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Friday, March 2, 2018

MOG - World's Largest Online Gambling Company With Possible Valuation Over $ 10 Billion.

Salam community, in this blog I want to explain about the project mog, the latest posts that have a good concept and interesting, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Why ICO bonuses and discounts have a negative impact on the ICO market
Many ICOs offer some sort of discount and / or bonus. And the more speculative projects, the more they pay attention to the crypt community. Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereal's founders, warns about bonus volumes, as it is not in the spirit of cryptography. We no longer agree with this, but there are more problems than just the spirit of cryptography.

If traditional issues follow rules and ethics, the world of crypto is Wild West. In the real world, you calculate your business based on actual expectations and / or actual revenues that are documented. When you withdraw capital, there is a single fixed valuation, which means that the amount of the stock is xx USD. Cryptomir also appreciates the project as expected, but that is where the deal for most projects ends. Bonus offers and big discounts can not be justified in any way other than an attempt to convince some investors of guaranteed profits. Buy in advance, and you know your coins / tokens cost 10% more after one day / week, in some cases from 50 to 100%.

For clarity, bonuses and discounts by volume do not match. Bonus is a red warning signal. In the crypto world, the more scammers, they use tools like bonuses to attract capital from greedy supporters. I would recommend people to stay away from all the ICO's that offer mass bonuses; He has no place in the legitimate world of crypto corporations.

Discounts, although their use on a large scale, in my opinion, is not much better than a bonus. The simple fact is that you are selling the idea that your initial supporters have a guaranteed income from their investment, which is not at all good. Second, most of your donors will contribute without discount, how do you confirm that people who make the most money have to pay more? The simple fact is that your expectations are expected to change from day to day. So how can you justify that some have to pay more than others?

Promotional discounts for late arrivals are no more than a fine. And since most of his supporters contribute later and with the most money, they receive punishment to fund the main part of your project. How strange is this? There are people who run away from the project because of the discount, and I agree with them why you support a project that believes that their biggest investor is idiot people who want to pay the same coin issued on a lower night. price? That's why discounts do not have a positive effect, and this is a practice that should be stopped sooner than later.

I understand that pre-IOS has a lower price, so I'm not talking about it. Each project at an early stage costs less than when ready to raise money or when it works. This applies to crypto and the real world. But the project does not change the rating from one day to another and, perhaps, even 10 times in a few weeks. This is not a way to run a business, even in the world of cryptography though. In my opinion, this is so close to fraud that you can come and remain legitimate. I do not understand why a serious project wants to balance this thin line, this eventually causes serious damage and gives a lot of negative attention to the ICO financing model. As we all know, negative attention is not a crypt community need, we need to stand out, try to be better,

MOG will soon launch ICO for our gambling project. I admit that we have an internal discussion about the discount, will this benefit the project or not? We came to the conclusion that the discount is not at all positive for this project. Most investors will eventually contribute without any deductions, and they will contribute the most. Why should we punish our biggest investor? That does not make sense.

MOG Bounty Campaign begins
MOG launches a Bounty Campaign! You can get NOG records by promoting our revolutionary online gambling platform.

3.5% of all generated MOG tokens will be divided into generous campaign proposals. This means that if all 15,000,000 tokens were sold, 525,000 would be distributed among the awardees.

The purpose of the bonus program is to promote ICO MOG. Grace members receive "bets" for the tasks that MOG uses to spread ideas and share tokens among diverse customers worldwide. Tasks include things like sharing, sharing and publishing content about ICO MOG campaigns.

When token generation event is completed, all bets received are added. Thus, we can determine the cost of each bet, the number of MOG tokens allocated for bonus rewards (up to 525,000) divided by the total number of bids received. For example, if the total number of citations used is 100,000, and the number of MOG tokens allocated for 525,000 bonuses (maximum amount), each bet is worth 5.25 MOG Tokens.

MOG launched its marker sale with the MOG token price of 0.5 euros set.
The revolution in online gambling will come, be a part of it!

For more information :

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22
Profile link :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1546717
ethereum :0x5889823CD24E11222ba370732218ffE1D9938108

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