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Friday, April 20, 2018

BELOTTO - New Decentralization Standards For Lotteries

Hello all here I will introduce about Belotto project, the latest post that can be taken into consideration in observing Belotto project that has a unique and interesting concept, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

New decentralization standard for lottery
We bring transparency to the lottery business and combine our technological knowledge with amazing blockchain to make more money in the most honest way.

We give innovation, transparency, confidence and security to the most popular MOST gambling games of all times by Eliminating the risk of money Wrong Allocation, drawing or jackpot manipulation through a decentralized sweepstakes scheme supported by blockchain, and what's better, what you announced is what you get , not a few cents less. With Belotto, the house never won. Users do it.

Three major lotteries will boost this project:

Belotto Ether Lottery
Jackpots and transactions are arranged through Smart Contracts. Get WEALTH-ether!

Belotto Bitcoin Lottery
100% transparency for cryptocurrency is most searched all the time.

Belotto Express
Fast Lotteries for those days when you feel too lucky to wait. Picture every 2 hours!

BEL Token
Get them to win more BEL, BTC or ETH, it will give you a discount so you can increase your chances of winning.

How it works

Lottery users do not know where their money goes, if it really goes to the jackpot or if they hold real money at all.

Beloto along with Smart Contracts will automatically distribute money from ticket sales always in the same way as the jackpot is constantly fed with every new purchase.

Jackpot money is stored safely through escrow to prevent mismanagement and use of any money before anyone wins it.

A new image is held every week, the winning number is taken from Bitcoin Blockchain hash, ensuring no combination of numbers will be changed in any way.

Whenever there is a winner, Smart Tickets notify both parties, and they are used to release and transfer money to the winner's wallet.

The problem
Inconsistencies, lack of reliability, overpriced services and the fact that users never know what goes on behind their scenes when they are online, are some of the problems that lottery users face when playing online (and it's no different when offline), there is Lots of uncertainty and doubts are almost always followed by disappointment and as a result, potential industries grow at a speed shorter than they should.
  • High Commission
  • Non crypto-friendly
  • Prizes are reduced
  • Problem Trust
  • Not happy customers
Our Solution

Before blockchain, we knew there was no solution for this. But now, Belotto's system is able to ensure that its users will go directly to the public pool, which will only be picked by the winners through an autonomous and irreversible framework empowered by Smart Contracts. And "who wins"? the enigma will be determined by the blockchain itself, as a decentralized drawing methodology that has never existed before. We will not even generate numbers, and you can check everything yourself. There is no manipulation here, or there. It's almost perfect.
  • Full prize
  • Transparency
  • Smart Contract
  • Anonymous
  • C rypto-community
What Makes the Belotto Lottery
  • No location-based restrictions
  • Accept full jackpot - 0%
  • No more fake data - accumulated prizes and winners
  • Know the numbers in real-time
  • 100% transparent images.
  • Validate winning numbers yourself.
Belotto and Blockchain

BEL Token

BEL Tokens built in Ethereum blockchain, a fundamental component of the Belotto ecosystem, are designed in an integral way for use in platforms. Getting a BEL Token entitles users to purchase lottery tickets and receive discounts in our privileged community. BEL Tokens can be obtained at pre-sales, sales and second sales stages through credit purchases

Sales Perspective

  • BELL
  • Technology
  • ERC20
  • Total Supply
  • 1,200,000,000
  • Min Transaction
  • 0.1 ETH
  • Hardcap
  • US $ 10'M
Belotto Token Allocation
Here's what we'll do with the tokens we've issued. Everything is on display from scratch, we love it that way.

Why join Belotto in the early stages?
Because that means more tokens for you, with less money. Your trust is appreciated from day one.

We are very concerned about the contributors
BEL Token Holders through Sales and Pre-Sales will receive benefits for one full year.

Special discounts and prices
Any tickets purchased through BEL will be cheaper, and Belotto will pay for the shortcomings.


End of 2017
Development of ideas Analysis and research

January 2018
Preparation Team Formation for Sale

April 2018
Pre-Sales Start

May 2018
Launch of MVP Launch promo

July 2018
Second Sale Beleta Version Beta

August 2018
Escrow Integration Exchange List

End of 2018
Belotto releases stable Launch of Mobile App

Tim Belotto
Belotto is supported by an experienced team of professionals working in IT, Finance, Customer Support, Marketing & Communications, Business and Product Development and more.

Meet the Advisor

For more research on Belotto today, please visit some of the important LInk below:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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