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Monday, March 12, 2018

LANCECHAIN - Decentralized Markets For Freelance And Project Owners Based on Blockchain Ecosystem

Hello everyone here I will explain about lanceChain project, and here is the discussion:

LanceChain is currently in a private sale offering a limited number of LANC tokens at a 50% discount only for previously approved investors. The bonus will not be available in further ICO rounds.

LanceChain is a decentralized market for freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem. We are revolutionizing how freelancing works today by removing intermediaries between freelancers and customers. With 0% commissions, additional security on every project and careful talent management, we are a one stop shop for everyone who needs or offers freelance-based jobs.

Our mission is to bring freelancers closer to customers and vice versa, while removing all unnecessary obstacles and ensuring proper talent allocation. We believe in the ingenuity, professionalism and talent of the free world and want to bring that quality to the next level!

Commission 0%
We will not take 15-25% of your earnings in cost. LanceChain operates a commission-less policy for project work.

Payment is guaranteed
By utilizing the intelligent Ethereum contract escrow system, we will guarantee the freelancer payment.

Dispute resolution
Independent subject experts selected by the LANC token holder community will resolve disputes & ensure work meets industry standards and desired quality.

No censorship
There is no central authority for unbiased reviews, ratings, achievements, revenues, expenses, profile visibility, etc.We will not suspend your account if it is inactive or if you decide to work outside of our platform.

Additional earnings
The holder of a current token can earn real income by participating in our talent recognition program.In the dispute settlement process both the expert and the election body of the LANC token holders will generate revenue.

Community support Blockchain
We will offer free premium features to freelancers and business owners who handle blockchain-related projects through LanceChain

We allow LANC token holders to earn revenue by taking part in assessing casual workers (supported by our experts, of course).An experienced HR and SME team will be able to assist the entire proven search & recruitment of proven talent. Careful screening based on project criteria, language tests, expert interviews, skills assessment and soft and technical certification, certification and validity of the certificate, identity verification is part of the action to be performed on behalf of the project owner. Significant revenue shares will be distributed to community members who play an active role in talent assessment.

We have allocated 10% of the total LANC token inventory for the first user of the LanceChain platform. We do not just take a 0% commission, but we pay you to be a part of us! ** Our initial adopters program will be active until all 10% of total LANC token supplies are successfully delivered to our first users.

Independent and independent subject matter experts will have a final decision in case of a dispute.SME will become a community member selected by the LANC token holder. In order to provide incentives for active token & SME holders, we will sufficiently share the cost of the dispute so that both parties can earn additional money.

Our utility token is called LanceChain (LANC). Here are the main advantages for the token holder.

Income Token-holder
The holders of the LANC token can earn additional income by participating in our talent recognition and screening program or by helping the community select experts for fair dispute resolution.

Free premium features
As LanceChain token holder you will have access to premium platform features. Our premium model will work entirely based on your token contribution - the more you have, the better the features you get.

Token-holder - the main driver of success
We consider the LANC token holders to be a key driver of success. Spreading the word & following our affiliate program, taking an active part in the dispute resolution process & helping us assess talent will ensure market success & market growth.

Beta testing
LanceChain token holders will have the privilege to enroll in their experimental features, beta test & feedback experience. We will plan an additional bonus for the token holder who helps us improve.

Our affiliate program is designed to attract new users and provide an opportunity to get tokens by making referrals. Affiliates who refer ICO participants to LanceChain will earn 10% of the amount contributed by their referrals in the form of a LANC token. Our percentage is astonishing, considering the current affiliate program on a blockchain project starts at 2%.

How does it work?
Join our affiliate program and prepare to promote just a few minutes. When members join our affiliate program, they will be supplied with various graphics and textual links that they can place on their sites, social media, community groups and other platforms.

The process is very simple:
  1. By registering at www.lancechain.com/register, our system will generate a personal affiliate tracking link associated with your account.
  2. The next step is to promote this link on websites, social pages, youtube, telegram groups or other channels.
  3. When a user clicks on your affiliate link, they will be tagged with an affiliate ID that points to you.
  4. For each contribution from your referrals you will receive 10% LANC tokens.

Paid by commission 0%
Easily find all projects in our ecosystem, directly posted by business owners and immediately paid at 0% cost.

Security of your work
If you've invested some effort but there's a work dispute - we've got your back. Expert committee committees will review your work and guarantee you get paid for it.

Marketing is free of yourself
Build your reputation on purpose only on your work.
All transparent and impossible to manipulate on the blockchain network.
Build a team with people you know We know you enjoy working with teammates you already know. Get together and apply for a job as a polished team and earn even more!

Onboarding is a piece of cake
New to the freelance world? Create your profile in minutes! Already have an account on an alternate platform? Even a little crowd - you'll be able to transfer it directly to LanceChain (without rating so we can ensure an objective talent management)


Outsource and pay with 0% fee
Find the right freelancer or great freelancer team for your project. Do it and pay directly to them with a 0% commission.

Full control over your projects & expenses
Advanced tools for project monitoring, time tracking, task management & requirements, quality assurance, reporting, etc. will give you full visibility and control over your project & the performance of casual workers.

Access to pre-vetted pool of talents
If you want to make sure that your project is developed by the best talent in the market, you can benefit from the number of pre-selected and previously reviewed gamblers.

Get the great project manager above
One of our goals is to build a collection of professional project managers. Let's lift the weight and find the best person to stay on top of the freelancer you hire.

Employment scale
Need designers, front-end and back-end developers and QA? Hire a well-built team, not just a specific individual.

  • JUN '17
  • Idea Genesis and Team Formation
  • OKT '17
  • Development Begins
  • FEB '18
  • LanceChain Project Announcement
  • FEB '18
  • Bounty & Affiliate Announcements
  • MAR '18
  • LANC Token Sale - Kick-Off Week
  • APR '18
  • LANC Pre-sale Token
  • MEI '18
  • LANC Tokens Main Sale
  • JUN '18
  • Exchange Integration
  • Q4 '18
  • LanceChain Platform Launch
  • Q1 '19
  • Launch Mobile App
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • On-going Improvement & Development

History and freelance background
Our team has a rich history of more than 10 years in utilizing freelance platforms - both for business owners and freelancers. We have overcome the amazing cost-effective sites and watched as many companies and individuals get off the platform to save money. We believe long distance work should be reduced commissions and stimulated as much as possible. Finally we have the right tools to do it - blockchain.

Background software
LanceChain's core team consists of great software expertise - software development, project management, technical architecture, sales specialists and technology marketing. We have been in this sector for over a decade and we know how to run software projects from the start up. In a world where only 15% of software projects are successful, we believe this to be a differentiating factor.

We are part of the blockchain community since Bitcoin is present. We actively participate in the blockchain platform developer group and keep abreast of the developments of Ethereal, Eos, Iota, Aethernity, etc. This will allow us to become future agnostics for upcoming changes or improvements.

Team expansion
To additionally secure our milestones and provide room for improvement and innovation, we will use some of the funds collected at ICO to expand our team. We plan on hiring more developers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, and of course enlarging dedicated marketing teams and sales experts. Employing a lean / agile delivery methodology enables us to utilize our resources in the most effective way. We focus on products and efforts will be directed towards generating user-friendly, modern, stable & secure platform while Engaging our communities and gathering repeated feedback during the development stage.

Founder / CEO

Georgi can be described as entrepreneur, general & project manager, technical teacher & highly confident person in blockchain technology. He has a 10-year combination of management and technical background. The quality of leadership, rich experience & many successful software projects put Georgi in the best place to lead the LanceChain team.He will focus on supporting and training all team members, working extensively in all verticals and bringing his outstanding managerial and technical experience into action through empowering all participants to gain more.

Chief Business Advisor

With more than a decade of experience in business, general management, project management and software development, Georgi is a great asset to LanceChain's team. Utilizing his technical and business skills enabled him to lead an international company as managing director and set up successful businesses and businesses. Georgi is an adjunct professor at one of the largest universities in Sofia, inspiring his students to embrace innovation, including blockchain. As a participant & supporter of the blockchain & crypto community passion, he will help us make sure the LanceChain project reveals its potential.

Chief Technical Adviser

In his 10+ years of experience, Konstantin has climbed the corporate ladder from developers to technical architects, sales engineers and development managers to leading global companies. Founder of tech startup, holds a master's degree in project management & a bachelor's degree in informatics, a blocked believers and a great leader and person - Constantine is an invaluable part of our advisory board. In addition to his 5+ years of experience as a freelancer, he is genuinely motivated to provide help and advice to LanceChain to grow.


SAP BW Consultant with 10 years experience, currently Head of Analytics at an international company with more than 100,000 employees, Petar will advise on Business Solutions and Platforms, Infrastructure & Data Management, Cloud operations, Big Data & Cyber-security solutions.


Entrepreneur & Business Development Manager with direct experience in 4 continents, Theofil is an appropriate advisor in planning and executing our business sales and development. He has been involved with various technology companies (software, mobile, web, Blockchain, SaaS) helping them grow deeply. Theo is the founder of successful consulting & out-out sales.

Law advisor

Attorney Law with substantial experience in the field of civil law especially ICT and corporate law. Really interested in blockchain technology and the rule of law behind them, Bozhko has invested more than 5 years to study this relatively new and disturbing field. Holding a master's degree in law and with a 15+ year experience, Bozhko will guide us through the legality of the ICO blockchain.

Financial & Blockchain Advisor

As a risk manager and actively participating in organizing cryptococcal markets in leading brokerage companies, Martin can gather the necessary knowledge in financial consulting, risk management and the implementation of blockchain in the financial world. He will carefully monitor all processes related to finance, risk control and introduction of the block.

Marketing Operations Manager

Alexandra has years of experience in the financial and fintech industries, managing end-to-end marketing campaigns for world-renowned forex & technology companies. He demonstrates the ability to create great content, engage the audience, put the brand in a unique way and lead a team of marketing specialists to achieve unexpected achievements. Alex and his team will continue to work to build and run the overall marketing and business development strategy behind LanceChain.

Sales Manager & BizDev

Toni can be proud of the experience of more than a decade in managing all the units facing customers from leading forex companies, behind his back. Telemarketing, sales management, next generation, wonderful customer service is a piece of cake and he has already formed a team that faces a brilliant customer for LanceChain.

Head of Creative

Valentina has an unrivaled creative mind coupled with great organizational abilities. Along with his experience in leading the graphic design team for major international companies, got direct contact with the difficulties faced by freelancers. Valentina helped us produce UX & LanceChain design and will continue to support by helping us towards enlargement of our creative team.

Customer Success Manager

Slav works for a large multilateral organization as a liaison and complaint manager. He is involved in the migration and formation of various multi-process and multi-lingual projects. She was swept into blockchain more than a year ago since she carefully analyzed the growing ICO world. His skills will be put to good use to ensure our customers get the best service possible.

Software Engineer

Always passionate about the latest technology, Elena has a number of successful projects behind her. He has built several mobile and web apps using NodeJS, JavaScript, JQuery, and so on. His increased interest in fintech, crypto and blockchain made him embrace the idea of LanceChain.

Software Engineer

With a decade of development experience behind it, from UI developers, to development teams and solution architectures, Martin welcomes the project and becomes part of LanceChain. His technical abilities, including the abilities in Angular 4, AngularJS, TypeScript, ES6, Node, etc., combined with his great attention to detail and cooperative spirit make him particularly suited to the LanceChain technology team.

To find relevant details about the current lanceChain project, please follow some resources for the following References:

The bitcointalk name: Icaica22

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