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Saturday, March 3, 2018

QUIFAS - Imaginative Computer Money Exchange

Salam komunitas, di blog ini saya ingin menguraikan tentang quifas proyek terbaru yang memiliki konsep yang unik dan bagus, dan berikut ini membahasnya:

News outlets often disseminate information about various crypto exchange issues. The main issues that are exchanged are:
  1. Flexibility discomfort.
  2. Poor security from software engineers.
  3. Meanwhile, cryptoinvestors and representatives persist.
The main issues they face are:
  1. Problem with choosing in exchange.
  2. The quality and speed of the organization is low.
  3. Mandatory liquidity obligations.
Opening this issue is a fundamental task of the new Quifas money exchange. We develop quality plans that think 2.5 million exchanges to be consistent. There are no barriers to registration on the Quifas exchanges. All customer requests will be handled as simply as possible and in a pleasant vernacal language for the client. In addition, Quifas manages the security of its customers and takes most of the important steps that remember the ultimate goal of ensuring their profits. Our specialists will filter out the structure, eradicate, and neutralize the hacks on our exchange. For more convenience, we built a compact app for iOS and Android devices. They will empower computerized money traders to benefit by not paying attention to their current territory.

Market capitalization
Cryptomarket makes sharp speed. Capitalization in mid-2017 is done more than 30 times, and towards the end of January 2018, the price reached $ 500 billion. The outline below (Figure 1) tracks the rise in the form of money capitalization in the form of money for a period of five years.

In addition, a new cryptographic form, or token, appears on the nearest trusted calendar. Currently there are more than 1500 of them. In addition, their numbers will continue, as expansion efforts use ICO as a strategy to obtain financing. Cryptomarketic capitalization will increase the ICO controversy nearby. The market capitalization of various kriptoassets starts now in the billions. Meanwhile, a thousand returns on the cover for capital donated after the ICO or its profits are an important important occasion.

Stock volume
The size of the vendor and the exchange of tasks that identify with the setting and purchase of crypto equipment is increasing every day. The volume of apex exchanges is largely accomplished amid the unlimited addition or decreased cost of cryptoasset. In this condition, for example, the stack that the computerized exchange experience is basically also expanded. It is important that consistent consistent exchange volumes recently beat the $ 20B check. In the increasing popularity of ICO, market capitalization will also increase. The current market capitalization of various cryptoassets is in the billions.

Quifas game plan
Quifas is an imaginative computerized exchange of money, which will eliminate current market problems. Customers will approach an unusual characteristic interface on stage, and exchange staff will benefit from successful assistance for all requests. Support will be given exclusively to customers. The joining of the most a la mode mechanical game plan will empower Quifas to execute up to 2.5 million exchanges for every second. This will ensure that the structure will work at the full point of confinement even in the middle of the pile peak. Simultaneously, Quifas observes the security of its customers and takes most of the important actions to protect their profits from software engineers and fraudsters. Mostly join the new,

The purpose of Quifas
Quifas's goal is to create creative crypto exchanges with the simplest work forecast, which ensures high security and takes into account the number of exchanges every second.

Quifas Handiness
The Quifas Exchange is trying to address most of the problems mentioned above, which are largely rejected today's computer money. The purpose behind stage rules is to improve and energize the customer experience.

Token Agreement
The Quifas Tokens (QFS) - The evidence released by Quifas Exchange will have the most extreme supply of 200 million. The Quifas sign is the 20th ERC token issued on Ethereal Blockchain and will be supported by all Ethereal wallets.

Benefits Token

1. Zero Exchange Content
The Zero Exchange fee for all Purchases with QFS Tokens Forever Token Holders will have the capacity to use Quifas token (QFS) to purchase other crypto sources, such as Ethereal, Bitcoin, Swell, and Quifas exchanges with NOLS Swap Cost Forever. Example: Buy 1 ETH by using QFS token will cause ZERO Exchange Exchanging. Purchasing 1 BTC using QFS token will generate ZERO Stock Exchange.

2. Exchanging Rebates for Non-QFS Stock Exchange
The Token holder will have the ability to pay exchange fees for the purchase of non-QFS goods at an exceptional discount if fees are paid using the QFS Token.

The proposed markdown structure is as follows :

  • Year 1 - 60% Year 2 - 30% Year 3 - 15% Year 4 - 7.5%
  • The structure of the Discount can be offset by considering the winning economic situation.
  • For example: Buy BTC with ETH on stage.
It should be withdrawn regularly in a 0.1% Fees but if the seller chooses to pay a fee using a QFS token, they will get a 60% reduction of the 0.1% Cost in Year 1. In this way, pay 40% of the amount from 0, 1% Charge and 60% savings.

  • For example: Buy 1,000 BTC with ETH will match the following:
  • Ordinary Charges (Non QFS Token Pmt): 0.1% * 1000BTC = 1BTC
  • Written Cost (With QFS Token Pmt): (100-60) * 0.1% * 1000 BTC = 0.4BTC
Bonus Sales Token

To find more information please see some of the following links:

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