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Saturday, March 10, 2018

TRU REPUTATION - A Revolution In The Way Of Reputation And Input Created And Assessed In Digital Transactions

Network Reputation Tru
The True Reputation Oracle Services acts as a gateway to Tru Network Reputation. Acting in concert with Tru Reputation Profile and Tru Reputation Smart Contract, this is the bridge between the Ethereal blockchain and the off-blockchain world.

The Profile Reputation Tru acts as a lynchpin for Tru Reputation Protocol. By connecting your identity to True Reputation Profile, you can keep your Reputation among platforms.

True Reputation Profile offers you the flexibility to connect your Ethereum wallet, Bitcoin wallet, Google ID, Facebook ID - and more - into one source of your Reputation.

The core of the True Reputation Network is the Tru Smart Contract Reputation. This Smart Contract is the center of the Tru Reputation Protocol, which connects Tru Reputation Profiles with Reputation and Transaction Data, and encourages the Cryptococcus Tru Reputation Token (TRU).

The Ethereum Blockchain is used to support Tru Network Reputation - acting as a medium for storage, public audit, computing and non-repudiation.

All True Reputation Networks are encrypted and stored in the System File Interface (IPFS) by Tru Reputation Oracle Service. This ensures that it is never stored in a centralized location while also ensuring the security of stored data.

Why Tru?

Original Reputation
All feedback received by Tru Reputation Network relates to transactions that ensure Reputation authenticity for each participant in the True Reputation Network.

Qualified Participants
By requiring all feedback to be linked to transactions between two or more parties, the True Reputation Network ensures that all of the contributing parties are involved, preventing false feedback.

Joint Response
By requiring all parties involved in the transaction to provide feedback to the True Reputation Network, this allows both parties to offer their feedback to ensure best behavior when providing feedback.

Persistent Reputation
The Tru Reputation Protocol lets you survive your Reputation beyond a single platform for all platforms in Tru Network Reputation.

Patent Pending Algorithm
Utilizing patents awaiting the Semantic Term Feedback Algorithm, the True Reputation Protocol enables Reputations that use simple, easy-to-understand feedback and are resistant to bots and fake reviews.

Reward Driven
Each party providing feedback in the True Reputation Network receives a Tru Reputation Token. Tru Reputation Tokens are in turn requested by 3rd parties who want to perform Tru Reputation Network queries to ensure the value of your efforts.

The Tru Reputation Protocol provides the ability to localize any Reputation to a written language automatically enabling international trade by removing communication barriers.

Reputation Reputation Tru reputation data is transparently irreversible and can not be denied to ensure the highest level of trust in feedback in the True Reputation Network.

How Does Tru Work?

How Tru Works for You:
The Tru Reputation Protocol is a revolution in how Reputation and Input are created and valued in digital transactions. By utilizing the Patent-Pending algorithm, the Tru Reputation Protocol enables accurate and concise feedback to be collected, and for you to share it. Better yet, by participating in the True Reputation Network that you get for the content you generate.

Providing Reputation Response in Reputation Protocol Tru follows a six-step process:

A Transaction takes place between two or more parties on the Platform at Tru Network Reputation. Transactions can be currency exchange on the Exchange Platform, exchange money for services performed, or buy products.

At the end of the Transaction, each related party selects a Semantic Terms Feedback. This feedback is submitted to the True Reputation Network that links their True Reputation Profile but is not accessible to anyone but the parties involved until the Consensus Stage Wait for it to finish.

After the Personal Reporting Stage has been submitted completed, a 7 day reporting consensus period occurs. If no party raises an object to the Semantic Requisition of the Submitted Feedback, after this period has elapsed, the Semantic Terms Feedback becomes visible to each party through search against the True Reputation Network.

If an objection is raised, an automatic resolution mechanism is triggered, which attempts to resolve the dispute.

After the Consensus Phase Wait is over, the Semantic Terms Feedback becomes publicly searchable for their True Reputation Profile.

After the Consensus Phase Waiting is complete, the Tru Reputation Token (TRU) is distributed evenly to the parties involved in the Transaction (including Platforms participating in the True Reputation Network).

TRU is required to perform a Tru Reputation Network data query.

After the Public Reporting Stage occurs, your Reputation can be viewed by anyone to search using the True Reputation Network.It lets you maintain your Reputation on all Platforms on the True Reputation Network - from Crypto exchange, to Web retail sites.

Because TRU is required by entities that want to perform Tru Reputation Network queries then it can be traded, sold and exchanged.Get to participate in the True Reputation Network and monetize your feedback & reputation.

About Us
Founded in June 2015, Tru Ltd focuses on delivering solutions to some of the most difficult issues facing affecting the current generation of Web 2.0 platforms and developing their successors for Web3. Tru Ltd has successfully researched and developed unique algorithms and technologies that reinforce the next generation platform that will bring Web3 to key consumer and enterprise markets.


Ian Bray
Managing Director
Ian Bray is an experienced professional with over 15 years experience in operating, managing, designing and developing some of the most complex and secure IT environments in the world. Ian has navigated the way between the technical and commercial aspects of the industry throughout his career - successfully switching from a technical expert to executive leadership.
Ian has been an active participant in the cryptocurrency community since 2011.

Dr. Patrick Stewart Bray
Dr. Patrick Stewart Bray is a successful veteran entrepreneur and executive with 45 years of business experience - from startups to large multinationals. Graduated with an Honors in Chemistry degree from the University of London in 1968, and following this with his PhD in Chemistry from the University of London in 1972, Dr. Bray has worked in various industries during his long career.
Dr Bray is also a published author, writing the book 'Total Innovation' in 1995 - The Financial Times commissioned and published 'Total Innovation'.

Caroline Draper
Marketing Director
Caroline Draper graduated with an Honors degree in Fashion and Business Studies. He has spent the past 15 years working as a Buyer for one of the UK's largest fashion retailers. At that time, he was responsible for driving product strategy from development to delivery; including design, marketing and maintenance of Brand integrity.

Matthew Murphy
Matthew is a recognized expert in designing, building and operating technology platforms with the highest regulatory compliance. Graduated with a first class honors degree in Computer Science from Edge Hill University in 2002, Matthew has charted a career that includes the largest companies as well as the most innovative technology startups.
Matthew currently serves as Vice President, Global Technology for Global Top 3 Financial Institution.

Darron Antill
Darron has extensive experience in leading and developing IT companies specializing in security software, software and analytics services. As an IT industry veteran with a successful career in growing and building a company specializing in Digital Security, he brings a wealth of strategic leadership experience to Tru Ltd and Tru Reputation Network. Previous roles include - Managing Director of Ultima Business Solutions; Managing Director of ViStorm (acquired by HP); and CEO AppSense, Inc.-where he guided the company to a 270% revenue growth of more than $ 100MM and in Series A rounds for AppSense, Inc. collected $ 70 million from Goldman Sachs.
Darron currently serves as CEO of Device Authority, an innovator in IoT Security.

Richard Martindale
Richard is an experienced Business Development specialist with years of experience creating and building commercial and technical relationships with customers and partners across all verticals. Richard brings a wealth of experience in creating and growing business to business relationships with Tru Ltd. and Tru Reputation Network.
Richard currently serves Area Service Manager for Ivanti, Inc.

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