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Saturday, March 31, 2018

OPTITOKEN - Creating Profits From Ongoing Trade Ranges

Greetings community,

The project aims to create the advantages of this ongoing trading sequence and instill it into its own OptiToken marketplace to provide continuous sporadic price pressures. The token purchased is then destroyed by sending it to an unreachable address to create a growing scarcity in the token supply and prohibit tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as 'selling pressure'. The remaining OptiTokens will get

value every time this cycle occurs.
Diversity: A portfolio of curated and diversified cryptocurrencies with an expert used to sole single fuel
Cryptocurrency by deflation. Opti will be traded on at least one major exchange.

Algorithmic trade: Exposure to algorithms that consistently surpass Bitcoin. Developed by rattling data from experienced trader's work. Will integrate machine learning.

Algorithm 24/7: Crypto does not stop and will not OptiToken. Constant, automatic hour trading round to identify trends to support the currency.

Purchase pressure: In every automated buying cycle, a portion of the profit generated will be used to purchase.

OptiToken in the market thus puts upward price pressures.
Strategic Scarcity: 100% repurchased tokens will be sent to addresses that can not be proven and can be verified transparently. OptiToken will be the first project to use this strategy for the purpose of increasing value for users. This will be the first hyper-deflationary currency in history.

Transparency: The portfolio will be audited externally annually and as necessary to maintain integrity for OptiToken. All movements can be tracked and verified using blockchain.

Problems and Solutions

Problems with Automation
The main problem to date is the failure of strong and consistent security measures. For example, in 2012 Knight Capital lost a total of $ 440 million dollars when its stock trading automation inadvertently sold all the shares it bought a few days earlier.

Optitoken's theory of prevention of such an event is to divide an actively traded portfolio into smaller groups based on fail-safe measures as well as different strategies. The remaining part for human trafficking and rebalancing. Furthermore, OptiToken seeks to create custom solutions by working with the exchange itself to implement fail-safe backup measures and controls.

Problem with Implementation of Machine Learning
The main idea that spur development is to apply machine learning based on social networking and media events. We believe this to be a fundamental weakness for several reasons.

a) The case is more often than not that the event is in the "news" it is too late to partake in a particular trend. In the team's experience this is very common, and chasing trends is never a shrewd trading strategy. However, one may still answer, what if you programmed to "sell the news?" The problem here is that any of the main headlines or relevance of any particular headline. It would be reckless to try to game this strategy in a contrary manner.

b) With little or no rules in place as of now, titles can be manipulated too easily to supply concrete data to measure or implement actions for. Not to mention the propaganda of social media accounts and social automation. Automations assigned to track improvements in certain cash-tag postings such as "$ NMC" may be affected by one individual acting as much as possible, through the implementation of some fake accounts programmed to promote the coin in some common way on social media platforms.

OptiToken Solution
OptiToken actively examines the distinctive mechanisms of space and will eventually apply learning patterns and behaviors based on cryptocurrency metrics such as mining, transaction volume, hashing power movement, mempools and more. We believe these fundamental figures tell the true story of sentiment and can be followed up in a small trade to "squeeze a profit." We believe this

the type of trade is best when it is done with only a small portion of the portfolio as a hedge against inherent risks, but still allows the accumulation of significant profits over time.

OptiToken ($ OPTI) is the token of ERC20 ethereum, which derives its value from the underlying portfolio and price support created through careful buying pressure caused by Opti Token purchases directly on the registered exchange (s) with the profits from trading the portfolio. Retrieved tokens are destroyed all these purchased tokens as soon as they create scarcity. The basket trade is based on simple algorithms designed to buy low and sell high, and use the Euro as a fiat

instruments for stability when no buying target is available at the time. The tokens in the basket are selected by the founder and team based on the trial month and the successes create the advantages of the same but more primitive strategy.

The tokens in the cart are not limited to the above market capitalization filters. The formula has been refined and will continue to be optimized as it moves forward. The choice

which will be the focus of Opti is a token with a strong community, sufficient volume, strong marketing presence, strategic partnerships, and especially open source development that is active in their respective source code. Unique niche market coins that may be deemed to have a fair or undervalued market capitalization are also part of the strategy and in special cases Token Opti may attempt to include, in small quantities, cryptocurrency or unregistered investments in Bitfinex. All tokens in the cart must have a concrete and active development.

Part of the profit, 16% to start, made when selling or swapping tokens when completing the cycle will be used to purchase OptiToken on exchange available in equal parts, thus giving up

price pressures. The cycle will consist of coins that meet certain criteria and then sold to the next coin that meets the purchasing criteria, assuming both have a partner. Otherwise, the trade balance needs to be converted into bitcoin or ether to be redeemed into the optimum crypto currency that meets the purchasing criteria. If no token meets the purchasing criteria, then some will be sold into fiat, especially Euro, to stabilize and lock acquisition.

Together with before, the retained earnings of each successful cycle will be shared in the following ways:
  • 82% will go towards rebuying the next targeted oversold coin in the basket to increase the value of the portfolio.
  • 16% will go buy Opti coins to create upward pressure on prices.
  • 2% will be used for operational costs.

November 2017
  • Launch testnet search benefits and data collection for use in final algorithms.
  • Initial initial team assembled - including one developer, one business developer / project manager, one quant and legal teams.
December 2017
  • - Web site launch and initial press release and marketing strategy.
  • - Launch social media channels to start building communities.
January 2018

  • Target and buy initial purchase.
  • ANN launch, white paper to follow soon.
  • Onboarding help and further developers.
  • Further development of the BETA testing algorithm instills more value and fosters the initial portfolio.
Acquisition of advisory team.

Feb 2018

  • The final draft white paper was released.
  • Further advisory and team orientation.
  • Further development of the algorithm and each user interface phase 1, wallet, etc.
March 2018

  • Marketing Token sales and PR campaigns
  • Start coding and implementation of the backend testing interface on the exchange
April 2018

  • ITO: 90 days
  • Start working on the algorithm
May 2018

  • BETA launches on the stock (s), growing the portfolio immediately after 1 month of ICO. Portfolios will not be idle but go right to work after one month.
  • Further work and optimize algorithm and security
  • Launch the ALPHA interface in Exchange (s) and continue to drive token sales
June 2018

  • Drive token sales last month and continue business development as well as the addition of both ITO sales
for portfolio.

July 2018

  • After the token-making event is completed, the distribution of tokens to ICO buyers.
  • Begin purchase of token phase on exchange (s) for OptiToken buy pressure with gain to date and then addition of ICO remaining.
Summer 2018

  • Creation and testing on each 2.0 user interface.
  • Continuously grow find and improve algorithms, maybe start the integration of machine learning. Advanced
  • Continuing growth-driven operations together by looking for new ways to improve for example do we include pre-sale discounts because there will be the ability to buy minimums? This can be a very interesting strategy when the market is overbought.
For more research on current smart optitoken contracts, please visit some important Links below:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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