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Friday, April 27, 2018

CARATZ - Bridging the Gap Between Cryptocurrency And Social Media

Hello everyone here I will explain about the Caratz project, the latest post that has a unique and good concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Bridging the gap between Cryptocurrency and Social Media

Caratz is the first transaction proxy & cryptocurrency exchange that allows cross-platform token transfer of ERC-20 directly through social media.

Integrated with a decentralized exchange, users can trade and interact within a cohesive ecosystem that allows for secure and convenient transactions. Caratz supports a number of ERC-20 tokens and allows users to create cryptocurrency transactions without leaving their social media platforms. Caratz is the solution to the lack of cryptocurrency access in third world countries and aims for mass adoption worldwide.

Tipping / Payment
Caratz allows easy tipping and payment, to friends and strangers, through your social media. Link or forward messages from friends to immediately send funds to their account

The Caratz escrow system is one of the most important features. Users can create and conduct escrow transactions under their own terms, easily and conveniently, all through social media.

Distributed Exchange
Caratz offers a seamless experience for users through the integration of decentralized exchanges. Just by sending a message, users can buy and sell orders directly from their wallets.

Whitelisted post entries ranked in token allocation. Users can vote on their favorite groups, channels and markets; while advertisers can post their posts


Caratz 🥕 (CRTZ)
  • 125 million CRTZ
  • New token will never be created.
  • 1 CRTZ = 10 cents
  • Engineered for connected consumers.
  • Token ERC20
  • Powered by blockchain Ethereum.



Gabriel Govinda

Co-founder and Director of Melbourne-based cryptocurrency exchange, Blockbid. Previously, Gabriel was a full-time trader on the Australian Stock Exchange for over four years. He also founded Rain Neuromorphics, a Florida-based neural network company.

Danish Chaudhry

Startup advisors, mentors, and investors with backgrounds in Asset Management, M & A, VC, and Fintech. Danish manages $ 45bn in short / short term equity funds at Blackrock while building up their quantitative analytic platform. Denmark started the only mobile payment application in the UK focusing on international remittance, where it was first introduced to Blockchain technology. Alumni University of

Zhang Zhengyang
Chief Platform Architect

Graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University. 9 years development experience within the project framework. Have a variety of user-level server level development experience.

Wang Zhangwei
Network & Security Expert

Graduated from Tianjin University. Have work experience in many big companies like Xiaomi and extensive experience in network and system security.

Samuel Xie
Platform Architect

Graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University, Faculty of Computer Science. Over 5 years experience in commercial software development and many programming languages C #, C ++, JS, Node.js

Information Systems Expert
Jackie Xu

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Computer Science. Experienced in information systems management; conceptual analysis, design, and dissemination of information systems.

Liu Wenxin
Platform Blockchain Architects

Graduated from Beihang University. Experience in building platforms for blockchain technology with Dapp development of web blockchain, solidity solid contracts, and web3 fire ethereum applications.

To find relevant details about Caratz's current smart contract, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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