT cooperative lending institution based on credit qualification, credit loan Audit basic person money information into bank account

Development route

Product Process Design Verification Blockchain Technology

The completion of the project team, started the development of V1.0

2018 Q2 V1.0 starts online
Smart contract, DAPP mobile app, TPGS module, DAAD module. The first user completes the credit and successfully borrows

2018 Q3 V2.0 connects to the internet
The International Edition launches development, optimizes smart contracts, TPGS modules and DAAD modules, DAPP PC-side applications run online

2018 Q4 International Version V1.0 is connected to the internet
The first international users of each system module run their credit in a stable way and successfully borrow money

System Architecture

Will provide Web-based user function entries, such as: APP, PC, etc.;

The use of block chains technology, user credit registration, credit, mortgage and other services Platform, intelligent, real-time, allowing users to quickly complete credit credit credit and real-time process of sending user credit information to third-party lenders;

automated trading system with third-party digital assets trading platform connectivity, digital asset monitoring, delivery, early warning, and large data analysis and other functions combined with intelligent contracts, open management and transparent collateral;

Oracle oracle service
Open communication through out the Oracle oracle chain, trusted data to achieve binding chain in the business chain process and the intelligent digital asset contract;

Data and API services
TPGS will open multiple data interfaces and APIs to third-party lenders, and DAAD will access a number of digital asset exchanges through the API interface;

To find relevant details about Dagt at this time, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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