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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MOG - Creating New and Unique Games Based About Our Revolutionary Gambling Concept

Hello everyone here I will elaborate on the MOG project, and here's the explanation:

Vision MV (Massive Online Gambling (MOG) BV) is transforming the online gambling industry by introducing an entirely new concept of gambling. We believe that being the first company to rediscover gambling online and by putting players first allows us to gamble Google / Facebook. Our goal is that by 2025 we will be the largest online gambling company in the world, with a possible valuation of over $ 10 billion.

Most gambling companies, even crypto gambling, base their game on the concept of old land-based gambling with its limitations. MOG is different, we use today's technology to create new and unique games, based around our revolutionary gambling concept.

With us, you never play against home, all our games are between players only. We generate revenue from fixed costs per round, 5%, which means that we pay more than other gambling businesses (traditional and crypto gambling companies).

MOG is a fully licensed gambling company, licensed in November 2016 (Curacao Gaming Authority # 1668 / JAZ). We believe that players prefer to play with licensed gambling companies, as this adds an additional layer of trust.

  1. $ 359 BILLION
  2. Land-based gambling
  3. $ 44 BILLION
  4. Online gambling 2016
  5. $ 81 MILLION
  6. Online gambling 2022
  7. $ 115 MILLION
  8. Total lottery market
Online gambling is just a land-based game available online. The first online casino was launched in 1994, this means we have had 24 years without much innovation in the gambling industry. Yes, there are new games that are launched all the time, but these are mostly new skins on older gaming machines. Online gambling is actually a dinosaur, not a business that utilizes the incredible technology that exists today.

MOG has a different approach. We want to change the world of online gambling. We offer fair and transparent gambling. We remove land-based limitations from online games, why, for example, online poker is limited to tables of 10-12 people? Most gambling companies claim to have 96% return for their players, when in fact they pay back 50-70%. MOG charges a fixed fee of 5% for most of our games, and 5% for marketing, which means 90% is paid back to players. This is not a theoretical salary, this is what goes back to the player for every game.

We have chosen to start with the lottery game as this is the key to becoming the largest online gambling company in the world. The total turnover of $ 110 billion spent on land-based lotteries will move online in the next 5 to 10 years, why queue to buy lottery tickets online? The lottery also has a bad pay out, in most cases 50%, with MOGs returning close to doubling, obviously where people will want to play.

Lotto Poker is a combination of poker and sweepstakes, as opposed to a standard lottery that you can not select with your number, it is allocated, in the same way as cards are handled in poker. Players are divided into groups up to 100 000 tickets, each group always has one winner. The winner of the round then competes for the grand prize in the final round. Half of the tickets will win a free ticket for the next draw.

This game has a tremendous chance. More than 50% will win prizes, because tickets are free. The initial round has a maximum of 1: 100 000 chances to win an important prize, which is much better than any other lottery in the world. The winner of the round then competes with a much better chance of winning the grand prize.

Quick Draw Poker is the largest poker table in the world, in its first version. Each ticket is handled by hand, the best hand wins the round. Like Lotto Poker 50% tickets get free tickets, free round tickets are played immediately after the initial round, and the game keeps running until all free tickets are played.

The number of winners depends on the number of rounds; Typically, each series can have 5 to 20 rounds (depending on the number of tickets sold for the lottery).

The concept of this game will be launched as a game with additional features, which will turn it into a more traditional poker game.

With a vision to create a fair and transparent gambling business, where players interest becomes first, it is a natural step to add blockchain and use token stuffing as a fund-raising tool to enable MOGs to change the world of online gambling. Our goal is to raise 7.5 million euros which will allow us to develop an artistic gambling platform, create more unique games and build MOG into a well-known gambling brand.
  • Token Price: 0.5 euros
  • 20 million tokens to be issued
  • 15 million tokens available (75%)
  • 3 million tokens will act as a guaranteed gift guarantee. Locked for 24 months (15%)
  • 2 million tokens are kept in reserve for unknown costs in the future. Locked for 12 months (10%)

  • There is no minimum funding objective
  • MOG is an operational business, no project risk is not launched
  • Maximum funds: 7.5 million euros
  • Tokens will generate rewards based on company earnings
  • MOG 10% revenue earning share MOG, payable quarterly
  • Lottery market share of 1% equals 5 million per year
  • The Token holder will receive a ticket to shoot the Jackpot
  • Free tickets to life at the exciting Jackpot MOG
  • The quarterly and annual gifts, up to one million euros
  • Tokens will be listed on the exchange by mid 2018
  • Token sales will expire March 31, 2018, or earlier if all 15 million tokens are sold.
For further research:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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