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Friday, April 27, 2018

CARATZ - Proxy Transaction & Cryptocurrency Exchange To Enable Platform Token Transfer

Greetings community,

Caratz is a transaction proxy & cryptocurrency exchange to enable cross-platform token transfers, directly via social media. It will support a number of ERC-20 tokens along with Caratz, and allow users to make transactions without ever leaving their social media applications. The Caratz platform can also be used to trade cryptocurrency pairs, integrated into a decentralized exchange.

A user like you or I can open a number of social media applications (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Discord, and Twitch) and access our wallets that support a number of different ERC-20 assets. Users can then make transactions with each other, or trade currencies with other individuals.

Let's say that certain individuals want to trade tokens and files with one another. Using Caratz's built-in escrow system, both users can review their trades before both parties confirm and push orders through. The Caratz ecosystem allows users to have secure and secure transactions, a major problem in the current cryptocurrency.

Caratz will also have a whitelist for markets and channels to share posts and advertise products. The registry will be supported by the Caratz token, allowing creators to burn their tokens, and users to allocate tokens to improve credibility ratings.

Additional features
Users can trade the ERC-20 tokens directly for goods, services, or even tokens that are different from other users using the Caratz platform. In the core module, users can choose a number of ways to interact with the Caratz ecosystem:

Hosting Transactions on a Public or Group Channel These include Gifts, Lotteries, and Pooling, which includes interactive options that can be expanded beyond the Caratz ecosystem.

Tipping Bots Bot tipping can be added to the group to allow users to immediately tip other users in the Caratz token. Users can also personally tip through bots.

Caratz Powerful Polls Users can create polls that require users to issue Token tokens to choose. The Caratz team will also organize a Caratz community poll to enable communities to decide on what updates or features they would like to see implemented in the ecosystem.

Marketplace Users can host multiple escrows in their groups or channels to create additional tokens, goods and / or services. Consumers can purchase documents, photos, and information directly from these contracts.

Premium Groups / Channels Access to certain groups and channels can be moderated through the Caratz ecosystem. Initial access fees and subsequent subscription-based models can be tracked and enforced automatically.

Deployment of Smart Contracts This scattered Smart Contract can serve as a 'multi-signature' account, manage agreements among users, provide utilities for other contracts and even store information.

Peer-to-peer Interactions and Direct User Deals can create their own custom escrow using the Caratz ecosystem as their third party, eliminating the space for errors that exist in traditional escrow.

What exactly is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a distributed digital currency similar to digital money. It is designed to be purchased, exchanged and used for various services. Although this is a completely intangible form of currency without physical representation, it runs on and on thousands of computers, their primary goal is making financial transactions transparent and accessible to everyone.

But what makes this digital currency special is how it implements cryptography and decentralization. By removing the need for a central authority, it validates the transaction in a distributed manner and presents it publicly in the general ledger. This distributed network also allows for fast and direct transactions between parties that can be processed in minutes.

Cryptocurrency is often referred to as a coin or tokenized asset and stored in a digital wallet used to manage payments. Each wallet is protected by a private key - a special encrypted password - known only to the author. You can send or receive funds by simply sending transactions directly from your wallet. Like cash, you can spend the money you want, but digitally.

How did Caratz fit into the big picture?
All of this is made easy via the Caratz platform. Caratz's biggest selling point is its easy access, offering users direct access to their wallets and transactions through their social media applications. These include Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Discord, and Twitch.

Making integration and easy to use, it offers full functionality and support for more than 20 languages; users can even trade for other cryptocurrencies through an integrated decentralized exchange. Additional features include community-based voting for future platform development, online market creation, and crowdsourced whitelist list.

Users can use the Caratz exchange in-house for ERC-20 trading partners such as CRTZ / ETH without ever leaving their social media applications. The Caratz exchange offers an ETH withdrawal fee at 0.003 ETH and a 0.100% trading fee is not limited to withdrawals. Users took part in the Caratz-powered voting to introduce additional trade tides at the Monthly Community Caratz Polls.

Escrows are contracts in which funds are assigned to control independent and licensed third parties to protect buyers and sellers in a transaction. Users can send requests to other wallets for exchange of funds or information. After reviewing the offer, the selected party will respond. There are about 30,000 cybercrime victims who lost Ethereum averaging $ 7,500 each launch. These statistics continue to increase every year. Scam artists and thieves are rampant in the current cryptocurrency community because of the lack of formal regulation and solutions to solve this problem.

Caratz is the main token that will be used by exchange and transaction platforms. A fixed number of permanent 125MM Token caratz will be issued, with 20MM suspended until 2019. Caratz will be run natively on the Ethereum blockchain as the ERC-20 token.

  • 125 million CRTZNew tokens will never be created.
  • 1 CRTZ = 10 centsUpitable for connected consumers.
  • Token ERC20 Generated by blockchain Ethereum.
Allocation of Token


Q1 2018

  • Official Website
  • ReleaseAlpha Platform
  • ReleaseToken Sale
Q2 2018

  • Full ERC-20 Token Support
  • Full Language Support
  • Setting Community List
Q3 2018

  • Exchange Market Release
  • Subscription Tracker for Channels
  • In-House Bulletin Release
Q4 2018

  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Cross Platform Transactions
  • Direct Wallet ERC-20 Support
H1 2019

  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Wechat Integration
  • Facebook Messenger integration

  • Decentralization Platform
  • Implementation of the Loopring Protocol
For more research on Caratz today, please visit some of the important Links below:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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